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You know, in the episode where they find fake Shiro I think it's kinda interesting that the two people who find him immediately junk to how he was sent by the galra to inflatrate them, I think it's foreshadowing tbh. Also if this fake shiro is a clone then Shiro can't be human cause he survives for a week without water, and death comes after 2-3 days without water. So he's either not human or it's not a clone but rather the robot theory is right.

yeah that is interesting to be honest. possibly foreshadowing Kuron’s role when he gets back to Voltron? 

personally i’m wavering between clone vs. android vs. some kind of cyborg but whoever he is… something ain’t right lol

so i already made my big evidence/connections post and now i’m going to talk about how i think just a few of those things connect. 

note: this won’t be talking about my nuclear war theory, huntokar theory or how the alternate timelines connect. those are for different posts; this is only about cecil’s family and how cal, kevin and abby relate to eachother.

In the timeline where Cecil dies at 15, his brother cal is the one who grows up to become a radio host. he doesn’t know why, but he really wants to change his name. he changes it to ‘Kevin’, and while this is better, he still has that nagging feeling. he never figures it out. somewhere along the line, ‘Night Vale’ becomes ‘Desert Bluffs’. Maybe the town can’t exist the same way without Cecil.

In the timeline mentioned in ‘Cal’, Cecil and Cal grew up in a conservative environment. Cal also moves out of Night Vale/their equivalent of Night Vale. Cecil never comes out as gay, and Cal never changes his name.

In the show’s timeline, Cecil and “Cal” grow up in the Night Vale we know. Cecil is openly gay and married to carlos, because in Night Vale, lgbt people don’t experience discrimination. In this timeline, Cecil and “Cal” are much happier people, and “Cal” is a better person because of it. At some point in their life, “Cal” changes their name. This time, though, she’s Abby now. She transitions happily and without experiencing transphobia, and her and her brother are a lot closer than in the other timelines.

Trump’s dumbass warning of fire, fury, and power takes his rhetoric and his presidency to a whole new level of stupid, inexperienced, and utterly out of control. The good news first; his inevitable drive to use the military and be seen as a strong leader through attack was predicted. It was predicted as the method a weakling would choose to divert attention from the Russian scandal that is gaining momentum like a freight train steaming downhill.

 A special prosecutor cannot compel testimony, but grand juries certainly can do so. The dummy made these grandiose threats at an announcement totally unrelated to North Korea, as well as without inter-departmental directive, as is generally required in the U.S. The bad news; conflicts that cost thousands to millions of lives have started over less than Trump’s bluster and miscalculation. Make no mistake, this is a dangerous situation. 

However, North Korea just released a Canadian pastor due to humanitarian medical reasons. This demonstrates a willingness to negotiate. It is also frightening that there are groups of heavily armed civilian morons who believe the efforts to get to the bottom of Russian collusion, which could end in the removal of Trump, equate to an internal attack on democracy. 

These lesser minds forget that a foreign government having ANY impact on the outcome of the election of a foreign power is ALREADY an attack on their freedom. They’ll piss on the U.S. Constitution due to their hero worship for the most unhinged, undisciplined, inexperienced, and weak “politicians” the world has ever seen.

 Dangerous times! It does leave me wondering if this all boils down to an effort to install Mike Pence WHEN the Trump presidency fails, and further what the Pence agenda may be, as well as whether Pence would be another puppet or in control. With this in mind; I’m 99.999% certain Trump won’t be the instigator. He’ll make threats which pretend to be led to the great unwashed chanting “USA, USA!!”. If North Korea launches, then we’ll have a problem, but here is the reason NK won’t start. 

The main nuclear deterrent theory is called MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). If NK destroys Guam, the U.S. would very likely obliterate NK entirely. NK knows this. However one must never forget nuclear allies. If the US blasts NK, we must remember that NK is in bed with China. Does China retaliate because the US destroyed their little brother? If China retaliates, the US responds, and the US allies could retaliate against China, then World War Three.

