nuclear attack

So I just had the most harrowing ten minutes of my life. Twenty minutes ago, my mom called me to tell me she loved me, and she kept repeating it over and over. And she sounded like she was crying, and I was so scared and confused. Then she told me that an alert went out saying that a nuclear missile had been launched and was inbound to Hawaii. She was evacuating and stocking up on supplies, and she was doing everything she could to stay safe. I kept hoping that the missile would splash down harmlessly in the ocean and not reach the islands themselves. And I could tell that my parents were just so relieved that my sister and I were in college away from home. We would be safe when they wouldn’t. My mom kept telling me that my sister and I would be okay, they have money socked away for us, our relatives will take care of us. But we wouldn’t fucking be okay. 

I was checking all the newsfeeds, and there was absolutely nothing. Complete dead silence, and that was even more terrifying because I couldn’t see the full shape of the threat. I didn’t know whether the news stations hadn’t heard about it, and they wouldn’t say anything until after my home was destroyed. I didn’t know if my parents were just overreacting. And then, I checked my twitter, and the first thing that popped up was my state representative saying that it was a false alarm.

I started crying from relief right there. My parents were going to be okay, everyone was going to be okay, it was just a false alarm. It’s so fucked up that we had to live through that fear, but at least it wasn’t real. For a solid ten minutes, I had to stare down the barrel of the gun and come to the horrifying realization that none of us were remotely prepared for this eventuality. What the fuck can you do?? You’re on an island less than fifty miles wide. There’s nowhere you can run to. You could get on a boat and try to get as far away from the blast radius as possible, but then what? You’d be stuck adrift, waiting for aid that this government has already proven it won’t provide. I hate that this is a real threat to us. I hate that the president faces no repercussions when he waves his dick in front of a hostile country. You asshole, my state and my family are going to be the first casualties of your stupid fucking war because we just so happen to live on a major military and economic resupply point. Get your shit together. This stopped being a joke a long time ago. 

People were racing home to be with their loved ones in their last moments, parents cradling their kids in bathtubs, saying their prayers. Some parents were hiding their children in the storm drains, hoping it would shelter them from the nuclear fallout. Thousands of phone calls and texts went out to friends and family all over the world saying final farewells. My father sent me pictures of the sunrise he took that morning, and we kept texting each other I love you over and over, hoping to say it enough to span a whole lifetime. 

And the governor knew that it was a false alarm mere minutes after the alert went out, and he let millions of people panic. We panicked for forty minutes, and he said nothing.

You were intending to make a simple grocery run, but an unexpected nuclear attack to a nearby city leaves you and the other store occupants locked in for your protection. Weeks later, what does life on aisle nine look like for you?


August 9th 1945: Nagasaki bombed

On this day in 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, in the second nuclear attack in history. Whilst other Axis powers, including Nazi Germany, had already surrendered earlier that year - thus ending the war in the European theatre - Japan had continued to fight the Allied forces. Throughout the war, the United States had been working on the top-secret Manhattan Project, seeking to harness the destructive power of nuclear energy. The bomb was successfully developed, and nuclear attacks were deemed necessary by the United States government under President Harry Truman, to end the war and avoid a costly land invasion of Japan. On August 6th 1945, the American plane Enola Gay dropped the bomb called ‘Little Boy’ on Hiroshima, which killed around 70,000 people instantly. Three days later, the second bomb was dropped from the Bockscar plane. The initially planned second target was the city of Kokura, but poor visibility led to the ‘Fat Man’ bomb being dropped on Nagasaki instead, resulting in the loss of around 75,000 lives. In both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the vast majority of casualties were civilian, and the effects of the radiation killed thousands more in later years. In the aftermath of the devastating attacks, Japan surrendered to the Allies on August 15th, ending the war in the Pacific theatre of World War Two. Today, the atomic-bomb scarred cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki provide a sharp reminder of the horrors of nuclear warfare.

70 years ago today

One of the most dangerous things about this false alert in Hawaii is that it reduces people’s faith in the warning systems we have in place. If the next time an alert goes out about an inbound ballistic missile, there will be a lot of people who’ll think it’s another false alarm and do nothing to prepare themselves. If it turns out to be true, a lot of people could die simply because they think it’s just like today. I’m not simply being alarmist, this has happened to us before. In the 1950s, our tsunami warning systems weren’t very sophisticated and would raise the alarm to residents for little to no reason. Eventually, they stopped taking the warnings seriously, and so when a major tsunami hit Hilo in 1960, many people didn’t evacuate because they didn’t think it was real. There were so many more casualties because the alert system cried wolf one too many times. A lot of people are making jokes about this online, but it’s a serious problem. There’s a reason we have these systems in place, and if we lose faith in them, we won’t be prepared for the real thing.

An alert woke me up at 8:08 am this morning

So I live on Maui and woke up this morning to the alert that said “EMERGENCY ALERT. BALLISTIC MISSILE INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL”. My eyes go huge and I get out of bed and put on the nearest clothes to me and try to go out to see if this is real or not. I’m a little on edge but unsure of what’s going on still. First thing my roommate says to me when I walk out to the living room was “you got the emergency alert too right?” and that’s when I started to take things a bit more seriously. We both rush over to the dive shop we both work out that we coincidentally live behind to see if they have any idea what’s happening. We run into our other roommate and another coworker both frantically closing up shop saying “guys we’re getting out of here.” The reality had finally set in that this possibly might be the last few moments of our lives. Everyone we had contacted on island got the same notification and everyone was getting ready for some sort of North Korea nuclear attack. The only thing we could even try to do was run back to the house and try to call our loved ones and say our last goodbyes. Not one single phone was able to reach the mainland through calling and I was heartbroken I’d never get to tell my parents I loved them again. I just sent them each texts of what was going on and that I loved them so much. Enough time had passed I knew the impact would have to hit soon enough and I was just coming to the reality that this was it for us. When I got inside I found our fourth roommate (who was not present)’s girlfriend in our house with tears full in her eyes talking about how this is it. She mentioned after she was horrified at the fact she’d never be able to marry him if it all happened. Anyways another friend of ours got the news too and drove to our house because she didn’t want to die alone either. We had been concerned about them being on the road but thanked god they at least made it there safe. We all just sat there embracing death together and trying to just make the most of the last moments. and then we get the “false alarm” notification. It had only been 38 minutes but so much had happened and there was so much terror between us all. We couldn’t have been happier we actually got to survive and continue living life. It was crazy to actually think that we’d be thankful just for simple living. It made me realize how real the possibility for danger actually would be in an attack like this and that truly scares me. Such a large-scale terror should never have happened. All I can really do is be thankful it was just a false alarm and hope our country does better to prepare for such things.







Many countries have systems that allow them to speak to as many people as possible in case of something catastrophic. 

The United States has the Emergency Alert System. When triggered, the system interrupts all T.V and radio systems to speak. 

This is what it sounds like.

The most creepiest and terrifying noise and voices ever. 

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I can’t tell you how much I have always hated the Emergency Alert System tests late at night on TV, but hearing what the actual alert sounds like is somehow like a million times worse. Someone hold me.


This is actually pretty terrifying.