Democrats introduce a bill to prevent Donald Trump from launching a nuclear war

  • Senator Ed Markey and Rep. Ted Lieu introduced legislation intended to prevent Trump from using nuclear weapons in a first-strike scenario without the explicit approval of Congress on Tuesday.
  • The legislation is titled the “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017." 
  • The two legislators issued a press statement on the bill co-signed by William Perry, who served as secretary of defense in former President Bill Clinton’s administration. Read more

The Bulletin’s science and security board combines measures of the probability of nuclear war, biosecurity disasters, climate change, and various other doomsday scenarios, to set the clock closer or farther away from midnight. The fewer minutes left until midnight, the closer we are to the end of the world. 

Here’s how they determined to move the clock 30 seconds forward.

Avro Vulcan bombers of Britain’s Cold War V-Force under guard by an RAF sentry and his German Shepherd - circa 1960. Vulcans maintained a three stage readiness during moments of political tension, the shortest seeing them airborne within 2 minutes of an alert.

Once airborne they awaited orders, which would depend on the nature of events unfolding. Had a preemptive Soviet attack been detected, or ‘rush to the Channel’ occurred, V-bombers would have been the first stage of Western retaliation. The order ‘Eight-East’ was irrevocable, sending Britain’s entire nuclear fleet of some 150+ bombers East. There they would remove the Western Baltic states of the Warsaw Pact and major targets of European Russia from the map, giving the American bombers of SAC a straight run into Moscow and Russia’s heartland.


Philip Glass

Truman Sleeps

Triage: It would be needed on a massive scale. Even a single nuclear weapon in a major city would see at least 10,000 casualties that need medical aid, and thats for a very small device. A strategic weapon would wound 100,000 or more in a large enough city. In the first few hours, figuring out who can wait and who needs the scarce medical resources would be critical.
The disposal of bodies: When I was in school, I read a FEMA report on the best use of petroleum in the post attack scenario, with regards to the burying of the dead. The question was which would be more efficient, using the fuel to start fires for cremation, or to use the fuel to run earth moving machinery for mass graves.
The conclusion is one thing that stayed with me after all this time. I have never forgotten it, and the horror I felt reading it has never diminished. It has served as the basis for many terrible dreams.
The conclusion was that it would be more efficient to use the earth moving machinery to bury people over the age of 14. But children, due to the greater proportion of body fat, would be efficiently burned. The fat providing enough fuel to sustain the fire until the corpses were destroyed.
I remember thinking that somewhere, someone had to sit down and figure out how much heat energy a burning toddler releases.
After I read that, I have always thought that if we failed in what we were doing (if we failed to deter the Soviets/Russians/whoever) the end result would be a thousand hospital parking lots with piles of burning children in it.” - A friend who works in the nuclear field, who asked to remain anonymous. He also sent the picture provided.

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