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Girl Meets Goodbye

- Still not over the fact they snuck in a ‘daddy’ joke last episode

- “What? But you’re too far away right now!” R I L E Y

- Smackle trying to distract Cory with questions

- Maya and Farkle’s little moment was so cute omg

- Poor Carrie Ableson what a champ


- “How is the wife taking this?” “It’s AVA, it could go either way!”

- “My mom said she doesn’t care if I move to England with you!” “Really-” “Don’t answer. I’m afraid of her answer.” 😂😂

- I had heart palpitations when everyone was on screen together you don’ t even know

- E r i c  a n d  F e e n y

- Why was Eric forcing himself not to talk to Feeny how is there possibly beef between those two why is this series ending without giving me the answers

- They cut Minkus and Harley’s lines rip 😂😂

- The two Morgan’s thing was a bit weird and unnecessary but the fact that only Eric and Auggie called it out made me crack up lmao

- “You know, I always regretted I never adopted Shawn!” Turner babe you had the adoption papers for like 3 months and didn’t contemplate signing them until Chet showed back up like I’m sorry but I’m still salty @ you

- M A Y A  H U N T E R

- Turner was so excited Shawn and Katy got married then where the fukc was he at the wedding I’m MAD

- I love how Amy’s only argument against England was “You are not taking my grandbabies away from me you monsters” lmao

- Feeny’s voice sounded a little weird did Bill have a cold or something??? I spend at least 10 percent of my day worrying about him tbh

- But I loved the much-missed Feeny advice



- “Are you gonna surprise us with genius advice out of your idiot mouth or what?” “Yes, actually, thank you-”

- “Find your quiet place. Mine is under the ocean.”

- Listen like I adore all forms of Topanga with all my heart, but when Eric yelled “don’t take my spot!”, the joking look she gave him was the first time in three seasons that I really, truly, felt like I was looking at the Topanga from Boy Meets World that I grew up with okay. It was a wonderful feeling don’t take her away from me


- “I’ll love you wherever you are” “Thanks Farkle, but maybe you shouldn’t say that in front of your girlfriend?”

- Smackle: *gives a whole mini speech about how feelings and science are two different things*. Smackle: *thinks Riley is not a romantic threat bc she doesn’t know nuclear theory* okay hun I love you to death buuuuuut

- Maya thinks the universe sent Josh to replace Riley…is that a Disney way of having Maya confirm she has romantic feelings for Riley or

- The Riley/Lucas breakup was very sweet and well handled I’m glad.

- Like??? Lucas actually showed emotion towards it. That’s more than we’ve seen toward his entire relationship with the girl omfg

- Also okay not to start shit but the orange roses in direct view during the entire breakup 👀 👀 👀

- Did I tear up at Auggie and Ava’s Bay Window scene??? Absofuckinglutely

- “I’ll always be Mrs. Auggie Doggie Matthews, wherever you are!” “And I’ll always be Mr. ~Avvvva MoooorganSTERN~” my h e a r t

- Don’t even talk to me about Riley and Maya crying in the Bay Window just don’t even bring it up

- Why did Topanga have to drag out telling them whether or not she took the job like I get it!! Suspense for the writing!!! But her kids are literally sitting there sobbing have a heart woman omfg

- “This is my special place. And I don’t want to leave it!” We’ve only actually seen you in the bakery like a handful of times but okay I’ll take what I can get

- Deadass for a second thought Riley and Maya were gonna kiss when Topy said they were staying lmao


- The flashback to the BMW finale with Cory and Baby Josh kill me


- Thunder and Lightning my heart </3


- Someone save this stupid show so these losers can keep messing with my feelings PLEASE

-U G H

Spirit Vine Meta-’Physics’ or: How Mako Nearly Destroyed Republic City (sort of)

Disclaimer:  I am by no means a scientist.  I’ve got a background in English and Theatre, but I have quite a few close friends who do have backgrounds in science.  A little while back, one of those close friends, thejmpr, who actually edited this post, approached me with the declaration that he’d figured out how spirit vines worked.  I tried to explain that they’re not really supposed to make sense, since they’re all spirit-y, but he proceeded to prove me hilariously wrong.  The following is an analysis that I was able to put together by extrapolating his logic.  In the end, it’s just conjecture, but I had fun writing it and thinking it all out, so I figure it might be a fun read, too.

