Reed–Sternberg cells are different giant cells found with light microscopy in biopsies from individuals with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They are usually derived from B lymphocytes, classically considered crippled germinal center B cells, meaning they have not undergone hypermutation to express their antibody. Seen against a sea of B cells, they give the tissue a moth-eaten appearance. 

Reed–Sternberg cells are large and are either multinucleated or have a bilobed nucleus with prominent eosinophilic inclusion-like nucleoli (thus resembling an “owl’s eye” appearance). Reed–Sternberg cells are CD30 and CD15 positive, usually negative for CD20 and CD45. The presence of these cells is necessary in the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma – the absence of Reed–Sternberg cells has very high negative predictive value. They can also be found in reactive lymphadenopathy (such as infectious mononucleosis, carbamazepine associated lymphadenopathy) and very rarely in other types of non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

Today in biology we were talking about the nucleoli. And then I realized it sounded like ravioli then I said under my breath I don’t want none of your nucleoli. Then my teacher was like what was that? And then I started laughing so hard I cried. And I couldn’t say it and the whole class was just looking at me until I got myself together then I said it and everyone was like “I don’t get it” and this one girl was like “I get it!!! It’s like the ravioli kid on vine” and the whole class started laughing and this story sucks but I don’t want none of your nucleoli

The islands of the Bahamas are a haven for countless possibilities

Planning a trip to the Bahamas? Lucky you! This tropical paradise offers adventure, lots of activities or completely withdrawn. With 700 islands spread over 100,000 square miles of ocean, the endless selection. The islands of the Bahamas offer the largest selection of destinations than any other tropical water temperatures averaging 80 degrees destination.With over the whole year on the beaches is a big attraction in the Bahamas. The emerald and turquoise waters and stunning beaches are seemingly endless miles of sandy white or pink. Gold is deposited Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Iceland at low tide, when its signature “welcome mat” unfolds spectacular - miles of golden sand trickled. One of the most famous beaches west of Nassau is Cable Beach. Cable Beach stretches over two miles of beautiful sandy beaches, world-class resorts, all within easy reach of beach activities, shopping and nightlife. Harbour Iceland finished “The Best Iceland in the Caribbean” by Travel & Leisure magazine in 2005, is famous for its pink-hued sand beaches. With its quaint New England architecture and rows of ancient trees, it is a sight see.Water sports in abundance in the Bahamas. The water has an unmatched clarity, with a distinctive blue tones and lush coral reefs, which they treasure for snorkeling. If you want more excitement and adventure, then visit Walker’s Cay in the Abacos where snorkelers can see up to 200 sharks at a time can from the surface. For a classic destination snorkeling, take Grand Bahama visit Iceland, which has marked trails snorkeling on a regular basis from the West End, at the Old Bahama Bay.Dolphin meetings in a number of sites in the Bahamas. On Lucaya on Grand Bahama Iceland, snorkelers are introduced to dolphins in controlled conditions. The Dolphin Swim allows six snorkelers to swim with dolphins in the protected waters of Sanctuary Bay. If you prefer wild dolphin encounters on the island of Bimini Bimini, where Undersea has a success rate go for their Wild Dolphin Excursion 80 percent.With breathtaking landscape, annual regattas, and modern marinas, the Bahamas a magnet for boating and sailing attracts over 100,000 boaters per year. There are 63 active marinas with slips 3140 and 34 ports of entry. Anglers enjoy the challenge of catching a variety of fish. Long Iceland is known for its famous fly fishing and spin casting bones and deep-sea fishing. Fishing is throughout the Abacos and for marlin and other spectacular sailfish excellent look no further than the Exumas.For family fun and entertainment in the Bahamas, you will find kayaks, personal watercraft, sailboats, fishing trips, bicycle rentals, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, golfing and dinners at restaurants on the shore and harbor cruises. The islands of the Bahamas has the clearest water in the world, the world’s third largest longest barrier reef, 5% of global coral and only 50 miles off the coast of Florida. What more could you want?
Peru Travel, Part 1, Cuzco and Machu Picchu

