nuclear waves


Title: Ruins 

Summary: You, along with hundreds of others, are living in a post-apocalyptic society brought upon earth by nuclear war. The effect of this is long-lasting and only allows you to see the sun one every two years.

Characters: Harry Styles x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: I didn’t really know how else to go about this so one part sort of has a Hunger Games feel to it.

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pumpkinblake  asked:

🎬 bellarke + "you think the world is ending and i’ve decided to live everyday like it’s my last and now we’re just crossing things off our bucket lists” (no tomorrow)

Thank you for this amazing request! I admit this one kind of got out of hand and I could totally see myself writing this out as a multi-chaptered fic at one point (not now though lol) Anyways, I’m sorry if there are any errors. I did do a spell check but it’s not beta’d. This is just pure Modern AU fluff, enjoy! :) also i have only seen 30 minutes of No Tomorrow’s pilot so it’s probs not like it

Clarke Griffin knew the world was ending. She just couldn’t explain it.

Well, she could actually but whenever she went into the details of City of Light, and space miners and the nuclear death wave, also known as “Primfaya” people looked at her like she was saying “The world will end in 2012 because Mayans said so”. So she gave up on explaining. She just knew. And she struggled with that knowledge for a while. She was a pre-med student with great research skills and rich enough parents to put her through a well known research school and nothing more. The night she put all the pieces together was the worst night of her life. The world was ending in approximately 8 months and 4 days. Her first instinct was to save everyone. At the very least, to tell people and she started with her best friend but Raven just laughed. Again, Clarke was just a pre-med student who had read too many articles and accidentally stumbled upon some classified documents and now she knew all about hypersleep and plans to colonize the space and Bill Cadogan.

Well, that was roughly 4 months ago.

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Pluto in the First House - The Mystic Midwife 

Pluto in the first house people emanate resonant imprints of power and spark a crimson, autocratic demeanor. Their magnetic expression hypnotizes and transports company to the jeweled unconscious and letters of the Divine manuscript. The energies of Pluto traditionally relate to destiny, spirit power, soul agreements, pride, transformation,desire, healing and rebirth. Here, impassioned nuclear waves express through raw assertion, compulsion, curiosity and intimation. The individual typically evokes uncontrollable, unconscious responses in others. As acutely receptive people, First house Plutonians possess an etheric antennae that signals unseen soul conversations and invisible undercurrents. Even as young children they intuited relationship dynamics and unspoken signals. Maybe they saw or heard something unsavory, severe or confronting from or about adults they were never meant to know. And as children they were unprepared or confused about how to respond. This opens the door for a lifetime of provoking beyond the surface layer and ravaging through the secrets. Robert Fulgum quotes “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you”. This could have been written with First house Pluto in mind.  

The First House relates to our expressed personality, appearance, self actualization, surface revelation and the unconscious self conveying through the conscious. The individual radiates infinity in fireballs of movement, passion, and staring into their own eyes through the mirror. Erupting self delusion, doubt and deceit are routinely purged by the individual who measures life by chapters of change, transformation and shells of old skin. They tend to leave a resonant, lasting imprint on their surroundings, like the energies after bodies vanish. A radiant intensity usually means crowds unconsciously clear the way for them and facilitate their easy movement. The First house Plutonian is underworld royalty that incarnated souls can’t help but bow to and honor on a very invisible layer. Pluto demands frequent personality and lifestyle overhauls that purify the individual’s rotten or crystallized routine, self delusion and goals. This fosters a pronounced self awareness and the development of potent spirit power.

First house Plutonians are born survivors. They may feel an internal and devouring demon they were forced to swallow or drown in destruction. The individual experiences life events that direct him inward and light a flame of invisible soul light. As subtle surveillance cameras, First house Plutonians routinely sit back and patiently observe the social spectacle before making a move. They are typically revolted by consensual expectations and peer straight through the deception of media, politics and pop culture. The planet of Pluto relates to inner depths, our consciousness, and strongly ties to creativity. Adversity experienced by the individual erupts through creative power and a profound healing ether that injects heaven light straight into the wounds of others. Pluto in the First House people are instilled an incredible curiosity, and a deep loyality and commitment. The individual is mostly guarded from emotional displays, although he will never relinquish or surrender without a fight. Fits of rage and temper typically spill to the surface when they feel confined or dis-empowered. Power struggles, conflict, aggression and an innate paranoia about a dark world can be restrictive and poison to their formidable expression. Those who escape hell never talk about it much, and Pluto here are fierce guardians over their secrets, lives and backgrounds.

