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Feyre and Rhysand when their baby is first born... And than when it's wings start to grow


Rhys was changing Lilith into a fresh outfit for the day when he felt the two bumps just over her shoulder blades. He pushed excitement down the bond he was constantly aware of and a few moments later Feyre was bursting into the room.

“Are they really there?” His mate reached for their daughter who was sitting upright in his arms and chewing on one fist. She kicked her legs in excitement at seeing Feyre, and Rhys turned Lilith slightly so Feyre could see the nubs beginning to develop through her soft skin.

Lilith was oblivious to their grins, though, starting to squirm in Rhys’s arms. She’d only just gotten a grip on standing on her own, pulling herself up on the edge of tables, the low couch in their Velaris townhouse and never wanted to be in one place for too long.

“They don’t hurt her, do they?” Feyre asked, rubbing Lilith’s back in soothing circles as she started to get antsy, grabbing at Rhys’s fingers.

“Nothing too painful,” he said, bouncing their daughter. Feyre grabbed the shirt he’d picked out for their outing around the city and helped pull it gently over her head, feeding her soft arms through the sleeves.  “Similar to teething, I’ve heard.”

He smoothed down the flyaways of Lilith’s dark hair and helped Feyre pull the soft pants up over their daughter’s squirming legs.  “Still, growing teeth and growing wings are two entirely different things.”

Rhys shrugged. “The magic helps the wings along, I imagine.”

Lilith let out a happy shriek, as if agreeing, and reached for Feyre.

Rhys passed her over and leaned down to kiss her dimpled cheek, tucking the wisps of her hair over her delicately pointed ear.  “My little bat.”

Our little bat.”

Rhys wrapped his arm around Feyre, pulling his mate and daughter closer. “Our little bat.”

Baxter, Old English Sheepdog (9 y/o),, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, CAN • “He wears orthotic braces because he tore his CCL in both knees. We thought we were going to have to put him down – we didn’t want to put him through a second surgery. They definitely saved his life. He’s mostly back to normal – we just went on a walk he hasn’t done in 8 months and his little nub is always wagging.”

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Honestly, the whole toeless nub feet for Sonic characters has always bothered me as well. It just seems as weird and baffling as them having realistic human like feet. I seriously thought Big wore fishing boots for years, until I realized he was really wearing sandals. It just makes me think that Yuji Uekawa didn't want to bother drawing extra two simple lines on each foot when going through the designing process, instead of it being a stylistic choice.

No kidding. And you know, the weird thing is, in at least one game it’s  established that their feet have *toe bones* in them anway, so what the hell? 

Heh, nice to know I’m not alone in having thought that about Big, at least until the realization of their freakish blob feet dawned upon me. Weird thing though, he had toes in his concept art, but then they *chose* to remove them.


Frankly even as a stylistic choice, it’s one I just do not get, and one I have no appreciation for. 

Because I am trash I keep elaborating on Noboru’s family against my better judgement.

Nub’s Grandmother on his Fathers side, Grandma Nori is a foul mouthed woman who was known for her violent temperament back in her day. Though the years have calmed her a bit, she still has a sharp tongue and a reputation as someone who could snap their fingers and have you disposed of.

She found out she had grandchildren long after they were born through word of mouth, needless to say she was pissed, harsh words were used towards her son, she took it upon herself to meet them and establish a bond with the kids. Though Masuyo is not sure how to take Nori, the kids think she’s a riot and love it when Grandma Nori comes to visit.