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Headcanons For Dating The Eleventh Doctor

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  • He is a MASSIVE DORK. He’s going to be so random. So bizarre. So childish.
  • He will do anything you ask for. You want a stuffed toy? BOOM. There you go! You want the nuclear lunch codes for the weapons of mass destruction? DONE. (Okay maybe not that. Or he’ll seriously consider it.)
  • He will not get any sexual innuendoes you throw at him. He will be confused. He also won’t realize you’re flirting with him until a few minutes later.
  • “Wait a minute… You were- OH.”
  • When he tries to flirt with you it sounds more like a dumb joke. At least he winks when he flirts so you know it’s a flirt.
  • Whenever he takes you on dates it will be so much fun. He’ll take you to playgrounds, toy stores, amusement parks, ect
  • Every now and then it might be a serious date, but this is ELEVEN we’re talking about.
  • He does this “face nuzzle” thing when he hugs you. Imagine a cat rubbing his face against a table leg. Yeah, that’s what Eleven does.
  • If he’s jealous he will NOT hide it. He will bluntly point it out to you, or be passive aggressive/ sarcastic about it.
  • “Yeah, go ahead and flirt with that doofus! It’s not like we’re dating or anything!”
  • “Oi! Stop it! I am officially jealous right now!”
  • Don’t worry. He can be serious whenever you need it. 
  • If you’re sad he’ll cry with you.
  • He’s so sweet. He probably buys you a dozen things then hides it because he doesn’t want to seem so “head over heels.”
  • You find things he buys for you and he’ll get so embarrassed.
  • He’s so enthusiastic about everything you do. If you’re into drawing he will make you draw things (probably portraits of him). Writing? He will beg you to include him in your stories. Photography? He will pose for you.
  • Cute nicknames. He probably has a journal of all of the nicknames he gave you. 
  • He can’t stay mad at you. More than likely there won’t be any arguments between you two. If there is an argument he’ll lose on purpose because he can’t stand it when you’re mad at him.
  • He gets mad when you refuse to go inside the Tardis to “fetch” his sonic screwdriver…
  • …Because you know he’s going to lock you inside.
  • He boops your nose a lot.