nuclear plant accident


Graffiti in the City of ghosts. Pripyat, near Chernobyl
In October 2005, photographer and 6 artists from Moscow, Minsk and Berlin went on two days in the affected area of ​​radiation (1986 nuclear plant accident) . Their works are reminiscent of the disaster , which may at any moment break out again (Fukushima) and that in no case be allowed . His works artists have tried to portray the depressing reality. On the gray walls of houses and factory gate arise faces distorted with pain and despair. Among the images are occasionally like shadow images. Silent cry of helplessness and deprive speechless. Nekotorye of these paintings reproduce the decline of the surrounding reality. All living here faced with emptiness . 20 years later, the memory does not die , and with it hope. The City Pripyat being evacuated, since that day free of humans..




The Tokyo Electric Power put in and measured the dosimeter in the container of the 1st nuclear power plant of No. 2 of Fukushima, and announced on the 27th that it checked a per hour 31-1?72.9-Sv high dose of radiation. A pressure vessel is broken through and it is regarded as the influence of the fuel which melted and fell to the container lower part. It is a dose of the level which it will be supposed within one month that is died from death and 20 Sv or more within several days if man is exposed to 7 Sv, and cannot go into inside. In the No. 2 container, the dosimeter was inserted about 3 meters and measured.