Spirit Vines are crazy.  They’re crazy powerful, crazy big, and crazy plentiful. They’re the plutonium/uranium equivalent of the Avatar universe, but without all those pesky dangers of radiation!  And instead of radiation, they grow back! Like really fast.  And all the time.  


Pictured: Easily-Obtainium’.

Anyone familiar with Cold War politics, deterrence theory and nuclear proliferation most likely caught the parallel with Raiko stating “[Spirit weapons] are already being used!” as justification for the United Republic to have their own.  

But that’s a story for another time.

Today, I’d like to talk about how Mako, through no fault of his own, nearly destroyed all of Republic City…and probably the mountain range surrounding it.  Sort of.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well, so are spirit vines.  

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How Does Quantum Mechanics Allow The Sun To Shine?

“If it weren’t for the quantum nature of every particle in the Universe, and the fact that their positions are described by wavefunctions with an inherent quantum uncertainty to their position, this overlap that enables nuclear fusion to occur would never have happened. The overwhelming majority of today’s stars in the Universe would never have ignited, including our own. Rather than a world and a sky alight with the nuclear fires burning across the cosmos, our Universe would be desolate and frozen, with the vast majority of stars and solar systems unlit by anything other than a cold, rare, distant starlight.”

Inside the nuclear furnace of the Sun, protons and other atomic nuclei are compressed together into a tiny region of space, where the incredible temperatures and energies try to overcome the repulsive forces of their electric charges. At a maximum temperature of 15 million K, and with a long-tailed (Poisson) distribution of energies at the highest end, we can compute how many protons are energetic enough to overcome the Coulomb barrier. That number is exactly zero. When you consider that 95% of stars are less massive and reach lower core temperatures than our Sun, the problem appears to be even bigger. Yet we’re saved by quantum mechanics, where spread-out wavefunctions can overlap, and nuclear fusion as we know it can proceed.

At a fundamental level, it’s only the quantum nature of our Universe that enables the stars to shine at all.


for years, the minds and computers of big mountain were a blaze of trajectories, weapon schematics and nuclear theories. the problems began to outpace the solutions, first geometrically, then exponentially. as the war escalated, so did the questions. on the night of october 23rd, 2077, the scientists received an answer that put all their questions to rest. in the aftermath, big mountain’s silent experiments went to sleep, their creators slowly dying in the new world that had been left behind. and the great stone in the middle of the big empty lay untouched, filled with countless technological wonders…wonders that, in the end, had been answers to the wrong question.

more little ghostbusters things
  • patty holds all the high scores on the old pacman arcade game they found in the back of the fire station.
  • the second floor of the firehouse is evenly split between them all, but parts of holtz’s inventions and gadgets still end up everywhere. erin found one under her bed and didn’t bother asking how it got there.
  • the one time abby did the laundry, everything turned neon yellow. No-one knows how it happened, and holtz only wore those clothes for a week straight.
  • as a pet project, erin inadvertently had pluto reclassified as a planet, and millenials swarmed to thank her on twitter.
  • one day, holtz randomly gave everyone perfectly cooked molten chocolate cakes. the team find out she treats baking like nuclear theory and has a weird gift for it, to the team’s joy.
  • erin thought she had a stalker that kept ringing her phone but never said anything. it turned out kevin kept using the speed dial on the office phone accident. erin only figured it out when she briefly heard him reciting his fake oscar-winning speech.
  • there is a running competition for who can defeat the most ghosts in a month. abby and holtz have been continually tied, creating a light rivalry. the media interpreted that instead they actually hate each other, and kept asking them if they’d made up.
  • casper, their adopted cat, randomly went luminous green and floated a foot off the floor for a week. holtz denies all involvement.

A Nuclear Bomb Creates Spongebob: The Bikini Bottom Theory

This week, we’re looking at the “Spongebob and Nuclear Bomb Theory” which claims that Spongbob Squarepants and the rest of Bikini Bottom is the result of nuclear radiation.

