Estaba Kuronue ahí sentado,
comiéndose un helado,
mirando a lo lejos el prado,
cuando de pronto la muerte aparece.
“Mejor será que reces
porque de mí ésta vez ya no te escapas”
decía ella, corriendo con sus huesos de calaca.
El murciélago un salto dio
y hasta el helado se le cayó.
Patadas y golpes se fue dando,
pero La Parca igual se lo fue llevando
hasta que en el otro mundo el ladrón terminó
y desde allá a su zorro extrañó.

An ice cream he was eating,
that Kuronue dude was there sitting.
Then, all of a sudden,
the Death came out from where she was hidden.
“Better say your prayers, my dear bat.
Don’t even bother to take off your hat,
cause you’re not going to escape from me again, my lonely man”.
Kuro jumped out of his seat,
he couldn’t even feel his heartbeat,
dropping his ice cream to the floor.
Kicking and struggling more and more,
the Death still took him with her.
To the other world they went,
wishing his fox wasn’t that far from there.

kitsuneoftherose  asked:

"Kuronue." he called out, stepping close, this time he was nervous but he did place his lips to the other's, before in a flash of rose petals the fox once again vanished

I turned to look at the fox as he called my name. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting him to kiss me all of a sudden. My eyes wide and my face completely flushed as I could only stare to the spot where he had been standing at just a couple seconds ago. My fingertips ghosting over my lips. “Kurama…” I whispered softly. I felt like I was dreaming, wishing that kiss would’ve lasted longer.