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Quirk-law is the leading cause of Villainy

At first glance, the world of BnHA seems like it might be a fun place to live, but that’s because we’re viewing it from the perspective of the top 1%. For most people, the only difference between their world and the real one is that they are in constant danger. 

Let’s review what we know about quirk law. Only licensed heroes are authorized to use quirks in public. You may use quirks privately, but they must be registered and there are myriad restrictions. You must obtain a license to use quirks for your job, also with various limitations.

On the surface, pretty commonsense. In practice, these laws target the lowest common denominator and thus punish everyone else. If you ever had a teacher who demanded silence from the class because one person misbehaved, it’s like that on a societal scale.

(excerpt from the spin off “BnHA Illegals”) This guy can move slightly faster than a brisk walking pace by holding 3 points of contact with the ground. He’s not allowed to do that. He becomes a vigilante hero, which is a crime.

The “Illegals” manga features several people who turned to the “crime” of vigilante heroism because of the draconian regulation of quirks. It’s on the level of thought-crime, guilty until proven innocent. 

While licenses make sense in the real world with regards to vehicles and guns, it doesn’t make sense for quirks because A) nearly everyone has them, and B) it’s not a choice to obtain it. 

(excerpt from chapter 85) Let’s talk about a case where these laws don’t just inconvenience an individual, but harm all of society. Momo has the quirk “creation” which is very tightly regulated for the sake of the economy. With a hero license she can create anything she needs for heroing, but anything else is (officially) off limits.

This is legislating to the worst case scenario, which, I contend, is a poor strategy in this world. It works from the assumption that she would use her quirk selfishly and excessively. If she created billions of dollars, she would ruin the economy and we would all suffer.

But what if she used her quirk selfishly and in moderation? She could make anything she needs for a modest life, or the money appropriate for a modest living, and it would have no impact on the economy. A good outcome for her and a neutral result for the rest of us. There’s no reason to prohibit this.

And, of course, the law doesn’t consider the best case scenario. What if she uses her quirk selflessly? What if, for example, every couple years she set aside a month to create smart phones for everyone in the world? Would that wreck the economy? One particular industry, sure. Would it benefit literally everyone but electronics CEOs? Would it save thousands of child laborers in sweatshops? YES! That’s a brilliant trade off! But, even if she applied for a business quirk license, I think she’d be denied for the potential disruption of the economy.

(Side note: It has been a topic of many forums whether Momo can make things as complex as a smartphone. I say yes. Recall in the School Trip Arc, she made a tracking device and matching GPS unit. It’s absolutely within her ability.)

Rapid fire round: what should these people do if society was more lenient? Shinso: suicide hotline operator. Todoroki: work inside a nuclear cooling tower, heat up water at the bottom, cool down steam at the top, infinite energy. Uraraka: construction worker work at NASA.

As civilians these quirks would be restricted. Even as heroes these quirks are going to waste from a utilitarian perspective. No one benefits from this arrangement. There is so much potential in the world, and its governments seem dedicated to squandering it.

This is a society that is oppressive to the majority. Quirks could fuel the next stage of human evolution, but laws keep society grounded in the stone age. How can anyone in that world (aside from the 1%ers in their ignorant bubble) not resent that? This is the philosophy that breeds villains, and I can’t help but agree with it.

Imagine being the child of HYDRA agents (During WW2). They volunteer you to be a nuclear test subject, turning you into a mutant. Many, many years later you join SHIELD to change your family name. You’re assigned to STARK Tower while Loki is repaying his debt to society. He discovers that you caused the Chernobyl disaster and he tells the others, getting you thrown in jail. When he discovers what truly happened he fights to free you, sacrificing his freedoms to free you.

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Abandoned nuclear power plant cooling tower converted to a climbing wall, Kalkar, district of Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia

This climbing wall is the former cooling tower of a nuclear reactor of the fast breeder type that was finished in 1985, never went into operation, and was finally abandoned. The area was converted into an amusement park named Wunderland Kalkar.

Philadelphia Gothic: Suburban Edition

- Midnight at the Wawa. An old woman stands outside, alone, watching into the night. You go inside for a sandwich. She is still there when you return.

- “Where are you from?” someone asks you. “Philadelphia,” you answer. “What part of Philadelphia?” they ask. You cannot answer this time. “What part of Philadelphia?” they ask again. Your voice is gone. You can’t remember what a voice is, what words are. “What part of Philadelphia are you from?” they repeat, even having no means of comprehending an answer if they received one.

- You’ve never been inside the nearest Chinese restaurant. In fact, you’re pretty sure no one has ever been inside. And yet it stands watching, waiting…

- You go to see what’s left of the Granite Run Mall, which will soon be demolished. Even long after you leave, empty-handed, a dark feeling haunts you. You, too, will soon be demolished.

- SEPTA has raised the rates for commuter rail again. A round trip to and from Suburban Station now costs $15, a blood pact with a SEPTA employee, and your soul. You knock on the door of the station office to make the deal. No one is there. No one is ever there.

- A run-down local bar advertising Quizzo every Wednesday. You think you should go check it out sometime. What is Quizzo, anyway? Has anyone ever played Quizzo? It’s already Thursday. It’s always Thursday.

- You are driving up 476, trying to get to King of Prussia. You turn. You turn again. Did you get off at the right exit? You turn. Why were you driving in the first place? You turn. No, maybe you should have gotten off at a different exit. You turn. The exit is an endless circle. You have been here for years. The line of cars trying to get to Phoenixville and Pottstown stretches into eternity. You turn.

- You don’t go downtown anymore. Not since the incident.

- The nuclear cooling towers in Limerick, billowing smoke over the outlet mall. It is safe here. You enter a store, and the salesperson follows you, first with his eyes, and then with his legs. The salesperson from the next store follows you. So does the next one. By the time you leave, you have amassed an army of them, trailing you and asking if you need help finding anything. The nuclear cooling towers stand watch over it all. You went to summer camp here. It is safe here.

- You have a strange attachment to the ideal of freedom. But none of us have ever been free. Not really.

Saw a trailer for San Andreas.

The Rock fights an earthquake.

His ultimate rocky nemesis. 

Placing bets on whether or not the Golden Gate Bridge gets it. 

Because every movie destroys the Golden Gate Bridge. 

  • The Abyss (1989)-threatened by a tsunami
  • The Core (2003) - destroyed by unfiltered sunlight
  • Godzilla (2014) – The central span of the bridge gets destroyed by Godzilla.
  • Ground Zero (1973) - Terrorist places nuclear device on tower.
  • Herbie Rides Again (1974) – Herbie drives along the cables of the bridge.
  • It Came from Beneath the Sea (1953)- Part of the bridge is destroyed by giant octopus.
  • Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus (2009)- A large portion of the bridge is destroyed by a giant shark.
  • Meteor Storm (2010) - destroyed by meteor fragments
  • Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) – A monster/alien robot fight takes place at the bridge and it later collapses.
  • Pacific Rim (2013) – the bridge gets destroyed by the kaiju Trespasser when it attacks San Francisco.
  • Skyline (2010) - seen being threatened by an alien destroyer in TV promos
  • Terminator Salvation (2009) – John Conner crosses a damaged version of the bridge on his way to Skynet.
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) – Magneto switches the position of the bridge so that it connects to Alcatraz, but the bridge is partially damaged and destroyed.

It’s a good bridge. Why all the hate, Hollywood?

(Herbie probably didn’t destroy the bridge, but I feel like that might weaken the cables and it will eventually collapse.)

I hate when people use nuclear towers as images of pollution like

you know what those big white plumes are? water. h2-fucking o. nothing pollutant about it.