How Peter Capaldi became The Doctor

We have always seen the actors’ personalities being reflected into the doctor they play. But this observation stands truer for Peter Capaldi than for any other actor who has played the doctor.
We seldom realize that he probably had been imagining himself being the doctor for almost 50 years before he got the role. And it seems his doctor has all the aspects of his idea of the doctor from his childhood till this day.
Twelve’s stubbornness is almost childlike almost as if it came from 5 year old Peter’s idea of the doctor. But then it merges with 20 year old Peter’s idea of a cool, bowie-esque doctor. Then comes the matter-of-fact-no-nonsense twelve who is also extremely kind. He is wise since he has lived through it all. And then comes the twelfth doctor who possesses a tender heart and who has known love.
Peter Capaldi gives us, the audience, a deeper understanding of this multi layered complex character by acting out all the eras of his doctor and thus in the process becoming the doctor.


Okay hear me out but why are almost all of the DW companion’s parents either at least half dead or MIA

Because I’m all about representation so whERE ARE THE PARENTS

Like okay we’ll start with Rose (classic who would take way too long)
So Rose’s dad - dead, hit by a car
Jack - doesn’t really count he’s too old to have parents
Martha - both parents intact, well done RTD
Donna - God knows where her dad was, but we had Wilfred so all is good in the world - but still(!) no father
Amy - parents got eaten by a hole so she forgot about them, still MIA, eventually do come back
Rory - Brian Brian Brian Brian. Brian is the best I love Brian.
Clara - dead mother
Bill - dead mother, dad MIA

Do we, as watchers of the show, just like the vulnerability of loss, or do they just use it on the show as a plot point (Amy, Rose, kind of Clara, probably Bill at some point). But seriously the chances of the Doctor pretty much always finding someone who’s parent/s are gone is pretty slim. Like these companions are in their 20’s, not many people lose their parents when they’re that young. I get that a lot of people are from single parent homes but still.

Also can the companions have more siblings pls.

You know…it always made me sad how nuWho Doctors treated the companion who came after “their” companion. Ten was so hung up on Rose that he completely overlooked how sharp, kind, and devoted Martha was. Eleven was so bitter everything that happened with the Ponds that he became less trusting and questioned Clara at every turn, when she was only ever just a regular young woman. They both deserved better than what Ten and Eleven gave them. They were bright, brave individuals in their own rights who deserved to be treated as such, but Ten and Eleven never really saw them as their own people—as a friend, as a fellow traveler.

And then there’s my Twelvey. Twelve, whose older and less charming traits were embraced because Clara knew him so well and loved him so much. Twelve, who was so intensely close with and similar to Clara that he had to remove himself from her in order to keep the universe safe. There will never be a pair quite like them again. I couldn’t blame him if he couldn’t bring himself to make a new friend. 

Instead of retreating into himself and refusing to let another young human into his life, he…did the opposite. He noticed a young woman who is clever, who loves to learn, and he wanted to meet her. He took it upon himself to teach her, because she can’t afford to attend the university. He went out of his way to get to know her, to learn her story, and to give her a glimpse at her late mother, because it mattered to her. He acted so very much like a Doctor. Like the Doctor Clara deserved when she first met Eleven. Like the Doctor Bill deserves now. 

Clara must be so proud to call that guy her Doctor. I know I am.

My tribute to the ninth doctor played by Christopher Eccleston who’s celebrating his 52d birthday today.

it’s a rather experimental piece for me and I am not really sure if I like the result but here it is. ^^

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“900 years of time and space, and I’ve never been slapped by someone’s mother.” –Ninth Doctor, “Aliens of London”

#4 of the Doctor Who “A Graphic Per Episode Series” by @abominablebriide

Real Talk

People don’t like the RTD era just because of nostalgia.

Moffat isn’t Satan.

The classic series had so, so many problems.

Let’s talk about how these stories work, or don’t work, and why. Let’s talk about how these showrunners model universes. Let’s celebrate and analyze and criticize a wonderful, flawed, changing thing in a wonderful, flawed, changing universe.

The 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 10 - Least Favorite Companion 

River Song 

“Why the ever living fuck do people believe River Song is a feminist icon?” 

Look, I fully understand why people might enjoy the character: the actress who plays her is charismatic, the concept behind the character is interesting even if the execution is flawed, her unique relationship with the Doctor, while problematic, still lends itself to potential story possibilities, ect. and so forth.

It’s fine if people like River Song. I don’t care about that. 

What I take umbrage at, is the mentality, that River is some how this big break through in female representation for the show. 

Ok, first off, River is not the first companion to be the Doctor’s “equal” in terms of abilities. Susan, Zoe, and both Romana’s, have been shown to be the Doctor’s equal in terms of intelligence and capabilities.  The Doctor just has more real world experience than them and the same applies to River because it’s the Doctor. He has more experience than everybody and everybody takes a back seat to him because he’s the star.  

In fact the only companions to be equal to the Doctor in terms of experience and story focus would be Barbara and Ian. Back when the Doctor was new and didn’t know everything yet, Babs and Ian were discovering the universe along with him and they saved the day just as much as he did. 

Add into this, the fact that River is a text book example of a “ Strong, Independent Woman Syndrom”. We are told she’s this amazingly smart person but all we see her do is “action stuff” cause “Strong Independent Woman” ya’ll. Despite the fact that one can not be independent if one’s entire life revolves around someone else.  

Every major decision River makes, from birth until death is for the Doctor. A man she has been brainwashed to be obsessed over.  And we never see her over come and break away from this. She was created to solely be a love interest, not a character in her own right. 

To claim River Song is “Independent” or a representation of “Feminist values”, is an insult to every real woman who has ever worked hard to achieve something because they themselves wanted it for no other reason than to please themselves.    

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Feminism is about choice! Since every decision River makes is greatly influenced by others or Moffat’s “timey-wimey” predestination, she therefore has no agency with in her own story. And with out agency, River Song can never be a positive influence in the fight for real female representation.    


So the special last year…takes place right after Angels Take Manhattan for River right?

So what is the Doctor doing at the start of this latest episode?

Trying to fix the time distortion crap in New York City that prevented him from going back for Amy and Rory.

He’s trying to fix, in some small way, that River lost her parents…or at least fix the problem that caused it and prevent it happening again.

He can’t bring them back. He can’t bring River back. But he’s the Doctor. He has to DO something. So he’s going to do the thing that could have saved them if only it had been done before they were lost. River is gone and he’s still trying to protect her, help her, show her that actually, maybe the sunset does admire you back.