If we combine posadism, anarcho primitivism and hoxhaism we end up with the perfect edgy leftist ideology. The general premise is fairly simple and it’s that we build a shitload of bunkers incite nuclear conflict and emerge from the wreckage as hunter gatherers who are cared for by the extraterrestrial leftists that the posadists were looking for who will clear off all of the radiation and give humanity the ability to communicate without words the way zerzan always wanted. Anything else is revisionist

Project Greek Island, the secret bunker that was never used

In the late 1950s, the United States government approached The Greenbrier Hotel and sought its assistance in creating a secret emergency relocation center to house Congress in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. The classified, underground facility was built at the same time as the West Virginia Wing, an above-ground addition to the hotel, from 1959 to 1962.

For 30 years, The Greenbrier owners maintained an agreement with the federal government that, in the event of an international crisis, the entire resort property would be conveyed to government use, specifically as the emergency location for the legislative branch.

The facility was decommissioned in 1992 after the program was exposed in a U.S. newspaper article.


Old nuclear bunker turned into a Data Center.

Located in Stockholm, the ISP Bahnhof gained notoriety when it hosted wikileaks’ sensitive materials. Built into the Pionen mountains, the center took two years to retrofit the caves with enough space for their server racks and backup generators. In total, it is roughly 1,200 square meters (12,900 square feet) and will hold the future of blogging after the apocalypse.

Source: TheChive

So, the new trailer didn’t give me any further clues about what may happen in the game, only a few scattered moments from which you could assume a few things, and a few extra snippets of gameplay. All cool, all fun.

But now the OST is released, and there’s a few things that have caught my attention.

First of all, the last track is Intermission 1. Obviously this means that we won’t have any of the music that comes later in the game until the following Acts are released. No spoilers here! That’s good. And kind of obvious. If the next Acts have as much music, we’re headed towards a 100+ Track OST a-la Undertale.

But the one title that’s caught my attention is “Filthy Nuclear Bunker”. You know.

I was thinking that the missile would be something made to destroy a house, perhaps a neighbourhood. But Trizza’s said to be extremely dangerous, the number of Trolls she’s killed is so high that, even for the Alternian Standards, it’s made Trolls start to mobilize and try to rebel against her. She’s got Doc Scratch on her side. “Filthy Nuclear Bunker”, of course the fact a Bunker is made to handle a Nuclear Detonation, doesn’t mean the Bomb itself has to be but…

If the Empire has caught wind that there’s a Rebel Movement starting in Outglut?

Who’s to say Trizza wouldn’t send down a nuke to level the entire city?

If this were to hold true, Act 1 will take place in the entirety of Outglut, and the cliffhanger at the end before Act 2 will come from the fact the entire goddamn town is being obliterated and you need to get to the Bunker before it’s too late.

Whether it’s the entire town or a Neighborhood, though, a bomb to destroy something in Outglut is likely aimed towards Dammek’s house, or Xefros’, or their neighborhood in general. So that will make returning to the portal an interesting task, if you need to push through the devastated, irradiated wreckage to get there.

anonymous asked:

How would you resolve the mytharc if you were Chris carter?

Well. I wouldnt have gotten it into the mess it’s in now, but here goes.

One episode of getting off the bridge. I want Skinner and Daggoo and a helicopter involved in this. Show Scully being conflicted over leaving other sick people behind while focusing on Mulder. In the last few minutes, Reyes appears with William’s location. End of episode.

They go to find William. Race against time re: Mulder’s illness and CSM getting to William. They stop in a hospital to treat Mulder, Scully tries transfusing some of her alien bloid into him. It perks him up a little, but not much. Helicopter runs out of fuel. They start driving an abandoned car. End of episode.

They find William. Most of his town is dead, but of course he’s fine. he’s traumatized, wandering in a daze. Lots of emotional drama, flashbacks, etc. Scully explains a little to him. CSM and Reyes arrive, as do the aliens. End of episode.

Some fighting, William starts realizing the full extent of his powers. Chases, etc. Reyes gets to redeem herself further by showing CSM Mulder, reminding him this is all his fault and it hasn’t gone to plan. CSM has a bullshit Carterlogue and hands over a vaccine to Scully. It’s the only vial. she has to choose between giving it to Mulder or reverse engineering it. End of episode.

Scully starts to give the vaccine to Mulder but William stops her. He does some Jeremiah Smith stuff and saves Mulder. Skinner punches CSM just because. Miller and Einstein (siiiiiiigh) show up having tracked their phones via GPS. They have a helicopter. They all go to a nuclear bunker in the mountains. End of episode.

Scully turns over the vaccine to some scientists. They find out at the bunker that there are two groups of aliens, the ones who are attacking and a species that wants to help out. Some flashbacks to old mytharc bullshit that is edited to support this. William is given his full history, emotional reunion. The good aliens arrive and it’s particularly emotional for Mulder. Maybe some kind of telepathic shit where he learns that Samantha’s DNA is in the vaccine or whatever. End of episode.