I love solarpunk

I appreciate that there are so many views on how to make solarpunk world culturally. I like the discussions about city vs. country solarpunk, about small businesses and coop culture and socialism and full communism (I lean more toward socialism and coop culture), about bringing up clean energy solutions besides solar (wind, wave, nuclear, and such) and their pros and cons, about what diet we’re going to need (for the record, my bet is on pesce-vegetarianism precipitated by vertical aquaponics farms, but that’s just me), about how to best to accommodate the young, the elderly, and those with disabilities, about multiculturalism and LGBTQA+ inclusion, about making sure solarpunk isn’t only for the rich, and about educating youths better for a kinder, more cooperative green community.

I love all that about solarpunk and so much more. I love what we can agree on, and I love what we disagree on, because what’s humanity and life without it’s infinite diversity in infinite combinations?

Imagine: Part 7(Jasper Jordan x pregnant reader)

A/N: I’ve been getting awesome feedback! It makes me so happy that you guys are enjoying this series! ❤

Warnings: Violence, cursing, the apocalypse, etc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You gathered around Raven, who faced the group with a grim gaze. You watched her, as she got up and walked around. Further providing evidence of a disaster soon to come. A nuclear wave that would wipe out all life, was coming in just six months. You did the math in your head. You’d be dead before you could ever deliver. Jasper laughed, and pulled out his gun. Scarying the absolute shit out of everyone in the room. Your heart stopped. Not even a few minutes ago, you had discovered Jasper planning on commiting suicide. He put it down on the table, and then pointed up.

“I’m gonna go watch the sunrise.” He smiled, and walked away. You stayed for a moment, shaking. You weren’t sure whether to be angry, or sad, or what. Either way, it made your stomach turn. It made tears well up in your eyes. After Raven was done talking, and everyone dispursed, you slowly walked outside. The sunrise, was beautiful to say the least. The morning breeze was chilled, and it brushed aside your hair. There, Jasper stood, watching the sun slowly creep up over the tree tops. You stood next to him. Maybe, now you could tell him. Now, that it didn’t matter anyway. You stood in silence for a while. “Are you mad at me?” His voice was deep, and soothing.

“I don’t know. It just…hurts. More than anything.” You were honest. Trying to find the best possible way to convay your emotions. Though you didn’t eveb understand them. “I just can’t- I, don’t, want to imagine a world without you. You and Monty. You’re all I have left.” Tears started falling down your rosey cheeks. “I can’t do this without you.” You sobbed. Jasper’s smile faded. He turned to you, and held you close.

“You’ll be fine.” He tucked your head under his chin, keeping you warm, and safe. “You’ll be fine. You guys will figure something out to save the human race, and survive. You’ll have that kid, no sweat. With, or without me here.”

“N-No, Jasper you don’t understand-”

“You can do anything you put your mind to Y/N. Doesn’t matter if I’m there to hold your hand or not. Besides, you got Monty.” But Monty wasn’t the father. That idiot wasn’t going to listen to you. Would telling him even change his mind? The tears wouldn’t stop. You might as well be holding a dead body. The idea make you sick. You pushed away from him, and started to walk back in. “Besides! You got six months of me left anyway!” He shouted it, like it was a good thing. Like six months meant that it was alright. You went crying to Monty, who comforted you. He encouraged you to tell him. He’d change his mind, if only you told him. You shook your head. Denying it. Jasper made up his mind. Its not like a baby would much of an incentive for him anyways.

You made preperations for people to return from the whole Alie fiasco. You helped the wounded the best you could. You had a real job this time around. Abby, and Clarke had taught you enough. You didn’t talk to Jasper for a good whole week. You were upset. Rightfully so. If he was going to be so stubborn, what was the point in even reaching out to him? The thought still made you sad. You were depressed to say the least. So you tried to keep yourself busy. Tried not to think about. Fixing up the Ark, served as a brilliant distraction. That was, until you heard the fucker’s voice over the intercom. It was a really fast paced scramble of words that were hard to understand, and then screaming. A few minutes later, Monty came running to you. Not only had Jasper been arrested, but about the list. Later, after Jasper was let out. Clarke made the announcement. Arkadia went into a frenzie. But somehow you weren’t bothered by it. You found the fighting, and the bickering to be useless.

