nuclear powered car


Arbel Symétric, 1958. As it is Geneva Motor Show I thought it would be fun to look at some of the cars which have debuted at Geneva which have not made it. Arbel cars were produced by the Compagnie Normande d'Etudes pour l'Application de Procédés Mécaniques. In 1958 they displayed the Symétric, an experimental prototype which was to be powered by a “genestatom”, a 40-KW nuclear thermal generator using radioactive cartridges made of nuclear waste. The French government did not approve the use of nuclear fuel and no development took place. The company went into debt and never recovered

1962 Nuclear Powered Ford Seattle-ite XXI

Unveiled on April 20, 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair. The showcar contained a lot of pipe-dream technology that has become commonplace today, including interactive computer navigation, mapping and auto information systems, and it featured an interchangeable fuel cell and bodywork.

carrotquill  asked:

someone in the replies spouted the fascism was just a product of the time fallacy, and I'd like to just say, isn't that the stupidest excuse for having sexism, racism or discrimination in something? we're talking about a 1950's culture that litteraly had nuclear powered cars and robots, this is a fantasy, the only excuse to have sexism, racism, or discrimination is if the creator has something to say on the issue, or is sexist, racist, or a homophobe.

yea idk why there are always people like “I can suspend my disbelief enough for the 1950s to have floating sentient robots and shit, but no sexism / racism / homophobia?? It just ain’t the 50s without that”

same people who wade into discussions about representation in medieval fantasy all like “black people weren’t invented in medieval europe sorry, dragons are legit though”