The good aliens work with the scientists on the vaccine and some strategies or something. Battle episode. CSM dies without glory. End of episode.

Fast forward to peace time. Mulder, Scully, William, and Daggoo are living together. It is revealed through non shitty voiceovers that the good aliens have given humanity powerful technology and medicine and everyone lives together and things are fine and awesome. Many people died, but the world is better now in spite of the losses


As It Seems: Chapter 6

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: Dean is worried sick over you, but you arrive back at Bobby’s unharmed. However, you have some news that he doesn’t like.

Word Count: 2580

Warnings: Mentions of drug use/addiction, mention of death

Beta’d By: @kclaire1, the best beta ever! I love your persnickety-ness! (is that a word? It is now)


~Dean’s POV~

Six hours. It had been six hours since I watched Crowley lead Y/N away. I should’ve done something. I should’ve done more.

“Boy, sit down,” Bobby growled. “I can’t concentrate when you’re pacing like a caged lion.”

It was my fault Y/N was in this situation. I’d made the decision to go to her for help when I was shot. Granted, her apartment was the closest to the scene so it was the logical choice, but still. I could have waited for Sam in an alley somewhere rather than dragging her into this mess.

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Hiveswap Act 1 OST Review

Ok, I’ve been listening to it for some time. I should really review the OST! 

I’m a musical ameteur so this is a bad idea. Hope you enjoy it! 

1. Definitely Safe Forever -  good. 3 out of 5. nothing else to say on the matter

2. Snake Escape - great. very funky, nice bass tones. iconic hiveswap tone… 4 out of 5.

3. Joey Claire, Extraordinaire - Nice slow buildup, gentle theme. Feels welcoming and safe, yet a bit more curious than your average Pokemon hometown theme. The wind instrument gets extremely loud at times, maybe too loud. But this track is so different from what Homestuck usually offers that it paints a new identity for Hiveswap. It’s repetitive enough to not distract you, but interesting enough to not bore you. I like how it gets a bit more mellow and bittersweet over time, which is something you can say for a lot of tracks. 4/5.

4. Half-Harley Manor - I have always liked  the leitmotif for this house. It’s… not quite spooky, but not warm and welcoming either. I love how this track starts loud and spooky, then you have quiet percussion, then it gets back to the original theme with a bit more windiness… very satsifying. Then the part where it gets VERY sparkly and happy. Idk what intrument that is. Keyboard? It’s the only part of the song that makes this feel like home, ut then it loops back into the original alienating theme. 4 out of 5….. 

5. Relatively Visible Darkness - I don’t like the trumpets in this much but I enjoy everything else about this theme. Serves its job. Relatively unspectacular… until the chorus in the second half,  then it gets great. for a little bit. 3 out of 5.

6. Bedroom for an Annoying Dog - Love the final fantasy joke. Love how scary they made the fucking basement sound. Love how this builds up with the, uhh, organ pipes? 5 out of 5.

7. That’s How I Beat Snake - hmmm… Very nice intro but the main theme is a bit shit, until it hits the chorus, then it gets catchy. Its soundfont is… odd. I think it serves well as a fight theme but is the weakest battle music in the game. I do like the drop at the second part a lot! 3 out of 5. or 6 out of 10. yes. lets start doing them out of 10 from now on because fuck consistency.  

8. Jude Harley, Bizarrely - Nice character theme but terrible music. I think that’s the intention. You do however lose points for it being a remix of Joey’s theme and Harleyhouse Manor because it means the only sort of leitmotif Jude has is how fucking bad his music is . 6 out of 10 get this CANMT shit out of here.

9. Table for Tooth - NICE INTRO! This was used in the trailer, right? I love the initial drop. The main theme’s instrument is… garbage, yes. But then it plays the Harleyhouse theme and it’s SO GOOD.  Wish that part was longer. 7 out of 10. 

10. Final Spice - if you think this sounds like an Undertale track it’s cos this one had the least touching up by James. It reminds me of Toriel’s theme. Nice and catchy but not quite good enough for me to enjoy. 7 out of 10. 

11. Living Legend - The final and best battle theme on tis track. Another Final Fantasy joke. I love this theme and what James and Toby did with it. 9 out of 10…. not quite the best track on the album, but very close. 

12. Singular Peril - nice and perilous. Also nice coming off of the Final Fantasy track cos this reminds me  of when you escape the nuclear plant in FF7. 8 out of 10. Would work better if it wasnt heard for just 3 seconds.

13. A More Defensible Position  - I, think this is the tied second-best track on the album because of its second part. So magical, so ominous. You feel shit building up here.  9 out of 10. 

14. Open the Door - Majestic buildup, dark, intense, spooky……… then it becomes nothing shot of an anticlimax. It needs to be LOUDER on the piano part! Then it could have been the best track easily! 7 out of 10. 

