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Hi! I'm loving "It's Insanity, But." I saw you posted the kids' ages in the last chapter so I was wondering if you could describe what they each looked like too? I know you wrote that only 2 are somewhat white looking but I'm just asking so I know how to picture them correctly in my head when I read. I want to see them as you've created them :3 please?

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you- I was travelling in Norway!

Also, sorry that I’m shit at physical descriptions! I can’t picture things in my head so it’s a major weakness in my writing. Must attempt to do better!

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Nick Mosby

City Councilman

Nick Mosby- is a business leader, youth advocate, and Baltimore’s Native Son. Nick was born and raised in North East Baltimore by his mother, the late Eunice Orange. Growing up, his mother was his guiding light and she always stressed education as a top priority. Because of his mother’s wisdom and insight, Nick gained an appreciation for education and all of the opportunities it afforded. Very early on, Nick’s mother, who was a single-parent, took advantage of school enrichment programs such as: Head Start; TWIGS; MESA; and Upward Bound; all which helped strengthen and broaden Nick’s academic and cultural experiences. After graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in 1997, Nick attended and graduated from Tuskegee University, making him the first in his family to graduate from college. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University, where he was also selected for Eta Kappa Nu, International Electrical Engineering Honor Society.

Following graduation from Tuskegee University, Nick’s lasting love, foresight, and passion for Baltimore City brought him back home and in 2004 Nick invested in Reservoir Hill by purchasing a boarded up, dilapidated house that was abandoned for almost 20 years through the S.C.O.P.E program. Recognizing his ability to not only make a difference for the future of his family but for the future of Baltimore City, Nick’s community leadership and activism began as he embarked as a business leader, youth advocate and a dedicated public servant.

Having benefitted from remarkable extra-curricular programs as a youth, Nick recognizes his personal responsibility to give back to the youth. As such, Nick has been an instructor and mentor with the Omega Academy where he served as role model to adolescent boys in West Baltimore, a College Tour coordinator and mentor with the Winning Teams Mentoring Program at Coppin State University, a seminar facilitator with Inroads, Inc., as well as a volunteer with the Upward Bound program.

On the business front, Nick is currently a Video Network Engineering Manager with Verizon Communications Inc. and has managed projects for the company with budgets of over $30 million as well as managing upwards of 22 employees. Nick has been with Verizon for over 14 years. In addition to his wealth of business experience and success, Nick also has an extensive record of public service. He is the immediate past President of the Bolton Park Neighbors, Inc. in Reservoir Hill and current board member of Midtown Community Benefits District (MCBD), Empowering Minds of Maryland Youth (EMMY), and the Elijah Cummings Youth Program (ECYP). In 2008, Nick was honorably appointed to the Maryland Democratic State Central Committee for the 40th District and served as a board member of Community Building in Partnerships Incorporated in Sandtown-Winchester.

Raised with strong Christian values, Nick is a lifelong member of St. Matthew Catholic Church, an active member of Reservoir Hill community associations, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated. Nick currently resides in Reservoir Hill and is happily married to Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, Marilyn Mosby. Together, they are the proud parents of two young daughters.


so probably the coolest thing about the graduation ceremony yesterday was how the girl translating in spanish (they were sooooooo pretty!!!) had the same name as me and i thought that was super neat bc it’s not really that common of a name and every time they said itzel my family would look at me and jokingly be like “hey that’s u go up there” and i’d be like That Me :-)

[ Authors ]
Miftachul Hadi, Malcolm Anderson, Andri Husein
[ Abstract ]
In this paper we study the gravitational field of a straight string generated from a class of nonlinear sigma models, specifically the Skyrme model without a twist and the Skyrme model with a twist (the twisted Skyrmion string). The twist term, $mkz$, is included to stabilize the vortex solution. To model the effects of gravity, we replace the Minkowski tensor, $\eta^{\mu\nu}$, in the standard Skyrme Lagrangian density with a space-time metric tensor, $g^{\mu\nu}$, assumed to be static and cylindrically symmetric. The Einstein equations for the metric and field components are then derived. This work is still in progress.

[ Authors ]
Justin Hietala, Dan Cronin-Hennessy, Todd Pedlar, Ian Shipsey
[ Abstract ]
We measure absolute branching fractions for six exclusive $D_s$ semileptonic decays. We use data collected in the CLEO-c detector from $e^+e^-$ annihilations delivered by the Cornell Electron Storage Ring with a center-of-mass energy near 4170 MeV. We find $\mathcal{B}(D_s \to \phi e \nu)~= (2.14 \pm 0.17 \pm 0.09)$%, $\mathcal{B}(D_s \to \eta e \nu)~= (2.28 \pm 0.14 \pm 0.20)$%, and $\mathcal{B}(D_s \to \eta’ e \nu)~= (0.68 \pm 0.15 \pm 0.06)$% for the largest modes, where the first uncertainties are statistical and the second are systematic. We also obtain $\mathcal{B}(D_s \to K^0 e \nu)~= (0.39 \pm 0.08 \pm 0.03)$%, $\mathcal{B}(D_s \to K^* e \nu)~= (0.18 \pm 0.04 \pm 0.01)$%, and $\mathcal{B}(D_s \to f_0 e \nu, f_0 \to \pi\pi)~= (0.13 \pm 0.02 \pm 0.01)$% for $f_0$ masses within 60 MeV of 980 MeV. We use our results to determine the $\eta-\eta’$ and $f_0$ mixing angles with $s\bar{s}$, and we combine our results with lattice calculations to estimate $|V_{cs}|$. This measurement improves upon the $D_s$ semileptonic branching ratio precision and provides a new approach for future work that eliminates the $D_s^*$ daughter photon reconstruction.

