oh, the irony

#israel #USstrikeonSyria #iran

i think no words are needed on this issue. everyone knows it. it is the countries that already have nuclear weaponry, and no intention of even reducing their volume or stopping research into making even more effective nuclear missiles, are the ones openly threatening any other country that even begins researching nuclear power generation, and have historically used the POSSIBILITY of nuclear weaponry as justification for invasion and warfare - all in the ‘cause’ of global security… 

possibility which in the aftermath of invasion and devastation of the target country proves to be false.

it is an unfortunate irony that it is the countries which have already invaded and attacked civilians with nuclear and chemical weapons which continue to go around threatening more of the same as a cover for their continued atrocities. even more ironical is how they continue to give each other a leg up in their nuclear and biochemical weapons programs.

most recently, that would be the industrial factory that can be used to mass produce sarin sold by a German company to an Israeli state chemical company. people have been led down the garden path when it comes to the making of sarin, being told that any backyard chemist can make it. well, that isn’t the case. it has a complex formula, requiring state of the art industrial facilities. but there’s only two ingredients really - white phosphorous, of which Israel (the only nuclear power in the middle east) already has plenty, and sulfur.  they finalised the sale of the manufacturing facility in February 2013.

now i’m not what i used to be when it comes to the grey matter. can someone do the sums on when USA’s threats to Syria began to escalate?

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