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Just when we said Brexit was the dumbest political decision of 2016, the Americans are going to beat us at the last minute.

So, with the UK’s nuclear weapons stockpile based within twenty miles of its largest city, the case for an independent, and nuclear weapons-free Scotland just got stronger.

Get rid of these fucking weapons. They cannot be a fucking deterrent, they can only be a target.

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looks like RBA come from the ghettos and are going with this because the Mare offerended them freedom. They might or might not hold the beliefs of the Mare. And the Mare want the fossil fuels that are in the island. King Fritz really stuck to his "humanity ruled by titans" shit and there was no peace, Mare just couldn't attack due to their nuclear stockpiles of Titans. How do you feel about these developings?

yeah such a noble mission massacring a bunch of people for oil. why is zeke supporting these guys? maybe he wants to follow his own way and get te coordinate for himself? i can’t wait for him to explain himself

I’m trying myself to parse some sense in this chapter. From what I’ve got, the Erdian nation used to be the dominant one, as it wielded the power of titans. As they retreated, Mare’s technological advance became quite exceptional to the point their progress might even make titans obsolete shall they pump resources from Erdia.

It’s clear the talk about “evil” is pure propaganda, yet the warriors don’t mind reminding their initial beliefs at some times:

Bertolt and Reiner using the terms “devil” and “evil” respectively to describe the people inside the walls (ch. 49 and 77)

Amusingly, Mare adopts the classic tenants of imperialism: giving youth a reason to go to war. The only problem is King Fritz apparently threatening not only Erdia, but the whole world to be destroyed by CTs shall he ever be attacked. that’s why Mare didn’t use airforce. Meanwhile, during their mission, the warriors learned by themselves Erdians weren’t evil at the core, but mostly living in ignorance and fed with lies, just as they were under the Marean government.

As for Zeke, it’s been stated in chapter 77 he wanted to end this cursed history. Probably the one going on between Erdia and Mare:

Zeke stating his goal - Ch. 77

On the same page, he seemed equally done with the actual conflict going on. Reiner himself said more causalities weren’t needed. All they have to do is to retrieve their fellow shifters (Annie and Eren), the descendant of the enemy shifter (Historia) and they were done. Zeke seems definitely less judgmental than Eren and Grisha: he himself doesn’t want to shed any more blood than needed, didn’t get into the mindset than Erdians were rotted to the core when soldiers were charging at him but rather blamed the First King and got upset because of Grisha’s behavior. We don’t know in detail how his training was but it must have been harsh.

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Two former radar operators have revealed how a UFO travelled 120 miles in less than EIGHT SECONDS, That’s a staggering 54,000 Miles per hour !

Jim Carey and Ike Barker (above) have given their first in-depth interviews since the incident at RAF Bentwaters, in Suffolk - hailed as the world’s best documented UFO case. They were on duty in the air traffic control tower when the unidentified target was tracked on radar during a spate of bizarre sightings in late December 1980. On December 26, a small team of security police officers reported seeing a triangular shaped craft land in Rendlesham Forest, just outside the base.

Meanwhile, reports came in over their radios that the UFO was firing beams into the weapons storage bunkers, which housed the biggest stockpile of nuclear missiles in Europe at that time. Halt (bottom right) later filed an official report to the UK Ministry of Defence - dubbed the ‘Halt Memo’ - giving details about the case, which was released under the Freedom of Information Act.