nuclear explosives

This crater, ‘The Sedan Crater’, remains from the Plowshares program, the purpose of which was to test the peaceful use of nuclear explosions. The operating hypothesis was that a nuclear explosion could easily excavate a large area, facilitating the building of canals and roads, improving mining techniques, or simply moving a large amount of rock and soil. The intensity and distribution of radiation proved too great, and the program was abandoned. The “Sedan” device was thermonuclear—70 percent fusion, 30 percent fission—with a yield of 100 kilotons. The crater is an impressive 635 feet deep and 1,280 feet wide. The weight of the material lifted was 12 million tons.
[Taken from the book Nuclear Landscapes, by Peter Goin]

there’s a nuclear explosion every time harry and louis so much as breathe on the same planet louis damn well knew the reaction this was gonna get not to mention he recently brought up how he sees fans’ comments he wasn’t born yesterday

A horrible thought

This is mainly for those living in Scotland but I’m sure the rest of you can empathise.

Imagine, you’ve booked a holiday. You’re going travelling around a country you’ve always dreamed of.

You board the plane from Glasgow and fly to your destination and get settled in your youth hostel. You go sight-seeing during the day and try interesting food and just have a great time. You meet people from all different countries and walks of life.

You are getting the train to the next destination and then after that you’ve got coach journeys to various other towns and cities.

One day you’re resting in the hostel common room and there’s a TV on. A breaking-news story appears on the TV and indicates that there’s been a nuclear explosion at Faslane naval base.

You sit there and watch the news report as it suddenly dawns on you that you don’t have a home to go back to…

And that’s why I don’t agree with nuclear weapons. And I especially don’t agree with harbouring them next to Scotland’s largest fucking city.

Get this shite out of Scotland.