nuclear waste dump

I mean there’s definitely a lot to be said about working through compulsive heterosexuality (and compulsive cisness) and how everyone is trained to try to be as het (and cis) as possible and how hard that training is to break.

It’s just one of those things where you need to look at the source, the phrase itself was coined by a virulent exterminationist reactionary transmisogynist (Adrienne Rich) and was built heavily with transmisogynist second wave material and completely ignored the compulsive nature of cisness as well

So a lot of what you see out of that discourse is going to be as deeply tainted as the rivers flowing through a nuclear waste dump. 

I’ve seen some better versions that concentrate on a sort of compulsive cisheterosexuality (something second wave and current terfs would never even consider) as a discussion on how integrated the training to be straight is with the training to be cis and how that influences both and influences the ways you need to address it.

Which kicks gold star lesbianism and Cocks Are The Root Of All Evil out the door immediately.

Africans will forever celebrate brave environmentalist Ken Saro Wiwa and lament his loss in the hands of the corrupt Sani Abacha regime in complicity with Royal Dutch/Shell’s oilfields in Nigeria. Africa is a digital and nuclear waste dumping ground. Most people are unaware that the initial catalyst for Somali piracy was a form of resistance by some Somali fishermen and by members of the defunct Somali navy to illegal nuclear waste dumping in the shores of Somalia, before it degenerated into criminal activity.
—  Yohannes Woldemariam |  Africa Deserves Compensation for Climate Change Damages                                                                 
  • terf: you can tell if someone is a trans because male socialization causes estrogen to have a faster half life for radioactive decay. I clocked an mtf once near the nuclear waste dump because my geiger counter went off