NU'EST To Have Daily V Time With Individual Members, Starting With Baekho

Screencap of Baekho during NU’EST V Time

As the time draws near for NU'EST’s comeback with CANVAS on the 29th, the group will be holding a daily NU'EST V Time corner with the individual members, starting of with Baekho earlier this afternoon.

In the recording studio where they completed the 5th mini album CANVAS, the member also had a very special guest, mentor and fellow producer Kye Bumzu, as they briefly talked about CANVAS and answered fan queries. After much amusement about the coincidence of wearing ‘couple caps’, the duo proceeded to share some interesting events that took place while preparing the album, including the time they kidnapped Minhyun out of Seoul to Paju(?) to break his organized daily schedule.

In terms of the song production, Bumzu mentioned that as it’s done in a ’let’s have fun while doing it’ tone, the productions are conceived through assembling along the way. Baekho states that as he was very satisfied with their last album, Q is., he had some worries as to how this album would turn out, but because they did with a mindset to enjoy as they create, he felt it’d bring about good results.

Screencap of Bumzu and Baekho during NU’EST V Time

Bumzu elaborated that as the members are more actively participating in the production, following the lines of ’what messages do NU'EST want to send’ and ’what are the images they each want to show’, this album will show a more honest, natural side of them.

Rewinding back to their last comeback and title, OVERCOME, Baekho shared that the tracklist arrangement (showing L.O.V.E ♥) came to because they were thinking there’s there’s something missing as the album came to completion. In regards to the title, Bumzu excitedly commented that it was a song he’s really satisfied with, and when he first made it, as he thought it was a fit for NU'EST.

They’ve also both shared that they enjoyed sauna, recommended Indian cuisine and answered other fun fan comments, including Baekho-Bumzu’s lovestagram, revealed more on their cycling trip, and even how Bumzu voted Minhyun to be the most good-looking member even with Baekho beside him with other people around (cue a flustered, disbelief white tiger).

The 25 minute V Time ended soon enough with promises for more episodes, so stay tuned for more as another member will take the corner tomorrow.

Source: NU’EST V Time - Baekho’s Day


[TEASER] NU'EST The 5th Mini Album ‘CANVAS’ ART FILM (JR ver.)  


Updated 23 Aug

ALBUM INFO (via Synnara)

Returning with an even more unconventional concept!
Cartoon-dol NU'EST 5th mini-album ‘CANVAS’ released!

With the 5 mini alum 'CANVAS’, NU'EST has returned with a even more unconventional, upgraded look. The five members’ visuals who looked like they stepped straight out of a sunjung manhwa (shojo manga), the compelling point of the album is the concept which grasp at a day’s worth of 24 hours. Consisting a total of 5 songs, NU'EST members are directly involved in the lyrics and compositions, showcasing NU'EST’s unique musical color that will grab your attention more than ever.


Pre-orders count on the Hanteo and Gaon chart on the day/within the week of the physical release, and comes with an additional poster. The physical copy releases on 30 Aug.

*Ships internationally and counts towards Hanteo Chart

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NU'EST The 5th Mini Album ‘CANVAS’ ART FILM BAEKHO ver.

(cr: NUEST)

NU’EST Drops 4th Art Film Featuring Leader JR

Screencap of JR in the art film.

With two more individual teasers to go, leader JR is the next member to have his art film reveal.

This time, JR is seen in the car on the same set as Baekho with the gas station behind, but what oddly stood out is the instrumentals, which also features some the sounds of what seems like birds chirping followed by a drip of water, bringing a sense of liveliness in the scene of loneliness.

Catch the teaser is on V-App and send some hears while a it.

Is this teaser painting a clearer picture of CANVAS, or a more abstract view? Is the background music a hint to the mystical fantasy genre of their Sleep Talking album? Only time will tell - but let us hear your thoughts!

Source: NUEST YouTube

Y’all need to NOT sleep on Nu’est’ comeback this time, a successful comeback could potentially mean an After School/ Orange Caramel comeback which we all need and Seventeen will get the chance to rest which they all need and maybe Pledis will finally give them the promotions they deserve.

So PLEASE watch the mv when it comes out, stream it, buy the album, do whatever you can! These are talented boys and deserve the recognition!!!

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