Several years ago I won a silent auction for 2 business class tickets to Lima Peru for only a couple hundred dollars. I was very excited because I had always wanted to see Machu Picchu and visit the Amazon and both are short trips of Lima in local airlines.I ran home to Nancy know the good news. At first I was a little confused, why exactly did you buy the tickets to Lima? “After explaining that these tickets were actually a good way to get to Peru and that would really only be used as a basis for Lima hit the Amazon and Machu Picchu, which was again on board. That is, until they actually arrived in Lima and had to take the local flight to Cuzco.Our first “plane” landed and stopped near the airport. After stopping a wheeled ladder was pushed against the wall and a ramp down from the back. Departing passengers were transported on the back of the plane while embarking passengers (Nancy and I among them) were going up the stairs to board the plane. There was no apparent security control, even for refueling, as usual with U.S. flights. This flight was a stop and go. A practice very disconcerting, especially for a semi-nervous flyer as myself.Once on board the aircraft, the first thing we noticed some interesting smells. It soon became apparent when odors orginated as we saw chickens and a goat on the plane. Never thought I’d be on board a plane with livestock. I knew then that this was going to be interesting … if we survived … Upon arriving at our seats, Nancy and I kept our luggage and began to settle on our flight over the Andes towards Cuzco. As I sat in my seat, it felt as if all the seat is rocked back and then made a loud pop when he fell back into place. After a minor research I found that my seat was not actually anchored to the ground! Oh, of course, asparagus was where it should be, there simply was not nuts securing the seat to the poles. I guess this makes the exchange of seats easier when one of the goats on board has an “accident” on flight.My next surprise came when I grabbed my seat belt … only one end was attached to the security reality! I guess this was not as bad as the seat was not attached to anything. After all, why would I want a false sense of security to be securely attached to a seat that just flew out of the plane in the case of a goat nervous to open the door in flight? When I said these things before the flight attendant, she replied with a smile and walk. Well, I wanted adventure … here go.On the positive side, the flight from Lima to Cuzco was very turbulent as skimmed the tops of the Andes all the way home. I have no idea why the pilot felt the need to fly so low. My assumption was that he wanted to smoke and to be courteous to other passengers, she felt better to break a window than it is impossible to fly at higher altitudes. I mean what else could explain the tremendous wind noise seemed to come from the cabin? Finally, the pilot found a small crack in the mountains where our aircraft could land and bring a merciful end to this flight. It turns out that the crack was the airport of Cuzco, and the emergency landing was actually a normal landing … Never had guessed.Our local travel agent met us at the airport and after a few minutes journey back to the city we arrived at our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Los Andes de America, a Best Western of all things. The hotel was in an excellent location, just steps from the main square and the hotel had a central courtyard ideal for sitting and enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee before or after a day of adventure around the arrival in our city.Upon hotel, was handed a cup of coca tea made from coca leaves, to enjoy during the checkout process. Cuzco is at an altitude of between 11,000 and 12,000 feet, depending on where you are and that the statistics of your reading. The locals swear that coca tea is excellent to prevent altitude sickness. Not sure if there is some validity to this claim, but I can say that neither Nancy or had a problem with altitude sickness and taking the tea.Nancy and chose to walk around Cuzco and found that it is a safe and enjoyable experience . We were in our thirties that made the trip and in reasonable health, but still walking at that point you can still breath pretty quickly. If you think you might be a problem, take a taxi, which are quite abundant and quite reasonable priced.The city is full of old world charm and street vendors are numerous. Offers can be alpaca sweaters, hats, gloves, art and jewelry. U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere, as well as the native Sol.Cuzco is the traditional starting point for the Inca Trail Sat, 4-day hike through the Andes to the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. Nancy and I were not adventurous enough for a climb so opted for train travel. At the time we were there, the train took about 2.5 hours and was excellent! It seems they have since added a shorter route that takes only 90 minutes to reach Aguas Calientes, but if I had to do it again, still have the longest route with wind. The train winds it’s way through the Sacred Valley, passing through small villages along the road. In the train troubadours and vendors dressed in traditional Peruvian dress. Time passes quickly, and before you know you are in Aguas Calientes, a small village at the foot of Machu Picchu.This was part of the trip did not care. As soon as you exit the train you are bombarded with people selling tourist junk. The train route to the bus which takes you up the switchbacks to Machu Picchu is filled with scrap dealers tourist trap. Keep in wallet.Once aboard the bus, the journey to the top of Machu Picchu is pretty fast. When the bus moves along the narrow zigzag carving on the sides of the mountain cut, think about the fact that, when this city was that it is vital, almost everything needed to live had to be hand carried to this mountain. There was no water source at the top of the mountain. The water is captured either from rain or carried by hand. Some foods that are grown on terraces carved into the mountainsides, but much of it was, again, led by the hand of below.There valley is a hotel adjacent to Machu Picchu, The Sanctuary Lodge if you want to stay there You must make your reservations well in advance of your trip. If they remain there is given the rare opportunity to stay in Machu Picchu after all the other tourists are taken by the last bus service. You also have the opportunity to see the sun rise over the ancient Inca city before other tourists arrive. It is amazing wandering around town with so few others around. BreathtakingFor indeed those who are really adventurous, there is no trace of AA leading to Flee Picchu, a much smaller portion of the city built an even larger adjacent peak. The trail is steep and dangerous and should not be attempted by hikers, but no expert. The view from the top of the track are incomparable, if you decide to make the trip to Machu Picchu trip.Our was once in a lifetime adventure that I will remember forever. The second half of our trip to Peru was an adventure of a week in the remote Amazon jungle, but that’s another story for another time …

