nuclear site

guys, i’m watching an anime. its called Terror in Resonance. its directed by shinchrio watanabe, its about terrorists. does the buildings in the background look similer to something?

now, check this out.

the fucking terrorists at the start of the anime steal radioactive material from a nuclear disposal site. it implies that they do so in retaliation to some secret government program that they were the victims of. this show is WOKE AS FUCK. WHAT IS SHINCHIRO SAYING WITH THIS ANIME.


My favorite thing about the refrigerator scene is that that was originally going to be the plot of ‘Back to the Future’. Instead of a DeLorean, Marty was going to climb inside a refrigerator and get sent to a nuclear test site in Nevada to power it. That idea was discarded as “fucking terrible” and everyone rejoiced that it got shot down…. until Steven Spielberg got high or something and decided to recycle it 25 years later and ruin the Indiana Jones series with it.

It was Obama who placed missiles in Eastern Europe aimed at Russia, and it was this winner of the Nobel Peace prize who increased spending on nuclear warheads to a level higher than that of any administration since the cold war, having promised, in an emotional speech in Prague to “help rid the world of nuclear weapons.”
—  John Pilger, ‘The Issue Is Not Trump, It’s Us’, teleSUR

Museums are banding together to bring attention to an important issue facing artist Michael Heizer’s sculpture CITY in the Nevada Desert. Heizer is nearing completion of his dramatic, monumental sculpture—a massive, 1.5-mile-long collection of abstract forms he has developed over the last 43 years. The land surrounding Heizer’s sculpture has faced numerous threats of development into military testing and nuclear waste sites. Help protect this area to preserve Heizer’s life’s work. 

[Michael Heizer. CITY. Photos by Tom Vinetz, © Triple Aught Foundation]


An underground garbage fire is burning right next to a nuclear waste site — and little is being done

Up to 200 feet of rotting garbage is slowly burning underground thanks to an uncontrolled fire at the Bridgeton Landfill outside St. Louis, resulting in a constant stench. But worse is the fire’s proximity to the neighboring 200-acre West Lake Landfill Superfund site full of radioactive waste from World War II-era nuclear bomb tests. Residents are calling on the EPA to do more, but it may be a complete no-win disaster.


What is it about the Iran nuclear deal that keeps them from getting nuclear weapons?

Here’s President Obama’s answer:

The Iran deal is a historic diplomatic achievement and all 159 pages are worth digging into, which you can do here. But, let me lay out how this deal will work:

Under this agreement, Iran is never allowed to build a nuclear weapon – period.

Every single pathway Iran could use is effectively blocked by this deal. Here’s how: It takes either enriched uranium or plutonium to build a nuclear weapon. The only site where Iran can create weapons-grade plutonium is at its Arak reactor. Under this deal, the core of the Arak reactor will be pulled out, filled with concrete, and replaced with one that will not produce weapons-grade plutonium. Furthermore, the spent fuel from that reactor will be shipped out of the country and Iran will not build any new heavy-water reactors for at least 15 years.

This deal also shuts off Iran’s uranium pathway by removing two-thirds of its centrifuges and getting rid of 98% of its stockpile of enriched uranium, which – right now – is currently enough for up to 10 nuclear bombs.

And should Iran try to build a bomb in secret, this deal effectively cuts off that covert pathway too because of a robust and unprecedented inspections regime. There will be 24/7 monitoring of Iran’s key nuclear facilities and, for decades, international inspectors from the IAEA will have access to Iran’s entire nuclear supply chain – from uranium mines and mills to centrifuge productions facilities. For Iran to cheat, it would need a secret source for every single aspect of that supply chain. No nation in history has been able to pull that off, especially when faced with such rigorous and constant inspection. And the IAEA will have the permanent ability to inspect any suspicious sites.

Watch my Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, a nuclear physicist himself and a negotiator who helped secure this agreement, walk through the science behind the deal.

This is not just the conclusion of those who negotiated the deal, but also of experts who have taken the time to review its details. In fact, 29 of America’s leading scientists – including Nobel Laureates – call it an “innovative agreement, with much more stringent constraints than any previously negotiated non-proliferation framework.”

This deal is based on science and unprecedented verification. It offers the best opportunity we have to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. There is no better deal – and those who claim there is one are selling a fantasy.

This deal took a long time to negotiate – nearly two years – because we refused to accept any deal that didn’t meet every one of our bottom lines, and that’s what we got.