If we combine posadism, anarcho primitivism and hoxhaism we end up with the perfect edgy leftist ideology. The general premise is fairly simple and it’s that we build a shitload of bunkers incite nuclear conflict and emerge from the wreckage as hunter gatherers who are cared for by the extraterrestrial leftists that the posadists were looking for who will clear off all of the radiation and give humanity the ability to communicate without words the way zerzan always wanted. Anything else is revisionist

Project Greek Island, the secret bunker that was never used

In the late 1950s, the United States government approached The Greenbrier Hotel and sought its assistance in creating a secret emergency relocation center to house Congress in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. The classified, underground facility was built at the same time as the West Virginia Wing, an above-ground addition to the hotel, from 1959 to 1962.

For 30 years, The Greenbrier owners maintained an agreement with the federal government that, in the event of an international crisis, the entire resort property would be conveyed to government use, specifically as the emergency location for the legislative branch.

The facility was decommissioned in 1992 after the program was exposed in a U.S. newspaper article.

A very strange colony of wood ants has been discovered in an abandoned nuclear weapons storage bunker in Templewo, Poland. 

A wood ant nest was built over a vertical pipe. Many ants fall down it and can’t climb back up. They are forced to live in the very cold, harsh environment of the bunker, which has no clear food sources and almost no light.

In fact, some don’t even think this group should be called a colony. There are no queens- all of the ants are female workers. The only reason it hasn’t died out is because ants continuously fall down into the dark.

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1) I’m black and Danish, and I want to follow in the footsteps of cool black Danish women like Nella Larsen and Natasja Saad!

2) I am learning Danish in order to move to Denmark to be with my partner who I love and we are gonna have many animals together and be happy even if we have to live in a nuclear bunker with the way the world works right now.

3) I have a sweet guinea pig named Oscar, some red cherry shrimp, and a betta fish named Rice Krispie!

4) my favorite authors are Dostoevsky and Wilde.

5) I’m pretty obsessed with it’s always sunny in Philadelphia

6) I am teaching myself how to embroider right now!

7) my one month with Shar is coming up on the 15th :)

8) I am trying to become a vegetarian!

9) I’m studying neuroscience and I want to be a doctor! Probably primary care bc that’s the easiest to immigrate with.

10) I’m catholic!!!

11) I own too many black and white or navy and white horizontal striped items of clothing

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How have people been able to survive in Mount Weather for this long? Surely the food had gone bad (vegetables, fruit, meat). And the chocolate cake: Cocoa expires after a certain amount of time, and flour goes bad too. How have they new staying alive? I mean, have they been growing crops underground or what?

Two words: Amazon Prime.

All joking aside, Mount Weather is a full-sustainable, nuclear-hardened bunker well prepared for long-term habitation. 

As Dante Wallace explains to Clarke in Ep 2x01 “The 48” - “Takes a lot to keep this place running. Hydroelectric power from Philpott dam. Fresh water from our own underground reservoir. Fresh food from our hydroponic farm.”

They’ve thought of everything. 

Especially the necessary ingredients for chocolate cake!


Good to see not only Molerats burrow. I like this mechanic because it makes sniping less monotonous (you now need a plan for enemies that can close distances outside your field of fire) and increases the value of melee and armor.

The new radscorpions look a bit more like crabs to me - y’know, the kind overgrown with all sorts of wildlife. Not complaining, mind you.


I just love these tantalizing little background details. There’s a number of crates, a crashed truck (?), two pools of no doubt radioactive gunk, one with a lamp sticking out of it like a steampunk palm tree … Oh and those barely visible dust clouds?


This looks like a bunker ventilation system. Which is interesting because a bunker at nuclear ground zero has to have a pretty interesting story.

There’s at least four of these structures too; pretty extensive installation …

… especially considering the “bunker" icon shows up before pointing directly at the towers (i.e. the marker is some way off). Plus, it just might have an associated airport.

So my guess is it’s a heavy-duty pre-war military installation that got targeted by the Chinese - and it looks like it’s up for grabs!