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That Close Call Back in 1995 — The Norwegian Black Brant Incident,

In the past 60 years there have actually been several incidents where the world was almost plunged into a nuclear holocaust.  Many of these incidents were purely accidental, caused by things like radar blips resulting from flocks of geese or faulty early warning detection satellites. One of the most interesting close calls occurred in Norway, and is unique in that the incident happened in 1995, after the end of the Cold War.

On January 25th, 1995 a team of Norwegian and American scientists launched the Black Brant VII rocket from the Andøya Space Center in Norway. The purpose of the rocket was to collect scientific data on the aurora borealis over the Arctic Ocean. The rocket reached an altitude of 903 miles and eventually splashed down in the ocean off the coast of Svalbard. At the time most of the world believed the rocket launch was a routine test that occurred without incident. However, little did anyone know, the Russians nearly shit their pants over it.

The rocket traveled over an air corridor that stretches from minuteman III rocket sites in North Dakota. The scientists notified 30 countries, including Russia, of the launch, however the Russian government failed to pass on news of the launch to the Russian President and to the military. Russian early warning radar systems in Murmansk detected the object, which had a similar speed and flight pattern to that of a US Navy Trident missile. Immediately Russian High Command went on full alert, fearing the United States was launching a nuclear missile. While a single missile launch may not seem much of a threat compared to thousands of missiles in an all out nuclear strike, one possible scenario that the Russians feared was that of a high altitude nuclear detonation used as a prelude to all out nuclear war. A nuclear warhead would be detonated high in the atmosphere over Russia, and the resulting electromagnetic pulse would knock out the electrical grid, communications grid, and radar over a large portion of the country, leaving Russia completely vulnerable to an all out attack.

The full alert initiated by the rocket launch went all the way up to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The Russian nuclear briefcase containing command codes was opened, the only time in history a nation’s nuclear briefcase was ever opened. This was especially scary because Boris Yeltsin had a reputation for being a hard drinker. Yeltsin’s alcohol problems were so bad that he was often drunk in public, at one point allegedly being found wandering the streets of Washington D.C. half naked after a particularly hard bender during a diplomatic visit.

As luck would have it, Boris Yeltsin was perfectly sober on January 25th, 1995, and thus he made a very wise decision to not retaliate but take a wait and see approach. Soon, it was realized that the rocket was traveling away from, not towards Russia, and thus was not a ballistic missile being fired at Russia. 24 minutes after launch, the rocket returned to Earth harmlessly. Disaster had been averted once again.

What is especially disturbing about the Norwegian rocket incident was that it occurred in the 1990′s at a time when Russian - American relations were at a peak. This wasn’t the middle of the Cold War, this wasn’t the Cuban Missile Crises with Nikita Khrushchev shouting “we will bury you!” while slamming his shoe on a podium. This was at at time when there was absolutely no reason to go to nuclear war. It just goes to show that in the modern nuclear age, even at the best of times civilization hangs on a very fine thread. 

Philadelphia Gothic: Suburban Edition

- Midnight at the Wawa. An old woman stands outside, alone, watching into the night. You go inside for a sandwich. She is still there when you return.

- “Where are you from?” someone asks you. “Philadelphia,” you answer. “What part of Philadelphia?” they ask. You cannot answer this time. “What part of Philadelphia?” they ask again. Your voice is gone. You can’t remember what a voice is, what words are. “What part of Philadelphia are you from?” they repeat, even having no means of comprehending an answer if they received one.

- You’ve never been inside the nearest Chinese restaurant. In fact, you’re pretty sure no one has ever been inside. And yet it stands watching, waiting…

- You go to see what’s left of the Granite Run Mall, which will soon be demolished. Even long after you leave, empty-handed, a dark feeling haunts you. You, too, will soon be demolished.

- SEPTA has raised the rates for commuter rail again. A round trip to and from Suburban Station now costs $15, a blood pact with a SEPTA employee, and your soul. You knock on the door of the station office to make the deal. No one is there. No one is ever there.

- A run-down local bar advertising Quizzo every Wednesday. You think you should go check it out sometime. What is Quizzo, anyway? Has anyone ever played Quizzo? It’s already Thursday. It’s always Thursday.

