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do frogs even have genders

honestly they shouldnt but. these frogs have a somewhat gender-based society rip.

generally female frogs look like this

while males look like

but as a female grows older, their white-face marking becomes a “male” one and sometimes the nubs on their hats disappear. 

however!!! a few frogs (gyororo and nuii) have genders that are completely up for discussion. nuii rrefers to themself as “boku” but also calls themself a seamstress (a generally female term) but theyre also a frog whos a doll so i dont think they need a gender. also gyororo’s gender was just never said and he could really be a girl or just nonbinary tbh

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"I've been hearing that it's your birthday today. I... suppose I wish you a happy birthday, in that case." There was an uncertain smile upon Taranza's face, he wasn't quite sure if he was doing this right. He's trying at least, right?

Kirby was, to say the least, slightly taken aback by Taranza’s openness. However, any other conflicting or problematic thoughts were pushed to the side as he rushed forward to greet him. However, he stopped himself short in front of the floralian just in time; he had been about to hug the arachnid around his waist if his memory hadn’t kicked in and reminded him about how Taranza had reacted in the past whenever he would do such a thing. Relieved that he had remembered in the nick of time, he re-positioned himself so that he was facing the spider’s side instead before proceeding to give him a gentle hug while making sure to keep his nubs from rubbing against Taranza’s chest / waist area.

“Thanks, T-Tazzy!” he replied, resting his head against the floralian’s side as he softly cooed.

Glad to be back in the office with a regular schedule. The week-long staycation was nice, but really overturned my home schedule. But the rest was appreciated and things are back to normal now.

The start of a Digivolution sheet! Eventually all six forms will be included. Forgot a tenta-nub on one and messed up the highlight direction on the other. I am on fire. I’ll fix them tomorrow.

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Fluffy prompt - Souharu holding hands. Also, have a great day :)

This is just silly nerds.  I will never find Sousuke getting constantly lost not funny.  

Rin clears his throat.  “Uh… Sou-”  He calls, lips lifting into an amused smile.

“Yeah, I know-” Sousuke pivots without looking at him, storming in the opposite direction.

“Um, Sousuke… we actually have to continue straight,” Makoto interjects, with a good-natured smile.  Beside him, Haru snorts and Rin chokes on a quiet laugh.

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I fucking promised this forever ago but im a lazy son of a bitch so here it is now…

this is just gonna be the random order that I think of them in  

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so, we were asked to get a pair of plants at the beginning of season six, and i did. i don’t think this is the result they were looking for. they were practically identical when i got them. about two inches high, with pink flowers on the top. the dried-out flower stayed on the other NO GMM cactus, but not on the GMM cactus. honestly i have no words for what happened to the GMM cactus. like somewhere something went wrong for this little guy. it’s like the cosmos looked down on this cactus and said “hold on–what if we make this one ugly?” and so it was and so my cactus has a weird wrongy nub. i don’t know what this says about me or gmm or cacti but it’s probably along the lines of “seek help this is weird.”

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do you know what matt was using to communicate to his laptop? im rewatching ep 8 its like a small gadget with braille thingy

if you’re referring to that it’s called a refreshable braille display.

“He uses a computer with screen reading software connected to a refreshable braille display. This is that small box that had little nubs that popped up to form braille characters. ”


Pongo Coatrack

We feel strongly that great designs appear to be effortless. Objects of desire that function, while maintaining a state of comfort. Our design methodology translates proven and established classics into contemporary methods of making. This translation serves to invent a new identity for a familiar strategy.

For this project, we tackled the twisted-stick coat rack as a typology. Our first inclination was to melt and weld these sticks together. Though impractical, it would have been possible to purchase a tree and carve this object out as a solid. Instead we looked to five-axis milling as an operation to ensure three individual sticks could be carved efficiently, shipped efficiently, and still align precisely with mechanical fasteners. Clever spiraling fastener placement allows the single component to attach to itself, instead of requiring variation between the sticks. In doing so, we were faced with the challenge of producing the moment in the design we are most fond of—the belly buttons. These internalized nubs rhetorically call for the bolts. The three sticks wrap around each other in such a way that the bolts align with the neighboring parts, making the assembly a simple task that requires no instruction manual.

size: 21" X 21" X 64"
mate­r­ial: Baltic Birch Plywood or Solid Ash
sustainability: in addition to sourcing our plywood from managed forests, we source our solid woods locally.
fabrication: 5-axis cnc milling


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"Hello who goes there?" She asked looking around as she got super worried. (littlebluebirdhasflownaway)

*a little nub comes out hissing at her*