15. Keep Your Head Down - I’m annoyed at how far forward this track is cos you only hear it after Xefros gets flattened. I love it though, very 80s, fitting remix of Xefros’s theme to represent the path he and Joey have ahead of them. 1980 out of 2000.

16. Oh Whoah, What’s This - The theme’s fine. A nice intro to Dammek’s hive, gentle and empty after the dramatic teleportation. The name however is unacceptable. 0 out of 10. 

17. Some Kind Of Alien - WHOAHHHH the transition between these two themes is nuts. I love how LOUD this track is! I love the waltzy beat, the flute, how it represents Dammek’s conspiring nature. It gets much more cheerful as it goes on,perhaps indicating this boy isn’t entirely a weird jerk.  And it ends on Karkat! 8 out of 10. Probably deserves a 9. 

18. Rustblood - When people play through this game, this tune really catches them. And I enjoy it, because this is the part of the game that starts feeling like homestuck, yknow? Anyway Xefros has by far the most distinguished theme out of any of his mates. This is very Toby Fox. Very solid 7 out of 10. 

19. Filthy Nuclear Bunker - you know how HYPE this track is? You just want to click on everything and read all the text, because it has hit you that you’re playing the HOMESTUCK VIDEOGAME  and youre REALLY ENJOYING IT. 9 out of 10 for the variety of instruments, the upbeat mood. Despite the weird soundfont. I’m feeling generous. This music is relatively long though, compared to the others. It should end before I change my mind.

20. SPORTS! Personally I Love Them - this is the third time ive listened to this track today. 7.8 out of 10 too much Superbowl. Liked the Dark Souls reference in this room. I wish the music that played during the puzzle was in this OST.

21. Lofted Gunpile - A more “meh” version of Dammek’s theme. I prefer what they eventually went with. Why did James want it to be so…. low? Same complaint as the anticlimactic portal theme. Do like when the instruments start blending together near the end. 6 out of 10. 

22. Serpent Genesis Better, original version of the snake fight with better soundfont. 8 out of 10. 

23. We Shall Go Together - Beautiful ending to the game. Nothing spectacular about it though. 6 out of 10. 

24. Wish You Were Here - Our first taste of Trizza’s theme and by jegus it’s amazing. Very little can make you more hyped for act 2 than an intimidating introduction to the antagonist, a selfie over a burning village. WHOAHHH its actually playing now and I like it even more. That DROP. 9 out of 10 easily. 

25. Intermission 1 - Welcome to the best track on the fucking album. I think the credits should always be the best. Starts off with continuing Trizza’s theme, letting us absorb what we just witnessed, as drawings of the game we just played appear. Then you get hints of the theme from Dammek’s hive. Quieter during this part…. funkier again… THEN IT GETS REALLY INTENSE.  That’s easily my favourite part. Anyway, 10 out of 10. This track alone has me ready to wait for act 2. 

26. Alternate Recipe - 8bit mix of the spice theme. Louder, which is good. 7.5 out of 10. Catchy.

27. Heavy Snaking - I… prefer the original snake theme in the context of a fight. This is ok to listen to by itself though. Oh gosh that bass! 8 out of 10 great music, wrong atmosphere for the extremely brief battle. This’d be great as a boss encounter theme though. If it was used in the right place, then it’d possibly score even a 9 or 10.

28. “How It Could Have Gone” - seems to be about the portal? A ot louder than what they went with. I wouldnt have minded this being merged with the actual theme, but I still think it could be better. 7 out of 10.I love the spookiness of the original and would be sad if that was gone.

29. Old steps - Dance, Joey, Dance! Not really a song. 

30. UNDERTALE. 10/10. Sincerely. I love it. 

Total musical rating -  8 out of 10. Does its job very well of being good but not distracting. Good background music, rather than the energetic music of Homestuck itself.

personal opinion on hiveswap ost: i like pretty much every song, ok?

all manor background songs are good, really atmospheric and not distracting in any way. they are not super memorable, but that’s a good thing, probably the most fitting for a point-and-click adventure soundtrack. jude theme was a little distracting though, but i still liked it.

i didn’t pay too much attention to them at first, but strife! songs are incredible. like, all of them. my favorites are probably “that’s how i beat snake” and “table for tooth”, they fill me with some kind of strife-energy :D

still, troll songs are the best. i mean, “rustblood”, “keep your head down”, “some kind of alien”? but my absolute favorite is “filthy nuclear bunker”, it’s sooo good. it reminds me of “pumpkin party”, but less weird and more jazz-y, i guess? i’ve been listening to this song for two weeks non-stop. i feel like it’s underappreciated tbh.

also “open the door” and “wish you were here” sound like something straight out of homestuck, i liked them a lot. i feel like “open the door” should be a little more dramatic, but also not quite sure about that?