You spent most of your days helping in any way you could. Didn’t matter what it was that needed to be done, you did it. Just trying to keep yourself busy. To keep yourself away from Jasper. It hurt to much to even look at him. You found Harper, siding with him. With the rebellious group that partied, waiting for the day they were to die. Which was creeping up closer, and closer. Monty said you were wasting time. The longer you waited, the more Jasper faded away. But it felt so wrong. You felt hopeless. And alone. You were now five months along. You had a clear baby bump, and you were told that now, the baby could hear you. That you would start feeling movement.

“How’s it hangin’ preggers?” A familiar voice caught your attention. You were sitting alone, at a table, staring down at a small picture in your hand. Abby had preformed a sonagram, to hear the baby’s heart beat. Make sure everything was okay. It was. It was a healthy pregnancy. Jasper sipped his drink. Alchohol, of course. Why was he talking to you?

“It’s fine.” Your voice monotone. He nodded to the picture.

“Is that?” You nodded, and handed him it. He held the picture of his unborn child in his hands. He stared at it, longingly almost. “Cute. Boy or girl?”

“I didn’t ask.”

“What, you don’t care?”

“Not really. The gender isn’t exactly top priority.” You shrugged, and took back the picture.

“Are you, nervous?” He asked, looking you up and down.

“I don’t know. I guess…but…I’m not really worried about it too much. I just feel so…numb.” He looked at you with a worried gaze. It was true. Without Jasper, what was the point? It was one thing to say that the baby would grow up without their father. It was another, for it to be true. And what a waste it would be. Jasper would make a great father. You turned and looked him in the eyes. The aching in your heart grew by the second. You wanted to kiss him so badly. To have him hold you close, and to tell him how much you still love him. How much, you’ve always loved him. He reached out his free hand, and hovered it over your belly.

“Can I, uh?” You nodded, lifting up your shirt to show him your full pregnant belly. His hands were warm, and surprisingly soft. His skin against yours, it sent a shiver down your spine.

“Abby told me, it can hear now.” He looked up at you, and back down. He leaned in.

“Hello? Helllooo.” You smiled softly. “Anybody in there? It’s me, Jasper. That weirdo your mom hangs around.” That weirdo, your father. You smiled, as Jasper continued talking nonsense to your belly.

“It’s a shame.” You spoke softly. He looked up at you, with those sweet brown eyes of his. “You’d make a great Dad.” Jasper smiled, and leaned up again. Then he shook his head, as if you told a moderately funny joke. He ignored you, and then leaned in. He put an ear to your belly. “Hear anything?” You joked. Jasper just said it sounded like movement. A moment passed, and you spent some time talking to him. Joking a little even. It felt like, old times.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sweet Jasper fawning over your baby belly is so cute!!! ✌❤❤❤

And now for something entirely impossible!!! Third Party edition.

With the perseverance of Sonic (SEGA), and the inclusion of Mega Man (Capcom) and PAC-Man (Namco), third party characters have really started making an appearance in the Smash Brothers world. Add in Konami’s Solid Snake for Brawl, and that’s a grand total of… Four. Not very much, but still noticable in the end.

But is there an end? Granted, Smash Brothers is mainly to celebrate Nintendo’s history. Look at Game & Watch, R.O.B., and Ice Climbers. These are characters I don’t even think the retro gamers would have known existed if not for Smash. But I think that to include third party characters is a very nice way of reminding gamers that other companies with very nice characters exist.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Ryu (Capcom), Mileena (Midway), or Quote (Studio Pixel)? No, not really. In fact, this entire article is about a character who has an extremely small chance of getting in (0.0000006%, to be exact). But the fact of the matter is, she’s from a very beloved series in Japan, to the point where it has its own convention.

So, here she is, the third party character we never knew we wanted…

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The world is the obstacle” in Season 4, reveals executive producer Jason Rothenberg. “Mother Nature is finally striking back in the form of this nuclear death wave.” And as our heroes’ battle against nature goes south, they’ll ask themselves, “How do you handle a death sentence? It creates very different reactions in people.” And speaking of reactions, Clarke’s people will initially “resent” her for killing ALIE and destroying their “weird form of paradise.” (After all, “they’re now back in this post- apocalyptic hell, only to find out that in six months, they’re all going to die.”) Elsewhere, Octavia will go on a killing spree in an attempt to find her new post-Lincoln identity; Bellamy will realize that the choices he’s made “weren’t necessarily the right ones”; and there will be romances, “some we’ve already begun and and some new ones. Some will end happily, and others won’t.
—  TV Line