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With darkened hues András watched his prey from afar. His brothers and sisters by his side and with a single movement of his bandaged hand they all set off on the hunt. The Wolves of the North had been tracking a stranger who’d wandered too far from it’s home and they wished to know why. All those who were sane would never come into these parts as the tales in which lingered around it was far too terrifying for most to handle. This is what made it such a peaceful place. The only ones who inhabited it were that of the Wolvan. A clan of warriors who’d been on this lands for more than thousands of years and this lone stranger could break the peace in which they have worked so hard to gain.

Eventually over time even the leader himself joined in the hunt. Jumping onto the rocks that came out from under the snow in order to make his path easier and faster. Soon enough the stranger was in sight and his warriors were already ahead.
Circling the stranger they all let fierce growls escape from deep down in their throat awaiting until András began to speak.

 "You’ve come a long ways North, Southling“ he started off, his simple look seeming more threatening than any of the others ”Razaar is quite idiotic if he thought one of his spies could get past us. Now tell me, what are you doing here?