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Quantum Flavordynamics (Weak Nuclear Force)

  • This is basically the decay of a neutron into a proton by the emission of a W- boson.
  • The up and down part of quarks is known as their flavour, they can effectively change flavours, in this case it is a down quark into an up quark.
  • The W- has to be emitted for the flavour of the quark to change but it does not last long until it decays into an electron (e-) and an anti-electron neutrino (ν
    e ).
  • The W- boson (80GeV) is roughly 80x heavier than the neutron (1GeV) it decayed from meaning that it takes a lot of energy for this to happen so is seen happening inside stars which is basically just a big burning ball of protons.
  • The energy for this change can also be borrowed from the vacuum provided the energy is paid back, to do this we refer to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle:

ΔE x Δt<h

(amount of energy borrowed from vacuum) x (amount of time borrowed for) < Plancks constant 

  • This shows that the energy debt has to be paid back in 1e-25 seconds in which time the W- boson can move the distance of part a proton before it decays.
  • This process is represented by the special unitary matrix two dimensional su(2) in mathematics. It is 2D because it is only changing ups and downs.
Season 4 Theory and Thoughts

Okay…I told myself just to ‘let it go’, the ‘it’ pertaining to season 4. But, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t let it go. I am trying to comprehend why they destroyed the CoL and possible AI storyline at the end of season 3.  I have always been interested in the AI and CoL storyline since it was introduced.  I am really finding it hard to believe that they would get rid of the AI storyline when that was the point of season 3. Season 3 introduced us to the Flame, Becca, Commanders, Nightbloods, etc. Season 3 would have legit just been a waste if they don’t explore the Flame and somehow use it to solve the nuclear reactor melting down problem. More reasons why I was confused with the choice to destroy the City of Light is because the show’s logo is the AI program (the infinity sign) and the opening credits are ALIE’s drones mapping the earth. The Flame still has the infinity logo on it and it is still the ‘sacred symbol’. Therefore, if the Flame is still a part of season 4, this would make the logo still connected with the show. So, I am going to write a season 4 rough storyline about how they will save the human race and how the series will end with incorporating the Flame. Sorry if parts of this is confusing or doesn’t make  sense. :\

When looking at this upcoming season and looking back on season 3, there are things that have been ‘left open’ and ‘grey area’ that the writers and use and explore to explore the AI here are a few that I can think of at the moment:

  • The Flame is still ‘alive’
  • People still have ALIE 1.0’s chip in their necks and there is still a chip maker that can have
  • The kill switch could have just been a way to disconnect ALIE 1.0 from the chips and she might still be in space
  • ALIE’s drones
  • The mansion and lighthouse
  • Raven’s ‘abilities’ and knowing things she shouldn’t about ALIE

Season 3 ended with the human race needing to be saved from  nuclear reactors that are melting down and releasing massive amounts of radiation. ALIE said, “The nuclear power plants that were destroyed by the bombs have begun to melt down. My drones detected the first of them 4 months ago. There are more than a dozen at-risk plants around the world, 7 currently burning. Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations, in less than 6 months, 96% of the Earth’s surface will be uninhabitable… even for those born in space, so, you see, the City of Light is the only thing that can save you.” Some people have asked,  “What if ALIE is lying? What if the nuclear reactors aren’t melting down and she is just saying that to save herself from Clarke destroying her?” To that I would say that she is not capable of lying. She has been programmed to present facts and data. She did suffer from perverse instantiation, but she is still an AI and lying is a human trait – and ALIE doesn’t know what it means to be human. ALIE was presenting facts due to her calculations and trying to buy time for her to delete the kill switch – “she’s stalling”. Clarke ended up pulling the kill switch saying, “We’ll figure it out, we always do.” Clarke could no longer see Becca due to the virtual reality platform (the City of Light) being destroyed/disconnected. She then removes the Flame and is a Flamekeeper instead of a Commander. Clarke will protect the Flame with her life; she will protect the last remnants she has of Lexa with her life. Clarke will have the Flame in her possession but not be able to talk to lexa – this might become unbearable. In season 4 I hope they touch on Clarke grieving and ‘losing it’ a little bit. She has lost so many people and their deaths weigh heavy on her; the lives of her loved ones and the lives of those she has killed to save her people. Now, more than ever, the weight of the living also bears down on her. The fate of humanity is in her hands and she just destroyed the City of Light that brought many people a sense of peace, even though they were being controlled.

