nuclear waves

Pluto in the 12th House - The Nuclear Island

The toxic and intense frequencies of Pluto ignite nuclear waves of shell shock throughout the 12th House waters and relate to the severe plunge into the depths of the unknown, mystery and collective unconscious. Those born with their natal Pluto in the 12th House may wander through life with the intrinsic feeling something dark and devious threatens their entire existence. There tends to be highly resonant themes of intuitive guidance, psychological probing and possible innate fears, betrayals or guilt around sexual behaviour. The individual has an open door access to the mystic riches of the human consciousness and tends to be naturally mediumistic and receptive around other people. 

The 12th House traditionally relates to everything dark and hidden away; asylums, institutions, prisons, confinement, isolation, and when placed in the noxious and macabre Pluto generates twin themes of fervent primal energy, destruction, instinctual prowess, depth psychology, and the intrinsic absorption of any emotion thats circulating. The 12th House is known as our special needs children, and require extra nurturing and reinforcement to burst into blossom. With Pluto contaminating the Piscean ocean, here lies the risk of either reuniting the infinite with the ego or drowning in the 12th House waters; through substance abuse, psychosis or complete withdrawal from the world around them. The individual may feel swamped and overwhelmed by the sea storm of power within him and habitually conceal the lethargy and melancholy that their porous receptivity soaks up. It is possible for Pluto here to masquerade a bright smile while their insides are being swamped by the torrent of psychic radiation. The individual may feel a sense of isolation and detachment from society and sense he wander alone on their remote island, only receiving survival packages filled with the frayed fears, thoughts and desires of others. The placement of Pluto here associates with backgrounds of violation, abuse and unwarranted persecution which only act to exacerbate present feelings of guilt, shame, suicide longings or shadowy paranoia. 

Pluto in the 12th House people may carry an unyielding, suspicious distrust of wider society and possess a great capacity for soothing the disturbed. He may flourish in professions relating to criminal psychology, healing, mental health nursing, forensics, investigative research, detective work or anything that allows them to divulge into the deeper aspects of being. Violent fears and traumatic nightmares may be negotiated, where he feels desperately hopeless and unwell, however, he is capable of retrieving numinous universal knowledge from the depths of their dream slumber. 12th house Pluto people tend to experience deep reserve in expressing their inner power and may want to imprint themselves onto the closest surface and float through life as the observant wallflower. At times the individual may become saturated in impulse with a torrent of emotion, feeling they will splatter in every direction with sheer enormity of feeling; and they are hyper responsive in burying these emotions deeper than Pluto even dare probe. To find land on the 12th House sail, Pluto here are forced to bring the repressed zones of their consciousness into light, and bask in the divinity of their integrated and freely expressed personality. Pluto in the 12th House people are born with inbuilt lie detectors that rapidly and instantly intuit the motives of their company, and it is absolutely impossible to get anything past these personalities. The individual is the ultimate concealer and implants rigorous psychological barriers designed to retract any soul that dare intrude their inner world. With detective Pluto submerging into the 12th House waters, there are bound to all sorts of undiscovered deep sea treasures and secrets thrust into the surface. 

Pluto in the First House - The Mystic Midwife 

Pluto in the first house people emanate resonant imprints of power and spark a crimson, autocratic demeanor. Their magnetic expression hypnotizes and transports company to the jeweled unconscious and letters of the Divine manuscript. The energies of Pluto traditionally relate to destiny, spirit power, soul agreements, pride, transformation,desire, healing and rebirth. Here, impassioned nuclear waves express through raw assertion, compulsion, curiosity and intimation. The individual typically evokes uncontrollable, unconscious responses in others. As acutely receptive people, First house Plutonians possess an etheric antennae that signals unseen soul conversations and invisible undercurrents. Even as young children they intuited relationship dynamics and unspoken signals. Maybe they saw or heard something unsavory, severe or confronting from or about adults they were never meant to know. And as children they were unprepared or confused about how to respond. This opens the door for a lifetime of provoking beyond the surface layer and ravaging through the secrets. Robert Fulgum quotes “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you”. This could have been written with First house Pluto in mind.  

