Sweet Sweat!

Oh my! 35 minutes after I left NuBody I was still sweating. Sent my husband a photo, don’t think you are ready for that yet. As I write I am trying to cool off from my cold shower. Not sure how long I will have to sit here before I can put on my makeup and go upstairs to work.

Two different set ups today. The goal was four rounds each side. Well I made three on my first side and two on the other. Bear crawl was my downfall today. I must have a mental problem with bending over. Nothing was hurting, I just could not breathe. Then I had to go to the jump rope. Should have completed 400 total, made it to 180.

On a good note, I jogged today. Obviously not very far but I did it. I also did the full counts and did not shave off 5. I can do 10 of just about anything, today I did the appropriate 15 or 20.

Minor victories and lots of work left.

Now lets try to dry this hair!