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1959 … air defense and Chevy! by James Vaughan
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Stanislav Petrov, Soviet soldier credited with saving world from nuclear war, dies at 77
Stanislav Petrov was monitoring an early warning system from a bunker outside Moscow when the radar screen appeared to depict an inbound US missile.

Petrov, thinking that any U.S. attack should have involved even more missiles to limit the chance of Soviet retaliation, told his Kremlin bosses the alert must have been caused by a malfunction. He persuaded Moscow not to shoot back.

It was later determined that Russian satellites must have mistaken sunlight reflecting off clouds for nuclear missiles.

Petrov’s reward? He was chastised for failing to provide proper paperwork, he said.

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North Korea isn’t a ‘rogue state’ - it’s a small, economically isolated backwater, struggling to support an antiquated military dictatorship which hasn’t really recovered from being razed by US-led carpet bombing in the 1950s.

North Korea is not a 'terrorist threat’ - its elite are attempting to take the shortest cut to secure their sovereignty in the post-Cold War era: by acquiring nuclear weaponry as the only real deterrent capable of levelling the vast material inequality between itself and the US.

I’ll state it quite simply: if you believe that it’s consistent to decry North Korea for its burgeoning nuclear programme, whilst fully supporting the right of Western nations to dictate terms to non-nuclear powers, you’re a dupe for the crypto-racist propaganda of 'enlightened’ Western nuclear dictatorship. Nuclear proliferation is an evil rooted in the logic of global capitalist inequalities and imperialist underdevelopment.

The signs as famous conspiracy theories
  • Aries: Flat Earth/Illuminati/saved by the bell was made by the illuminati
  • Taurus: Shadow Earth/the moon is fake/hitler is still alive
  • Gemini: Aliens in the ancient world/Denver airport/last thursday
  • Cancer: MK Ultra/shark spies/AIDS was created by the government to weaken the population
  • Leo: Shadow government/Hillary Clinton is really a body double/HAARP
  • Virgo: The moon landing was faked/freemasons/fluoride in the water to cause sickness
  • Libra: Roswell 1947 crash/dinosaurs built the pyramids/FEMA prison camp coffins
  • Scorpio: Chemtrails/Michael Jackson was killed by the Iranian government/tsunamis are caused by governments testing nuclear bombs
  • Sagittarius: Reptilians/world war II was staged/the government knew the pearl harbor bombings would happen
  • Capricorns: Star gate/hollow earth/peak oil
  • Aquarius: Number stations/that one pageant kid that died continued on to be Katy Perry/Elvis is still alive

Permanent shadow speculated to be of Mitsuno Ochi (whose insurance policy was found nearby), on the steps of the Sumitomo Bank in Hiroshima. Found to be 850 feet from the atomic explosion and blasted with 5,000° C, testing concludes the shadow contained vaporized organic matter.

Ochi is said to be running frantically up the steps of the bank before the blast.