just a reminder of who we stan 😂

nuest’s parody they made a long time ago of their song Hello (여보세요)

Produce 101 Season 2 Ep.7 Part 7 (Get Ugly Team) [Eng/CH] SUB

Hey all, I have subbed the 20 minute Get Ugly team cut from episode seven. I apologize for anything lost in translation; there are three languages involved and there is only so much I can do :((

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I’ve adopted at least 10 new boys all in the span of a few days...halp

When you watched produce 101 with the sole intention of supporting kim sanggyun and fucking the rest of them to hell and the plan backfired horrendously…

Like Nu’est get the fuck away from me, especially you JR piece of cool rapping shit, like i’ve checked some songs and my bias radar has exploded

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then we have here fucking sexy bandit, please don’t kill me you look like the most masculine teddy bear

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also I cant stop cooing “Minki!” like some kind of mother, but look at that face! then you find out he has abs and then you know he’s a biaswrecker but are still in denial

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then BAM the abs fuck my life

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killing it!! 

Then we move onto the fucking MMO squad cos fucks sake why are they just the coolest funniest pieces of human flesh ive ever seen like this dude? Thanks for helping my baby boi a-tom in replay your voice and smile is angelic

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i dunno he kinda reminds me of Gohn?? If they debut he’d definitely be my bias but thats not definite when you have 



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Produce 101 Vocal Position Performances Killing Part Compilation

Performances in order of appearance:

Spring Day - ofc baby woojin’s clear ass beautiful voice is included; also, even though chick seonho isn’t featured as much, it doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge his vocal talent, it just wasn’t shown  as much in this perf also takada kenta deserves so much more screentime he is so talented

Downpour - my feelings abt this performance have been made clear Ha Sungwoon stared into the camera w tears in his eyes and pure raw emotion in his voice and everyone cried and i cried and kwon hyunbin cried the most and jaehwan caused my soul to physically leave my body behind and emperor hwang revived my dead heart and jisung gave me a shock and is jaehwan’s high note played twice? damn right it is

Amazing Kiss - tb b4 this perf i thot gunhee was just the kid with a kirby sized mouth and heeseok was the hot ass tall ass trainee from call me baby team 1 but these two are so goddamn underrated and I will end my life if either are eliminated bc their high note made my insides melt I replayed it 3 times bc i wanted to so good literally musica to my ears

If it were you - it physically hurt me to crop parts of this video out because I felt that every part of this song was so beautiful but also pls never ever sleep on KIM YONGGUK or 金龙国HE BRINGS MY COUNTRY PRIDE and his emotions and vocal color are so beautiful i could not praise him enough and people also need to sTOP sleeping on Kim seongri he’s easily one of the top ten vocalists of the season EASILY

Playing with FIre - I still love bb daehwi and I’m so sad abt the hate he’s been getting but he’s such a talented and attractive trainee and I hope this hate bblows over asap and donho is a daddy which is old news as hell but STILL and sewoon is so talented and his NECK and MinKI deserves so much more MNET whAT r u DOinG