New Galra Headcanon

All the Galras are like furry right? What if they just have tiny little nub tails like some dogs do.
Just like this tiny little ball of fluff. It’s obviously hidden by their armor to keep their appearance threatening but like what if they just have this cute little nonthreatening tail.



All Might: @knerzig
Izuku: @dontcallmenubs


I found this kitty in the street, so cold and hungry she was shivering, trying to figure out if she could eat a cigarette butt. I brought her inside, fed her, got her nice and warm, and now she’s the happiest girl alive??

Can anyone in the NYC area give her a home? We have two cats already, and as much as I’d love to keep her, we don’t really have room for a third. She looks about 4-5 months old, and seems perfectly healthy, other than being underweight: although of course a visit to the vet would not go amiss! She is MISSING HER TAIL, it is just a little two inch nub that wiggles around furiously and is the Cutest Goddamned Thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what I can tell you about her after looking after her for a couple of days: she is curious and affectionate, eager to bond with any human who looks her way. She is comfortable being picked up. She is very gentle: even when playing, there are no teeth or claws! She is timid of other cats, but not aggressive or terrified, so I think with a little patience she could definitely be a happy part of a multi-kitty home.

Please be her Christmas miracle! I really don’t want to have to bring her to a shelter. This little girl has been through enough, and deserves to have a home for the holidays.

UPDATE 12/18: Lil MOCHA has gone to her new home! Thank you so much to everyone who helped to spread the word about this kitty who needed a miracle. The temperature dropped here in NYC right after we took her in, down to the teens, and she might not have made it through the week. But now she’s gone to the home of a loving cat mom who lost her own kitty to old age less than a month ago; so I think she needed Mocha as much as Mocha needed her! 

I am going to miss her, but I know she will be ridiculously happy in her new home. Happy holidays, everybody!

Hey Lets Use Human DNA as a Genetic Base

“Oh man that turned out great. Functioning internal organs that only needed slight surgical correction. Lively. Curious. All together healthy, barring the underdeveloped cranial carapace and partially exposed spine. She’ll need plenty of calcium is all, aha, lots of milk for the lil pup.”


“I think, i understand why her headcase turned out so soft. I know what i did wrong and I can correct it. Trust me.

“This’ll be great.”

Control pt.1



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His hands began trailing up your thighs, making you shudder with every touch. Mercilessly whispering into your ears, each whisper leaving you gasping for air. Your body slowly being overcome with a sensation foreign to you.You couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eyes. He notices and lifts your chin up, forcing you to look up and into his lustful eyes.

“Don’t be nervous baby. I promise I’ll be gentle with you” He purred in your ear. The feeling of his warm breath against your skin sent jolts of pleasure up your body, heating up your core whilst his fingers lingered over you nub.

“jungkook~~” You cooed. not being able to form any coherent sentences you were left with nothing but soft involuntary moans falling from your lips. He began moving in closer, close enough for you to be intoxicated by his sweet musky scent. Licking his lips whilst admiring yours, he leaned in and-


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