Sweet Sweat!

Oh my! 35 minutes after I left NuBody I was still sweating. Sent my husband a photo, don’t think you are ready for that yet. As I write I am trying to cool off from my cold shower. Not sure how long I will have to sit here before I can put on my makeup and go upstairs to work.

Two different set ups today. The goal was four rounds each side. Well I made three on my first side and two on the other. Bear crawl was my downfall today. I must have a mental problem with bending over. Nothing was hurting, I just could not breathe. Then I had to go to the jump rope. Should have completed 400 total, made it to 180.

On a good note, I jogged today. Obviously not very far but I did it. I also did the full counts and did not shave off 5. I can do 10 of just about anything, today I did the appropriate 15 or 20.

Minor victories and lots of work left.

Now lets try to dry this hair!

She’s baaaaaack! Had some minor set backs with my health these past couple months & gained 8 pounds and 4-5% Body Fat -cant blame it all on my health tho! But in less than 30 days (top pic May 25th & bottom pic 6/18/13) I’ve dropped 5 pounds & 4% Body Fat!!!! I know you might be thinking “just 8 pounds” but that’s a lot for me and I wanted it OFF!!! Tried to snapshot today’s meal plan but not enough room. I didn’t change just one thing…(like just stop eating carbs or just stop eating meat) I’ve stuck to eating lean meats, complex carbs, raw nuts, 7-9 cups of water per day, minimal salt intake, no fruit and more weight training) than I’ve ever done before! So I honestly haven’t done anything differently besides work my natural black azz off!!! I can’t promise you changes in 2 days, 5 days, etc, but I can promise you if you just stick with it a lil bit longer this time and cut back on a lil more unnecessary eating…you will begin to see some changes!! But you MUST commit to changing what you EAT no matter what! I know you want to see your change too! That pasta Alfredo taste only lasts 15 minutes in your mouth but feeling good again about yourself lasts a lifetime! #fitness #motivation #nulife #nubody (at

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