A quick sketch of EEnE OC by Nudli88 and Betty2007..please don’t kill me. I don’t color them because I still don’t get the full information about those two. Hm…I know one thing: Sara is a cat lover so probably like Bety OC but she don’t like to much mean guys so  probably she will fight with Nudli OC XD

Please don’t kill me XD

All I want for Christmas is you...

Okay, so I watched this video (it’s fucking hilarious XD), and the stupid idea came. I drew my EEnE OC Trevor in that clothes…

But I’m not alone with stupid ideas, so my friends also drew their OC’s reactions… firstly, Diablicka drew her OC, Sara: 

And Nudli drew her OC, Joseph:

And last but not at least Betty drew her OC, Marlin:

All characterd belongs to their owners, if you have questions about them, please ask the owners. =)

We all wish Merry Xmas to everyone out there! o3o


Well… some gift sketches for my friends. I just would like to thank you to you guys you were there for me when I was a whiny bitch. It meant really lot to me, and I can’t thank enough your patience and kindness… I love ya all!

Duncan © Nudli88
Bradley © Betty2007
Tyler © eldiablo
The Star © Melonorca
Andrew © diablicka

Xmas story for Tatsu :D

Trev was walking around on Winter Day. He was mad that everybody was avoiding him from the yesterday. Trevor looking around on the snow pillow that make city pretty and calm. Families and friends were walking on streets and buying some xmas gifts. Everybody was happy but not him. He spotted lot of friends who runs off from him.

-Fuck that snow and xmas gifts…-he was pissed off. Cold wind blew around and black haired decide to cover his face more.- Do I hurt them or what that they act like that?- his eyes where fool of sadness. He dice to go to his favorite cafe and drink a coffee.  He was still try to find out what is going on around. Nobody answer his calls and sms messages. He feel like he is invisible for everybody. Trev sit so long in the cafe and totally forgot of ongoing time.- Sitting in xmas eve alone…

Trev get up from his sit and go to home. When he reach to his house he spotted a small stick note on his door. The stick note has a message on it: “ Fallow the sticknotes.” He was surprised but at last decide to fallow the stick notes. Another one he find on the tree next to his house. There was a message: “Lost the road? Just fallow the shooting star.”When he read the information a small yellow star appeared near to him and start to run. Trev run to catch the star but it wasn’t so easy. He find another stick note on the street lamp: “ Can’t catch shooting star? Try to make a wish then, maybe you will catch her.” He shake his head. He don’t  believe in those kind of stuff but he spotted that star start to run again. When he try to catch her he got to the abandoned and dark place. He don’t like for the first time the place but somebody push him to the front. He step on something and this do a sweet click voice. A lot of colorful fairy lights. They turn on step by step and they reach to a big Christmas Tree. All the fairy light were so pretty like a gemstones.

Somebody jump on to his back. It was Sara. She hug him and smile to him.

-What the hell ya doing?- Trev turn around and then he was hited on face by snowball.- That wasn’t funny!

-So what?- Joseph appeared and prepared another snowball.

After him Andrew, Mina, Edd, Kevin, Marlie, Alfie and Marlin appeared. They have a big smile on faces.

-Is this your work?- Trev look on to big tree.

-Yup.- Edd smile to him- Actually I work on it so long but I think you like it?

-Ya know I don’t know what to say.-Trev look on to Sara and Joshep who start fight.-What they fight?

-I think they fight for you.- Andrew put a hand on his head.-Better go and eat something.

-One second!- Edd do a big smile and push a small button on the remote control.

When he do this a lot of light turn on the Sara house. The fairy lights was well-behaved in Happy has pretty decorations in gold and red colors.

-Where the gifts?- Trev look around.

-Wait a second.- everybody live him alone and came back dressed like presents.- We are the presents.- they smile to him.

-You lost your mind ya know?

-So what? It’s Xmas time so this one day in year we can lost mind.- Mina do a big smile.

Everybody sit to the supper and spend a nice time together. Sara and Edd look on to Trev and others from distance.

-I think this is the best Xmas.- Edd hug Sara

-I think that to and look at Trev smile.- Sara pat Edd head- Oh no Joseph once again play with Trev! No way!- Sara got a big smile on her face and leave Edd alone.

Edd start to laugh when he look how Sara try to hit Joseph but it was really hard, he was bigger then she so he lifted her up a little bit for clothes.

 I hope You get happy a little and Happy Xmas dear!

Joseph belong to Nudli88

Marlin belong to Betty2007

Trevor belong to Tatsu87

Andrew, Sara, Mina belong to me

Edd and Kevin blong to Danny Antonucci