nubian desert

Nubian Pyramids - Meroe, Sudan 

Over 255 pyramids, used as tombs for Kings and Queens, were built in the Nile Valley, around the year 300BCE. The best preserved of these pyramids are located in the former Kingdom of Meroe. While taking influence from the Egyptian Pyramids north of the Kingdom, the pyramids found in Meroe differ by featuring a steeper incline, and a narrower base. 

Treasure hunting excavations were held here in the 1800′s, with jewels and antiques from the pyramids now on display in museums in Berlin and Munich.

Crash// closed

Through the heat and the sand The Panther prowled through the rugged Nubian Desert. The king was in search of a falling object that he witness the night before. He wasn’t sure what it was, but ever since the Chitari attacked New York nothing falling from the sky could be good. He need to secure it before any of the warring factions in Sudan could find it.

He searched through the sand and waves of heat. He saw something gleam on the side of a dune. A glint of sliver stood out among the golden sand. “Akili I think I found it tell the others to meet me at my location.” T'Challa said into his helmets intercom.

He climbed up the dune to see a craft of some kind it was the size of a suv. He walked around it trying to find an opening or window. It definitely wasn’t Chitari, he concluded on further inspection of the ship. He climbed on top of the craft and found a hatch with glass so he could see in. Inside the cockpit he saw what he thought was a woman. They looked human with long brown hair covering there face and porcelain skin. He saw her moving slowly barely conscious. He ripped off the hatch and shout into the cockpit. “Can you hear me, Are you injured?”

Shit said at my theatre camp RP MEME edition

“____ WILL CHOKE!”

“Oh no, it’s Hillary Clinton!”

“Why are you in my home?”

“So we’re at the animal morgue…”

“____’S A LAME-O!”

“This isn’t a frisbee, it’s a BABY!”

“I want to stab her in her triple-chin neck.”

“Our marriage has been falling apart since 2005!”

“People kept saying she was my girlfriend so now we just say we’re cousins.”

“The infinite monkey theorem works.”

“A trip to the Nubian Desert!”


“He’s just a dumb fool.”

“Have you no shame?”

“This show is crappy.” 

“How can rugs be interactive?” 

“Your only talent is man-stealing.”

“___, I’ve been preparing my whole life for this.”

“Eat the worms, honey, eat the worms!”

“You mean, wrestle the idol of my children?”

“Little people! Funny little people!”

“Maybe I should leave…”

“Bless my soul! It’s a miracle!”

“Kill all citzens?”

“Let me play the rodeo clown.”

“I don’t see your name on him.”

“You mean, YOU stunk.”

“Evildoers do evil laughs.”

“Yeah I guess we can’t-can’t wait to come out!”

“Behave? I was about to become VIOLENT.”

“Forgive your enemies! It messes with their heads!”

“Unless ____ screws it up.”

“No one’s got any money in this stinkin’ economy.”