- You are driving up 476, trying to get to King of Prussia. You turn. You turn again. Did you get off at the right exit? You turn. Why were you driving in the first place? You turn. No, maybe you should have gotten off at a different exit. You turn. The exit is an endless circle. You have been here for years. The line of cars trying to get to Phoenixville and Pottstown stretches into eternity. You turn.

- You don’t go downtown anymore. Not since the incident.

- The nuclear cooling towers in Limerick, billowing smoke over the outlet mall. It is safe here. You enter a store, and the salesperson follows you, first with his eyes, and then with his legs. The salesperson from the next store follows you. So does the next one. By the time you leave, you have amassed an army of them, trailing you and asking if you need help finding anything. The nuclear cooling towers stand watch over it all. You went to summer camp here. It is safe here.

- You have a strange attachment to the ideal of freedom. But none of us have ever been free. Not really.

Baby is 2 months old today and I just can’t.
Can’t handle how fast this is all going.
Can’t handle her daily changes.
Can’t handle knowing she won’t be the tiny squish she is right now for very much longer.
(No seriously. My kid is huge. Bigger than some ¾ month olds in our mom’s group.)
We put her down to sleep for the first time purposefully last night.
I read her Pout Pout Fish.
Hubs read her a page from “Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Incident, and the Illusion of Safety.”
I softly played “Round and Round the Garden.”
Hubs softly sang, “Beans, beans, the magical fruit.”
Who is this magical kid, who smiles constantly and only wants to be held during feedings or nap times?
A year ago she didn’t exist.
And now there’s a growing human in our house.
A delightful, happy, smiley, kissable human, who, this time next year, will be like an almost entirely different human.
I can’t stand the thought of her being one day older.
I can’t wait to see what she figures out tomorrow.

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literally any angsty cheronica fuck me up i don't have many ideas but i need some cheronica.

-Veronica has never seen Cheryl look so broken. Her eyes are closed, one swollen, a violet bruise that gives way in places to greener colours, slanted down from just above her brow to her cheekbone. Her eyelids are delicate and thin, so so breakable. Split lip, chapped lips, pale pink and still. The same lips that bore her screams as she plunged into the icy depths of Sweetwater River. A thin cut on her neck, near her jawline, already cleaned and scabbed over, and if Veronica were to run her finger over it, she’d be able to feel a pulse only just out of time with the muted monitor to her left. Veronica should have been there sooner - she should have seen the warning signs.

-Veronica is Cheryl’s only visitor, but it isn’t for a lack of trying on the gang’s part. They lingered, masks of worry contorting their faces. She supposes it had something to do with her silence, her unresponsiveness that finally drove them all home. Doctors come in and out of Cheryl’s room everyday, each casting Veronica a pitiful smile before tinkering with some of the tubes sticking out of Cheryl. Each day she asks the same question, “will she be okay?” and each day she’s met with the same answer.

“We don’t know.”

-Veronica only ever leaves Cheryl’s side when she needs to go home and shower, but she never makes it past the front door before she breaks. When she was young, she had these moments of blind rage. Her mother used to call them tantrums; her father used to call then nuclear incidents. They were horrifying and spectacular in their violence and destruction, her Barbie Dream House is still in shattered pieces in a box in her parents attic. She’s on the floor, and then she’s not. She’s in the kitchen and there are broken plates on the floor and a few pieces are smeared with blood and she’s hurting, screaming, ripping herself apart from the inside out and nothing is okay. She’s in the bathroom and there are scissors in her hand and murder in her eyes and hair in the sink. There is hair in the sink. There are bloody handprints on the edges of that sink but there is hair in her sink and when she looks in the mirror she sees a haunted, deranged version of herself with hair chopped off to her chin on one side. Like a bad Halloween mask. Like a bad nightmare.

-Cheryl succumbs to her injuries and passes the next morning; there one minute and gone the next. She goes quietly, without a fight, and it’s so out of character for Cheryl that it makes Veronica’s stomach lurch. She only half-listens as the doctor explains the complications, her eyes trained on the gentle dip in the mattress where Cheryl had been laying. If she were to put her hand there, she’d still be able to feel the faint traces of warmth left behind.

