Trump just tweeted about strengthening US nuclear capability

  • Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that the U.S. “must greatly strengthen” its nuclear capability.
  • During the campaign, Trump made a number of questionable statements regarding nuclear weapons, including that he would “maybe” use nukes and that it was important to be “unpredictable” with them.
  • He also reportedly and repeatedly asked a foreign policy expert why the United States cannot use its nuclear weapons.
  • On Twitter, journalist Sarah Kendzior noted that Trump’s tweet came shortly after a similar statement by Putin. Read more
Don't Let Donald Trump Start A Nuclear War

“TRUMP: Let me explain. Let me explain.

Somebody hits us within ISIS — you wouldn`t fight back with a nuke?

MATTHEWS: OK. The trouble is, when you said that, the whole world heard it. David Cameron in Britain heard it. The Japanese, where we bombed them in 45, heard it. They`re hearing a guy running for president of the United States talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to hear that about an American president.

TRUMP: Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?”

This is not the only terrifying thing Donald Trump has said about nuclear weapons. Twice, when asked about using nuclear weapons, he said that it is important to be “unpredictable”. He literally said “let it be an arms race” when asked about a reckless tweet. He said he would not take nuking Europe off the table because “Europe is a big place”. For all his opinions on arms races, when questioned in a debate, he appeared to have no idea what the “nuclear triad” is.

Donald Trump will soon have access to the nuclear codes. He will have the unfettered ability to launch, within minutes, nuclear weapons far more powerful than the ones used in World War II. He could kill millions of people with one missile. This is an extremely erratic, thin skinned guy who likes insulting people on twitter because they said his fingers are short. Barack Obama himself has said that Trump can’t handle it.

There is something we can do about this. If President Obama takes nuclear weapons off high alert it will make it harder for Donald Trump to start a nuclear war.

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Call the white house comment line at 1-202-456-1111.


My name is (fill in the blank). I am calling to urge President Obama to take our nuclear weapons off of high alert. This was a dangerous policy to begin with, and Donald Trump cannot be trusted to have good judgement in a crisis. Millions of lives could be on the line. We cannot afford to risk a nuclear war.


Trump reportedly says “let it be an arms race,” Putin says this is “nothing new”

  • On Friday, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski reported that in a phone interview, Donald Trump said:
  • “Let it be an arms race; we will outmatch them at every pass.”
  • In response to Trump’s comments about nuclear weapons, Putin said, “As for [comments by] the newly elected president of the U.S., there is nothing new.“ Explaining that this is what Trump said during the campaign. Read more

Trump is upset Eric needs to stop ethically dubious charity. The exact thing he called on Clinton to do.

  • Trump took to Twitter Friday morning to whine about his son’s decision to suspend operations of the Eric Trump Foundation.
  • The charity has been found to have ethically dubious standards and offered donors access to Trump family members in exchange for donations.
  • Trump’s comments are incredibly hypocritical, given that he hammered Hillary Clinton for her charitable foundation.
  • Donald Trump has yet to hold a news conference to address the conflict of interests he and his family may hold. Read more

Open Skies
TIME, 13 May 1957

Open Spies, first proposed by President Eisenhower in 1955, was a plan that would supposedly reduce the nuclear threat by allowing countries to aerially survey one another. It’s unclear whether Eisenhower was serious about the proposal, or whether it was simply a propaganda move, but at any rate the Soviets immediately rejected it. They came up with their own plan in response, which would have allowed partial aerial surveillance, mostly of Siberia in the USSR (which had no missile sites) and the western US (where most of America’s missiles were stationed). With such dicking around, It would not be until the fall of 1963 that a nuclear treaty was finally signed between the US and USSR.

An RAF Handley Page Victor comes in low across a Thor intermediate-range ballistic missile launch site - circa 1961. By this time both would have carried American-designed thermonuclear weapons, following the 1958 US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement. Thor was after-all an American missile system. The Victor would have carried a 1.1 megaton Red Snow variant of the American W28 warhead, the Thor missile a 1.44 megaton W49 warhead.

Reading Fake News, Pakistani Minister Directs Nuclear Threat at Israel
The country’s defense minister, apparently believing that Israel had threatened Pakistan, wrote on Twitter that “Pakistan is a nuclear state too.”
By Russell Goldman

Okay but like. Do the people who write these fake stories WANT to die? Because that’s what’s going to happen if worldwide nuclear war breaks out. Is getting a nice social media following really worth that though?????