Project Greek Island, the secret bunker that was never used

In the late 1950s, the United States government approached The Greenbrier Hotel and sought its assistance in creating a secret emergency relocation center to house Congress in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. The classified, underground facility was built at the same time as the West Virginia Wing, an above-ground addition to the hotel, from 1959 to 1962.

For 30 years, The Greenbrier owners maintained an agreement with the federal government that, in the event of an international crisis, the entire resort property would be conveyed to government use, specifically as the emergency location for the legislative branch.

The facility was decommissioned in 1992 after the program was exposed in a U.S. newspaper article.

If we combine posadism, anarcho primitivism and hoxhaism we end up with the perfect edgy leftist ideology. The general premise is fairly simple and it’s that we build a shitload of bunkers incite nuclear conflict and emerge from the wreckage as hunter gatherers who are cared for by the extraterrestrial leftists that the posadists were looking for who will clear off all of the radiation and give humanity the ability to communicate without words the way zerzan always wanted. Anything else is revisionist


At the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, England, like the rest of the world, was terrified of the possibility of a Soviet nuclear apocalypse. The British Government in the early 1950s began to develop an elaborate air defense radar system called ROTO to protect against a Soviet attack. It was eventually replaced by the more modern Linesman/Mediator system.

But the program didn’t just develop a complex air defense radar system—in 1952 it built a secret bunker at Kelvedon Hatch, in the Borough of Brentwood in the English county of Essex for local government officials. Now, nearly 25 years since the end of the Cold War, the secret bunker is not so much a secret anymore and a popular, albeit creepy, tourist attraction.

The Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, in the Borough of Brentwood in the English county of Essex, is accessible through an underground entrance inside an ordinary looking small bungalow.   

The bunker has three floors, two more floors that the ‘hill’ covers, and a radio mast. 

The tunnel leading to the bunker is 100 yards long and goes to R4, the bottom third floor. 

The bunker was built to accommodate hundreds of government personnel and had enough supplies to last three months. The bunker had its own water supply, power generators, radio equipment, protected telecommunications, teleprinter networks, military systems, and air conditioning and heating. 

Right after the Cold War ended in 1992, the bunker was no longer needed and the property was sold privately at a closed auction. It was then renovated into a museum and creepy tourist attraction. Rope Runners, an adventure and zip lining group, also operates on the grounds.

Signs are posted throughout the area directing tourists to the not-so-secret, secret bunker.   Today, horrifying mannequins take the place of government officials hiding out from the Soviet nuclear apocalypse.

When not filled with tourists, the bunker is used as a filming location. An episode of the British reality TV series “The Murder Game” was filmed there, as well as an episode of “New Tricks,” a British comedy television show on BBC.

(Text by Danielle Tarasiuk)   

Safekeeping (Alex Summers x Reader)

Word Count: 5k

Rating: M

Song I listened to while writing: “Screen” by twenty one pilots

Excerpt:  “(Name),” he calls, as casually as he can possibly manage, given the situation, shoving one hand into his pocket. He nudges the granola bars he had brought with him. Maybe he could give her one? Except—no, no, that’s fucking stupid, and he’s fucking stupid, and what the hell has come over him recently, anyways, it’s not like she’s even that big of a deal, except that when she sees him walking towards her she lights up and the way she says his name makes his throat actually fucking tighten around his next breath. Dimly, Alex realizes that he’s screwed.

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A very strange colony of wood ants has been discovered in an abandoned nuclear weapons storage bunker in Templewo, Poland. 

A wood ant nest was built over a vertical pipe. Many ants fall down it and can’t climb back up. They are forced to live in the very cold, harsh environment of the bunker, which has no clear food sources and almost no light.

In fact, some don’t even think this group should be called a colony. There are no queens- all of the ants are female workers. The only reason it hasn’t died out is because ants continuously fall down into the dark.

Overwatch: Truce (Shadow - End)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

You can read it all on AO3

Winston! Come in! Talk to me!

Security is on the fritz

Lena felt her stomach turn to stone, “Oh just my luck…”

I’m trying to counter it. Otherwise, we’re going to have company real soon

Roger that.

Pharah sighed, but straightened her shoulders and jammed her helmet over her eyes before turning around to face her team.

“Everyone spread out, I want all possible openings on lockdown. We need to get the officers and governor out of here”

Within seconds, each overwatch agent had weapons drawn and shields up in front of important officials that had become targets, ready for a possible ambush.

Pharah loaded her weapon as she made her way to the flanker extraordinaire,“Tracer…”

She grinned after doing a couple of squats and leg stretching, it had been a month since she had been out on the field, not since her last run in with Talon’s new set of eyes and ears. It left her paranoid and anxious beyond repair, but her itch to return to the fight and the chance for payback was enough to convince her friends to let her on the plane.

But now that there was a true possibility of the hacker being there, she might have some second thoughts.

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A Soviet Hamlet AU:

  • Above all else, know this: you are never alone in Elsinore.

  • They say there is something rotten in the core of the Soviet Union, but for something to rot it must have been alive at some point. Perhaps a truer statement would be to say that there is something cold and harsh and essentially non-living here.

  • Hamlet Sr. appears with a red band tied around his arm and curses on his tongue. Traitor, he whispers in Hamlet’s ear, your uncle has betrayed me, but more importantly, he has betrayed the very cause we fought for. Later, Hamlet will check the security tapes over and over but hears nothing besides his own scratching breathing. When his father fades away, he leaves behind only a slip of red cloth—Hamlet takes it and it stays wrapped around his wrist until the day he dies.

  • A note: that day will come just a few weeks later.

  • When Claudius smiles at Hamlet, it is the same smile he wears to meetings with the American President: one that is sly enough to unnerve but pleasant enough to sell his supposed honesty. Horatio is the only one who dares to frown in response.

  • Laertes leaves for France and comes home with bursting ideas about democracy and freedom and Claudius only smiles, clasps his back, and beckons him back into the cold concrete halls. Soon enough, his foreign ideals are dropped in favour of vengeance and loyalty.

  • After she drowns, Ophelia’s name is stricken from all the records. A black bar where a girl once was.

  • A paradox: there is no God in the Soviet Union, but everyone prays anyways. Hamlet sees Claudius on his knees and stays his hand. He looks up and sees blinking red lights and wonders if God watches them all on grainy security cams. He wonders if there is an afterlife that is more than this endless concrete purgatory. He wonders if hell looks like a nuclear bunker.

  • In the end, Elsinore collapses, the USSR collapses, Hamlet collapses too as the poison eats away at his stomach.  

Alright, I guess I should probably explain myself. I’m working on this story right now. The plan is to release the first chunk this Halloween (and by chunk, like, 20+ chapters hallelujah, no promises people). But since I’m bugging y’all by posting a bunch of excerpts I’ll try and summarize the basics without giving a ton of the plot away.

A Snapping Sound is a Danny Phantom horror AU. Emphasis on horror. In its most basic form, it’s a haunted house AU. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.

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