-Veronica is the only one who shows up to Cheryl’s funeral. The rest of the gang couldn’t get the day off school, and Penelope doesn’t bother showing up at all; Veronica wonders if the woman fled Riverdale all together. Veronica stands alone, wearing one of the only black dresses she owns, watching as they lower Cheryl’s casket into the grave beside Jason’s. As Veronica stands solemnly, heels sinking into the mud, she wonders when her life became so tragic. She wonders if things would be different if she’d gotten Cheryl’s text earlier. She wonders if things would be better if she hadn’t come to Riverdale at all.

CASE FILE #970010 



AGE: 20 



Sophomore at Bald Hill University and part of CASE FILE #830006’s research laboratory. Can often be spotted around CASE FILE #968008. Subject displays interesting morphological properties that may serve as a defense mechanism - Subject’s species alignment is currently set as UNDETERMINED until further investigation (09/27/2016). Several NON-HUMAN ENTITIES have been seen around the subject in numbers outweighing those of normal residents, as determined by current (2016) census reports. Threat level elevated to C-CLASS following nuclear reactor incident (10/02/2016).

Kill Your Rapist is a just a metaphor,

for pouring gasoline on that piece of shit and throwing a burning road flare on them.  

Don’t get us wrong, we mean it.  We won’t judge if you do, but we understand if you don’t.   We don’t advocate institutional killings, it has to be someone who is directly related to the incident and has directly suffered, because else it would be really hard on the spirit of a person who was too far removed directly from the act of inhumanity.

Rape is the second most destructive thing that exists in this world, next to killing innocent people, real rapists aren’t innocent are they.  It causes massive social destruction, and really damages the most important resource in existence trust and security in the human race.  More damage is done by rape to our civilization on this planet in a year, than the collective damage of every nuclear incident in history combined.

Killing people is really hard karma and Dharma, not to mention it is illegal in some countries so you’re going to want gloves and some old clothes you can burn later in celebration, because we advise you don’t stand around while your rapist burns, best to run or walk away briskly.

Yet, there are lots of other ways to deal with dealing with feelings.
Without pretending like we have any answers other than the ability to relate to victimization and the damage it does to all society.

At every concert JX and the Badwells headlines that is over 5000 people, for the rest of our career, we are going to perform “DREAM COME TRUE”.  It is an awesome dance song and it really makes people happy to groove to.
We highly recommend that if your abuser is in the crowd take advantage of one of the times the lights drop during that song and just destroy them. Out of the blue, with the heel of your shoe to whatever part of them you want to change forever.  It’s a big crowd, people will be distracted by the stage show, you really aren’t likely to get caught if you’re wearing that hoodie you brought in your backpack? :0, ;), :).

Rape really gets in the way of a good time, and that is why we put 
Kill your Rapist on our party rules.

“Mass Killing of Rapists Trending on Aunt Arctica’s Biker BQQ Tour” 
JX and the Badwells is an independent west coast hippie outlaw cozy grunge skater band, but we could handle the reputation that would come from rapists being taken out in body bags between sets.  And don’t kid yourself, people still around for the second set are going to be fun to party with ;)

Remember Everyone!
No means NO, Yes only means Yes. :)  
Consent is important, it will save you
from a soul crushing vengeance death <3 

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect
JX Badwell

Fukushima mutant daisies: Deformed flowers spotted at Japan's disaster site

Photographs of deformed daisies are doing the rounds in cyberspace, four years after the deadly Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan.

The white flowers are claimed to be the latest in the long-list of victims, which have experienced deformation over nuclear disasters.

The images of the deformed flowers were posted by Twitter user @San_kaido from Nasushiobara city, located about 110kms from Fukushima.

The tweet the user posted read: “The right one grew up, split into 2 stems to have 2 flowers connected each other, having 4 stems of flower tied belt-like. The left one has 4 stems grew up to be tied to each other and it had the ring-shaped flower. The atmospheric dose is 0.5 μSv/h at 1m above the ground.”

According to gardening experts the abnormal growth that distorts the heads of daisies and other wildflowers is caused by hormonal imbalance. Called fasciation (or cresting) is a relatively rare condition of abnormal growth in vascular plants. Fasciation may cause plant parts to increase in weight and volume.

