nuclear waves

The world is the obstacle” in Season 4, reveals executive producer Jason Rothenberg. “Mother Nature is finally striking back in the form of this nuclear death wave.” And as our heroes’ battle against nature goes south, they’ll ask themselves, “How do you handle a death sentence? It creates very different reactions in people.” And speaking of reactions, Clarke’s people will initially “resent” her for killing ALIE and destroying their “weird form of paradise.” (After all, “they’re now back in this post- apocalyptic hell, only to find out that in six months, they’re all going to die.”) Elsewhere, Octavia will go on a killing spree in an attempt to find her new post-Lincoln identity; Bellamy will realize that the choices he’s made “weren’t necessarily the right ones”; and there will be romances, “some we’ve already begun and and some new ones. Some will end happily, and others won’t.
—  TV Line