In true Clarke and The 100 fashion, I think that Clarke will try to repress her grieving and pour all of her energies into the task at hand. However, she constantly is touching the Flame and thinks back to her time in the City of Light. She still has hope that Lexa is not lost to her and she can protect Lexa. Protect her in the Flame when she was unable to in the real world.  Clarke becomes obsessed with the thought of seeing Lexa again if she is able to connect to the City of Light. Now, it is possible that we might see ‘frantic’ Clarke to parallel Finn trying to see Clarke again. But, instead of killing multiple people for no reason, Clarke will instead be willing to put her life on the line to be connected to the Flame and protect it. I would love to see Raven take Clarke aside and try to get her to confront her loss. Raven may have seen the Clexa interaction due to being able to read ALIE’s code.

Alright, now onto the main ‘big bad’ and how they are going to fix the nuclear reactors melting down. So, how are they going to stop the nuclear reactors from melting down? The answer is…they aren’t. Okay….sooooo…. how are they going to save the human race if they can’t stop the nuclear meltdowns? My theory/want/headcanon is that they will have to make everyone nightbloods/genetically modify themselves. Looking at what ALIE told Clarke, “Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations, in less than 6 months, 96% of the Earth’s surface will be uninhabitable… even for those born in space.” we can see that ALIE didn’t say that the earth would be a desolate wasteland, she said that the radiation levels would be be too high for even those that can endure high levels of radiation; like those born in space. This would be like the Mountain Men trying to live on the earth’s surface; their bodies couldn’t handle the radiation levels and they ‘burned’. However, a person that is genetically modified (like a nightblood) will be able to withstand high amounts of radiation and be able to eat and drink radiation soaked food and water and breath the air.

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Old World Blues

“In the years before the Great War, Big Mountain had been the home to the brightest minds of the 21st century. Scientists of vision were drawn to the facility to tackle the greatest technological challenges of the era. They sought to create a new world, fueled by technology, for the benefit of all mankind. Sonic emitters, space age alloys, DNA hybridization, force field particle research, Auto-Doc advances in cranial, cardiac, and trauma surgery… the hopes and dreams of a century became realities in the electronic forces of Big Mountain. The nucleus of this research was the Dome, a huge stone facility that held the labs of every science known to man. It was a think tank where no problem could not be solved, where no question could not be answered. The Great War brought a new energy to Big Mountain and its scientists. Although sheltered from the frontlines, the scientists waged their own war, fighting their battles at the atomic level. Equations and calculations marched endlessly across chalkboards and computer terminals toward one solution: Winning the war. For years, the minds and computers of Big Mountain were a blaze of trajectories, weapon schematics, and nuclear theories. The problems began to outplace the solutions, first geometrically, then exponentially. As the war escalated, so did the questions. On the night of October 23, 2077, the scientists received an answer that put all their questions to rest. In the aftermath, Big Mountain’s silent experiments went to sleep, their creators slowly dying in the new world that had been left behind. And the great stone in the middle of the Big Empty lay untouched, filled with countless technological wonders… Wonders that, in the end, had been answers to the wrong question.”

As a scientist I want to rip the theory of nuclear winter apart, but as a human being I want to believe it. This is one of the rare instances of a genuine conflict between the demands of science and the demands of humanity. As a scientist, I judge the nuclear winter theory to be a sloppy piece of work, full of gaps and unjustified assumptions. As a human being, I hope fervently that it is right. Here is a real and uncomfortable dilemma. What does a scientist do when science and humanity pull in opposite directions?

Professor Freeman Dyson, Harvard University, 1988

Just found this and thought I’d share. Pretty interesting.