The First House relates to our expressed personality, appearance, self actualization, surface revelation and the unconscious self conveying through the conscious. The individual radiates infinity in fireballs of movement, passion, and staring into their own eyes through the mirror. Erupting self delusion, doubt and deceit are routinely purged by the individual who measures life by chapters of change, transformation and shells of old skin. They tend to leave a resonant, lasting imprint on their surroundings, like the energies after bodies vanish. A radiant intensity usually means crowds unconsciously clear the way for them and facilitate their easy movement. The First house Plutonian is underworld royalty that incarnated souls can’t help but bow to and honor on a very invisible layer. Pluto demands frequent personality and lifestyle overhauls that purify the individual’s rotten or crystallized routine, self delusion and goals. This fosters a pronounced self awareness and the development of potent spirit power.

First house Plutonians are born survivors. They may feel an internal and devouring demon they were forced to swallow or drown in destruction. The individual experiences life events that direct him inward and light a flame of invisible soul light. As subtle surveillance cameras, First house Plutonians routinely sit back and patiently observe the social spectacle before making a move. They are typically revolted by consensual expectations and peer straight through the deception of media, politics and pop culture. The planet of Pluto relates to inner depths, our consciousness, and strongly ties to creativity. Adversity experienced by the individual erupts through creative power and a profound healing ether that injects heaven light straight into the wounds of others. Pluto in the First House people are instilled an incredible curiosity, and a deep loyality and commitment. The individual is mostly guarded from emotional displays, although he will never relinquish or surrender without a fight. Fits of rage and temper typically spill to the surface when they feel confined or dis-empowered. Power struggles, conflict, aggression and an innate paranoia about a dark world can be restrictive and poison to their formidable expression. Those who escape hell never talk about it much, and Pluto here are fierce guardians over their secrets, lives and backgrounds.

It’s Wednesday again fam. Another week survived. Good job. I’m proud of you.

Its finally starting to feel like May her in NY. But perhaps maybe a little too quickly considering how cold it was over the weekend. Yay global warming 👍

I’m thinking tonight’s episode is going to feature some pretty heavy Bellark scenes. Maybe not in a way we’d like, but you can’t be choosing people to survive a nuclear wave without some truth coming out me thinks.

May the force be with you.

The world is the obstacle” in Season 4, reveals executive producer Jason Rothenberg. “Mother Nature is finally striking back in the form of this nuclear death wave.” And as our heroes’ battle against nature goes south, they’ll ask themselves, “How do you handle a death sentence? It creates very different reactions in people.” And speaking of reactions, Clarke’s people will initially “resent” her for killing ALIE and destroying their “weird form of paradise.” (After all, “they’re now back in this post- apocalyptic hell, only to find out that in six months, they’re all going to die.”) Elsewhere, Octavia will go on a killing spree in an attempt to find her new post-Lincoln identity; Bellamy will realize that the choices he’s made “weren’t necessarily the right ones”; and there will be romances, “some we’ve already begun and and some new ones. Some will end happily, and others won’t.
—  TV Line
And now for something entirely impossible!!! Third Party edition.

With the perseverance of Sonic (SEGA), and the inclusion of Mega Man (Capcom) and PAC-Man (Namco), third party characters have really started making an appearance in the Smash Brothers world. Add in Konami’s Solid Snake for Brawl, and that’s a grand total of… Four. Not very much, but still noticable in the end.

But is there an end? Granted, Smash Brothers is mainly to celebrate Nintendo’s history. Look at Game & Watch, R.O.B., and Ice Climbers. These are characters I don’t even think the retro gamers would have known existed if not for Smash. But I think that to include third party characters is a very nice way of reminding gamers that other companies with very nice characters exist.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Ryu (Capcom), Mileena (Midway), or Quote (Studio Pixel)? No, not really. In fact, this entire article is about a character who has an extremely small chance of getting in (0.0000006%, to be exact). But the fact of the matter is, she’s from a very beloved series in Japan, to the point where it has its own convention.

So, here she is, the third party character we never knew we wanted…

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