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Hawaii Travel

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the region of Latin America in the central Pacific Ocean comprising the islands of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands historically known as the Sandwich Islands were included in the U.S. territory in 1900. The islands of Hawaii is an archipelago of eight major islands including Nihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and the island of Hawaii and many islets. Hawaii was admitted as the 50th state of the United States August 21, 1959. The name of the state of Hawaii possibly came from the native Hawaiian word “Owhyhee” meaning homeland. The state is nicknamed “The Aloha State.” Aloha is the recognition that can be used as a greeting. The state of Hawaii is located 2,500 miles from land. Honolulu is the capital and largest city in the state. Hawaiian and English are official languages of the State. Hawaii is abbreviated as HI. Hawaii has one of the most thriving tourist industries. Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. The state is blessed with the most exquisite waterscapes. Hawaii is sometimes referred to as “the paradise of the Pacific” for its natural beauty arrest have sunshine, emerald green and cheerful flowers, palm trees, coral beaches, and captivating cloud-covered volcanic peaks reaching high levels. Hawaii is the prefect destination offering extravagant facilities for surfing and other water recreation. None, but only Hawaii could offer the perfect location for the hit series Baywatch. Hawaii is a real romantic paradise. Tourism offers opportunities for very romantic. Bulk attracts tourists from all over the globe. Passenger volumes visit to savor the beauty of the state and enjoy your vacation. Hawaii vacations, Hawaii cruises and Hawaii vacation packages are one of the hottest tourist offers. Hawaii is the perfect destination for beach, honeymoon, romantic, surfing and golf vacation. The beach holiday to Hawaii, Hawaii honeymoon, romantic Hawaii vacation, family vacation in Hawaii and Hawaiian golf vacation romances are planted unspeakable. Hawaii hotels are manifestations of pure luxury romantic. Hotel Hotel Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui Hawaii hotel are well known for its comfort and quality services. It is very difficult for tourists to resist the “look, here comes” from Hawaii.

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Варенье из абр

1300 г абрикосы
2 ст. вода
1500 г сахар

Шаг 1
Для приготовления варенья нужно взять плотные, слегка недозревшие абрикосы, сахар и воду.

Шаг 2
Абрикосы вымыть, сделать надрезы и выдавить косточки.

Шаг 3
Косточки расколоть, вынуть ядра и вставить их в отверстия абрикосов.

Шаг 4
Сахар растворить в горячей воде, довести до кипения при постоянном помешивании и прокипятить в течение 2- 3 минут. Затем раствор профильтровать через прокипяченную фланель или сложенную в 3- 4 слоя марлю, снова довести до кипения и уварить на сильном огне на 1/4 объёма.

Шаг 5
Подготовленные абрикосы с ядрами залить горячим сиропом и оставить на 12 часов.

Шаг 6
После выстойки сироп слить, дать ему вновь закипеть, опять залить им абрикосы и дать постоять ещё 10 часов. На третий день варенье доварить. В готовом варенье абрикосы и сироп должны быть прозрачными. Варенью дать остыть, а затем расфасовать его в сухие стерилизованные банки, накрыть прокипяченными крышками и укупорить.

Really feels great to know that someone’s willing to do crazy little efforts just to cheer you up :”>

Why do people have to be this sweet? Why-y-y-y-y? Hahaha i was effinly pissed this morning due to school matters which i don’t wanna talk about. I almost cry… No, i really cried. Sucks, right? Early this evening, someone called me. He wants me to go outside the house ‘coz he asked his bestfriend to deliver me something. And look what i’ve got, macsbox (beef teriyaki plus extra cheese) and a bouquet. Seems like a pre-valentine surprise, aye? Efforts were fully appreciated. Thanks again for these, man!