nuclear bomb tests

The signs as famous conspiracy theories
  • Aries: Flat Earth/Illuminati/saved by the bell was made by the illuminati
  • Taurus: Shadow Earth/the moon is fake/hitler is still alive
  • Gemini: Aliens in the ancient world/Denver airport/last thursday
  • Cancer: MK Ultra/shark spies/AIDS was created by the government to weaken the population
  • Leo: Shadow government/Hillary Clinton is really a body double/HAARP
  • Virgo: The moon landing was faked/freemasons/fluoride in the water to cause sickness
  • Libra: Roswell 1947 crash/dinosaurs built the pyramids/FEMA prison camp coffins
  • Scorpio: Chemtrails/Michael Jackson was killed by the Iranian government/tsunamis are caused by governments testing nuclear bombs
  • Sagittarius: Reptilians/world war II was staged/the government knew the pearl harbor bombings would happen
  • Capricorns: Star gate/hollow earth/peak oil
  • Aquarius: Number stations/that one pageant kid that died continued on to be Katy Perry/Elvis is still alive

An atomic bomb test off Bikini Atoll, July 1946. Test weapons were detonated on the reef itself, on the sea, in the air and underwater. Bikini Atoll is one of 23 islands that comprises the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Dubbed “Operation Crossroads”, the nuclear testing rendered the island and surrounding area uninhabitable due to radioactivity, stemming mostly from caesium-137.
'Quite odd': coral and fish thrive on Bikini Atoll 70 years after nuclear tests
Scientists say marine life has proved ‘remarkably resilient’ despite the Pacific island being declared a wasteland in the 1950s
By Eleanor Ainge Roy

I found this article EXTREMELY interesting, about how years of nuclear bomb testing affected marine life in the area. It turns out, everything is thriving without mutations even though radiation levels remain high.

It gives me hope that even if humans destroy each other, the ocean will live on!


Science Knows If A Nation Is Testing Nuclear Bombs

“On the international stage, there are few things more frightening to the world at large than the looming possibility of nuclear war. Many nations have the bomb — some with fission-only bombs, others have achieved the deadlier nuclear fusion — but not everyone publicly declares what they have. Some detonate nuclear devices while denying it; others claim to possess fusion bombs when they don’t have the capability. Thanks to a deep understanding of science, the Earth, and how pressure waves travel through it, we don’t need a truthful nation to figure out the real story.”

Last year, North Korea claimed to have obtained the technology to create a nuclear fusion bomb: the most destructive weapon humanity has ever engineered. This year, they’re threatening to use them, against either South Korea or the United States, depending on the moment in question. Yet these grandiose claims are questionable, and not merely because of the questionable source. From a scientific perspective, we know that North Korea hasn’t demonstrated the capability of doing so. When a nuclear device goes off, even underground, it creates a particular pattern of seismic waves that can be picked up by detectors worldwide. Different from earthquakes, it tells us the bomb’s origin, three-dimensional location on Earth, and its magnitude. North Korea has detonated weapons recently: in 2006, 2013, and just last year. Yet, despite their claims, all the bombs were fission bombs, without a fusion stage.

Come see how science knows what the nuclear capabilities of North Korea are, even if the supreme leader says otherwise!

Nuclear test bomb ‘Able’,  Bikini Atoll, July 1, 1946. Vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver print. 25 x 16,8 cm.

Between 1946 and 1958 twenty-three nuclear bombs were detonated at Bikini Atoll. 'Able’ was the first atomic bomb to be detonated after WWII and was part of 'Operation Crossroads’.