It’s 9AM and I’m thinking about horn-cutting for fun and cultural profit, so!

I figure there are four dragon breeds with really pervasive horn-cutting traditions: Imperials, Guardians, Wildclaws, and Mirrors. For most other breeds it is a harmless form of body modification, done to achieve an aesthetic.

Among the most traditional and orthodox Imperial cultures, usually Light, Earth or Shadow-based familites, antler-cutting is a form of mourning. When one close to you dies, you cut your antlers down to nubs in order to express your grief. The mourning period is meant to end when your antlers fall out and regrow, and for widows and widowers, it is meant to mark the time when it is ‘acceptable’ to start seeking a new mate. However, it is not uncommon to see one of the bereaved continue to trim their antlers even after this point, their by extending their mourning and expressing their disinterest in suitors. It’s also common for edgy imperial children to have their antlers cut for any depressing philosophical reason they can come up with. In other cultures, most notably Arcane, the mourning aspect has been dropped, and instead antlers and antler cuttings are meant simply to show one’s eligibility. An imperial actively seeking a new mate or in open relationships is encouraged to grow out their antlers, while those in closed relationships are expected to cut theirs down. Single imperials with no interest in relationships are likely to do the same. Due to these subtle cultural signals, it is also considered bad luck to pursue a relationship with another imperial who’s antlers have been or are in shed.

Mirrors will almost never willingly cut off their crests. Without them, they cannot intimidate nor properly vye for dominance. At best, they are relegated to the absolute bottom rung of the pack, below even newborn hatchlings. More commonly, they are turned out alone into the wasteland No pack will take them in, and lone survival in the wastelands is impossibly low, usually making this a death sentance. This punishment is most frequently inflicted upon recently deposed leaders, traitors, or the perpetrators of unthinkable crimes. 

Wildclaws will cut horns as a form of public shaming- though they will usually only cut one at a time, it is rare for a wildclaw to have all six horns sheared away in one go, and this is usually only done to traitors who, like in Mirror society, are promptly cast out. For the average wildclaw though, it is not completely uncommon to be missing at least one horn- usually as punishment for cowardice. You are expected to learn from it, and improve, and the older you are, the less society cares about your one mis-step. However, your status in the clan drops with each horn cut, as any wildclaw who did not learn from their first punishment is either impudent, stupid, or inherently untrustworthy. A wildclaw with all their horns intact is to be looked to as an example, someone to idolize and aspire to. This cultural understanding has been notably abused by certain regimes, who may prevent potential threats by cutting their horns on minor offenses, devaluing their worth in the clan. 

Guardians who cut their horns have usually lost their charge, and will shear theirs willingly as a unique mix of mourning and shame. It is uncommon to see a Guardian in such a state, as more often than not they will pine away at their own failure- however, there is a well-known fable in Guardian culture of one dragon with a famous and difficult to protect charge, who pre-emptively cut her horns in order to convince the outside world that her charge was lost, thereby removing all danger to them. Some guardians who claim blood ties back to this particular protector will willingly sheer their horns in tribute to their revered ancestor- whether they’re telling the truth or not is up to debate.

tfw u write something great in ur head and forget how it goes bc u cant write it fast enough w ur stubby flesh nubs
plug me into the computer i have great ideas and im sick of forgetting

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Receiving oral from Barba headcanon please? xx

He’s so good at it!

Not much of a tease, because he hates when you tease him. So he just goes for it.

His favorite move is just to get you off by stimulating your clit. He’ll use his tongue to flick it, suck on it, kiss it, nibble it, poke it, etc. He doesn’t touch anywhere else, only focusing on the sensitive nub.

If he already you off once by just clitoral stim, he’ll push his tongue into your cunt, curling it up.

When you hit your peak he never stops. He keeps eating you right on through until you literally push his head away.

He loves loves loves your taste. He always tells you how sweet you are, like a juicy peach made just for him.

an outing on Tekken Revolution

Tonight’s damage on TR:

- two ragequits (… ego talking: they got scurred? …)

- one loss to a Jaycee with 200 health who kept doing lows and unblockables. I took some rounds, but it’s kind of demoralizing to get two good combos before you even get into their regular health bar :-O

- one loss to an actually really good Law!

- last match before I ran out of tokens: an absurd beatdown on a Bob whose main strat seemed to be rolling on the ground. Two perfects, then in the third round he managed to hit me once. Total time, just about 30 seconds. His hatemail read, and I quote, “haha spamer nub”.

Strong work, Tekken Revolution. Strong work.


EDIT: Fixed to have individual characters for extra readability and a bit more detail. sorry for that :C

An aph nordics pottertalia au in which they take the role of harry & co. a lame adventure by goo and I. tbh no one of them is THE harry of the group, they all have their individual moments to shine for defs c:


feelin better did some things here are some of my fave ricks and mortys

my main hang up with this game is that sausage morty doesnt have lil nub arms im super upset about it man