nubian woman

Worked up this illustration of a couple I saw on the train a few weeks back… I embellished a little on the design; the guy didn’t have this body frame, & neither wore gold, but both carried a powerful sense of Afrikan pride about them, which I loved… People couldn’t take their eyes off them… I loved that too.

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To All My Beautiful Black People

Assata Shakur once said “Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” Stop debating with white people as to why our lives matter, let’s stop even engaging in arguments with them. Fuck them and let’s build something for ourselves. Fuck their school system let’s make our own. Fuck their jobs let’s create our own. Fuck Whole Foods let’s grow our own foods in the cities we live in. And fuck asking them for money to rebuild our community let’s rebuild it ourselves. Let’s create our own everything. We just have to come together and stop arguing about the petty shit. Because we have one enemy, and that’s the powers that be. Unity is the key if we are going to survive this! 2017 Let’s GO!

This goes out to the Red and The Brown too! You are our brothers and sisters ! ✨