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I know that is a cgi but that doesn't mean it couldn't be a remain of an older civilization. like the article you posted stated, it would have been before an ice age or shifting time where 2000+ feet of ocean took over that land. also the sonar scan still did its job. it located a "what looks like" man made monument. if you do a little more research you can find out there are tons of hidden pyramids all over the world.

The last glacial period was at least 12,000 years ago. There is absolutely no genuine archaeological evidence of civilisation existing past 3300BCE. Civilisations primary being settlements with agriculture as a base. Agriculture is an INCREDIBLY important aspect of this. Without being able to create our own sources of food you had early humans being almost nomadic. Travelling across vast lands seeking out food where they could find it. When that food was depleted it was the choice to move on to new lands or face death. 

Yes, it’s possible that certain civilisations came up with these ideals on their own. Basic farming and urban planning, hell, there’s evidence that quite a few different early civilisations came up with them without having ever encountered anything. Cities like the ones proposed by that article do not pop up when you don’t have the resources. They can not. People can try and build pyramids and die due to a lack of food. 

At the time of the last ice ages peak we had basic tools. We could fish and we could take down larger mammals. We did not farm them. There would have been evidence of this. If there WAS a civilisation over 50,000 years ago, I’m going to make the assumption that it would have turned into a trading hub. Because a large city has to be filled with people. It has to be build by people. People would flock to live in this bastion of wealth. These people would travel to nearby towns and barter with the locals. WE WOULD BE FINDING STONEMASONRY TOOLS AROUND THE AREA. THAT SORT OF TECHNOLOGY WOULD SPREAD. ESPECIALLY AT A TIME WHERE SHARPENING A SPEAR WAS CONSIDERED HIGH TECH. 

The brain is especially good at trying to fill in the gaps when it comes to unclear data. It’s how we see objects in the clouds. It’s we come to see faces in places where there are no places. A bunch of geometric shapes can very easily look like a haphazardly build town.  

Hidden pyramids aren’t anything all that impressive? As a species we are inclined to build monuments, especially for such things as worship and honouring the dead. A pyramid is a very basic way to build a sturdy and large structure. It doesn’t take much to figure out that building something layers that gets smaller isn’t going to fall over all that easily.

The ancient Mesopotamians were the first to build stepped pyramids, they came about about 4000 BC. These weren’t even pyramids, it still took a few thousand years to get there. At 4000 BC the Mesopotamians were able to build what were basically raised platforms. They had the resources and the ingenuity to be able to build those structures thanks to the stockpiles of food that originally allowed the civilisation to flourish. 

If you are looking for evidence of incredibly ancient civilisations, you will find that evidence in the muddiest of places, but it’s just that. Muddy.


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