In March 2011, there was a meltdown in three of Fukushima’s six nuclear reactors due to the devastating tsunami which struck the region. Japan continues to grapple with the scale of the disaster. Earlier, reports said some fruits and vegetables became mutated after the nuclear leak got mixed with ground water.

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Is Your Fear of Radiation Irrational?

by Geoff Watts, Mosaic Science

Bad Gastein in the Austrian Alps. It’s 10am on a Wednesday in early March, cold and snowy – but not in the entrance to the main gallery of what was once a gold mine. Togged out in swimming trunks, flip-flops and a bath robe, I have just squeezed into one of the carriages of a narrow-gauge railway that’s about to carry me 2 km into the heart of the Radhausberg mountain.

Fifteen minutes later we’re there and I’m ready to enjoy what the brochures insist will be a health-enhancing environment. Enjoyment, of course, is a subjective term. The temperature inside the mountain’s dimly lit tunnels is around 40°C, and the humidity is 100 per cent. The sweat’s already begun to flow. More important, I’m breathing an atmosphere rich in radon.

Hang on… radon? That’s a radioactive gas. Yet here I am, without so much as a film badge dosimeter, never mind the protection of a lead apron, among a group of people who have paid to come to the Gasteiner Heilstollen (“healing galleries”) and willingly, even eagerly, undergo gruelling sessions in physical discomfort because of a much-contested theory that small doses of radiation are not just harmless, but act as a stimulant to good health.

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A Q&A With Godzilla: Interviews with the Original Cast

Akira Takarada and Haruo Nakajima may not be recognizable names in North America. However, everybody knows their characters—the hero and villain of the original 1954 movie Godzilla, known as Gojira in Japan.

Just in time for Anime Boston’s kaiju vs. mecha theme, the two veteran actors sat down to revisit their old monster movie and answer audience questions. We’ve collected some of our favorite responses from each of them.

How much does the fan community mean to you guys?

Nakajima: I am really really grateful that you are all here, clearly because I was so good at playing Godzilla. Thank you.

Gojira has an important message about the danger of nuclear power and weapons. Do you feel this message still applies today?

Nakajima: Sixty-one years ago, we created Gojira to spread the anti-atomic weapon message and to eliminate all atomic bombs from earth. It was felt that Japan in particular, having experienced two nuclear incidents, was suited to spreading this message. Of course other accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and recently Fukushima show that Gojira’s message is still relevant today.

The character of Gojira has been in over 21 films as both a superhero and a destructive force. if you had to choose one favorite, which would it be?

Takarada: If i really had to choose, I would choose Gojira the protector. However it is important to think of Gojira as not just a destroyer. He is also a victim of nuclear radiation. He is a force to be sympathetic with not hated or reviled.

Even though the concept of kajiu is very Japanese in both theme and context, why do you feel it has such a huge worldwide following?

Nakajima: One of the main reasons it had a huge worldwide appeal is because Gojira is trying to protect himself and his home, and everyone can understand that!

Takarada: Gojira is not one dimensional. He has more than one emotion. Sometimes he looks down on people with pity. He has human properties.

Godzilla is not produced using computer generated animation. Do you have any thoughts or feelings about that?“

Nakajima: A lot of preparation went into creating Gojira, from working on movement to looking at animals to make him move correctly. I feel that [CGI] is missing that sense of heart and sense of vulnerability and the feeling of man vs. nature. I think the original is the best! It’s more than a suit. I am Gojira.

—John, AB Staff Blogger

Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU

It’s been 200 years since the nuclear incident, give or take a year or two. Humanity had survived, but not without plenty of changes to the environment and the people and things around them, some people being mutated, others having extende lives but shunned for their new appearances. Living animateonics were now a common thing as well, but they were disregarded as just parts due to the need for humanity’s, and other creature’s wants and needs to survive, so it was rare to just see one wandering around like the old animatronic from a long ruined pizzeria back before nuclear fallout.

The animatronuc was an old blue bunny, its colors fading and psrts pieces together to keep operating. He knew of the dangers that came from wandering the wastelands like he was, but he needd to recharge before going back into hiding. Even being alive and having some special abilities he could probably be using to avoid the need didnt stop him, however, so he just wandered around until he was recharged, which was when his makeshift scanner he had picked up something nearby.