[This one was made for a Valentine’s Day event. I had to choose a main theme. The options were: The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and The Beauty and the Beast and it was mandatory to include chocolate in one way or another. After some doodling and sketching, this idea was the one I liked the most. I’m not into Disney stuff so I worked with what I had in hand by the time (even if not all of their tales are original from them) which tanslates into “a tissue box with Disney princesses printed on it” as a guide and the very basic info I know about it.

Anyway, the main idea here is, our lovely thieves sneaked their way into the fancy-pants party just to see what they could steal. After ballroom dancing for a while, they managed to get their hands on the kingdom’s most valuable treasure: Chocolate, the tastiest in the whole world. They fleed with their little loot and proceeded to eat it comfortably once they were far away from the castle.

All of this was, of course, in an Alternate Universe. Not exactly in YYH’s and definitely not in TB&TB’s either as you can see.]


//Another batch of doodles and still unfinished lineart and one full pencil drawing. I really want to color one of them so bad the 5th one, actually because I love how Kuro came out in it~~ It’s also worth noting that I took the pose from the cover of a MoriGin doujinshi (sue me :u). Last two pics (the doodle with Kuro holding a cigarrette and the one with him wearing shades were inspired on The Smiths (Kurama dressed like Morrissey and Kuro like Johnny Marr/wearing shades like his).

Also, got the idea of Kuro sucking the juice out of the mango with his fangs from a conversation with dominus-tenebris(hope you don’t mind!!! ;u;) and after seeing some pics of bats eating fruits…and after eating a mango myself, too.

//No story or RP plot behind this one pic. The idea crossed my mind like 2 weeks ago and I’ve been working on it until today that I finally finished it. It was my way to deal with the anxiety and complete uncertainty I was in over the past few weeks and my way to “celebrate” I finally got over it and that things came out a lot better than expected~~

It’s probably not my best work ever but it’ll certainly be one I’ll never forget about.

The Universe is built with details
for you and me…
Now we reign, and let’s do it
the way it should’ve been
ever since we were born.