[ Authors ]
I. Thaler, H.C. Spruit
[ Abstract ]
The question of possible small-scale dynamo action in the surface layers of the Sun is revisited with realistic 3D MHD simulations. As in other MHD problems, dynamo action is found to be a sensitive function of the magnetic Prandtl number ${\rm P_{\rm m} }=\nu/\eta$; it disappears below a critical value ${\rm P_{\rm c}}$ which is a function of the numerical resolution. At a grid spacing of 3.5 km, ${\rm P_{\rm c}}$ based on the hyperdiffusivities implemented in the code (STAGGER) is $\approx 1$, increasing with increasing grid spacing. As in other settings, it remains uncertain whether small scale dynamo action is present in the astrophysical limit where ${\rm P_{\rm m} }<<1$ and magnetic Reynolds number ${\rm R_m}\gg 1$. The question is discussed in the context of the strong effect that external stray fields are observed to have in generating and maintaining dynamo action in other numerical and laboratory systems, and in connection with the type-II hypertransient behavior of dynamo action observed in the absence of such external fields.

Catatan buat kesebelasan&Ipa3

Dulu; (1)njir bosen ungal poe maneh lagi maneh lagi.(2)les moal? Nunggu stelan domar nya! Les enggak nongkrong iya (3)didomar;njir eta aya bibit geulis buru menta pin na! Numana? Eta nu di tiung.. Ah lain eta meren nu hijina deui nya?*inayah*.(4)caknoor ah,ah bosen lele deui lele deui,stelan tense we mang nana.(5)Biologi euy,asup moal? Mm moal ah mushola weh.(6)isuk ulangan aisia kumaha? Kalem weh aya si zul.(7)Remed deui remed deui duh bu eni,mol h20 dan dedemit nya.(8)Yes setengah hari! Caw keun yu ah kamana weh,anjir ulin wae ih….(8)Tiap pagi udh ada daftar puter speaker kojo,Gantiiii ih bosen lagunya itu trs.(9) Kantin yuu ah berto sadappp.(10)njir arurang asa ngabring kieu ih era jiga nu rek tauran.(11)….. Isi deh sm kalian sendiri.


“Ih biasanya nge chat dimana,ntr aku kerumah. Tapi Mana nih? Ah paling sm tmn barunya.”

“Dak apa kabar?
Baik(10) udh gt aja bls nya.

“Caw yu ah????
Ih urg gakbisa ikut yah byk tugas:(,HMMM

"Kgn pisan euy ka barudak,tapi ayeuna mah ges sombong nya barudak na ge.”

“Stelan rumah eva weh yu. Ada yg bilang caw eh tapi yg dtg nya ituitu juga.”

“Lalibur teu? Ulin yu! Banyak sih yg waro eiih tp cuma wacana.”

“Apakabar ih? Gimana kuliah nya? Semangat yah, sedih ya kesan nya lama bgt gak ketemu chat gt doang gk bisa ngilangin rasa kgn.”

“Grup; member sih masih tetep makin sini yg waro itu lagi itu lagi,nge waro sih tp gitu doang. Dulu yg bls sama yg read seimbang skrg????

“Dulu kmn-mana bareng,main brg skrg udh gak ada kabar sm sekali,ngejauh tbtb tunangan jg kita gak dikasih tau tuh.”

“Duh plis harus bgt cerita sm dia! Aduh tp takut euy udh lama gak ketemu gapernah cerita juga. Aduuuu plis dulu tiap hari kl cerita sampe nge busa.”

“Kl ketemu cm bisa beberapa jam,sebenernya gak bisa nyembuhin kgn, Topik nya; hahahahaha baheula mnh kieu ih ngewa!!!!, mnh inget teu skandal nimbun soal??,kgn nya ka si bu ieu:’),njir di kuliah mah eweh nu jiga si zul, Dan selalu ada cerita bali… Azzzz

"Satu-satu ngilang……”

Dalem hati;
“ya allah plis balikin lg ke masa SMA sumpah kgn bgt,mereka bisa bikin lupa sama semua jombo juga rasanya woles ae. ”

“Kgn sih sebenernya cm malu ngungkapin takut dianya biasa aja.

"Dia kgn aku gakyah:( asa sombong bgt. Lupa gt ya.”

“Pgn ih sebulan aja balik lagi ke sma plisss:( kgn bgt.. Hmmm tapi
Quotes; "It is impossible to step twice into the same river” baginya tidak ada suatu peristiwa yg konstan dan terjadi dua kali:’)

Kata2yg dulu pernah keucap;

Ulah sararombong ih mun geus kuliah kudu mineng ketemu,min 2minggu sekali lah

Mun ngke sukses ulah poho ka aing ih,kade siamah gera:(
Quotes; “Sukses itu km yg definisiin sendiri,jadilah penentu impian mu sendiri”

Ntr ada gak yah temen2 kaya maraneh di kuliah ????

Sukses babarengan nya dak! See you on top😢👋
Quotes; “One good way to answer that questions is by asking other”

Dannnnnn terakhir harapan&doa buat kalian;

Jgn pernah bosen buat jd sahabat yg selalu ada kapanpun kita butuhin,jgn gengsi kl ngungkapin rasa kgn,jalan yg kita udh lewatin brg2 jgn dilupain gt aja emg sih masa lalu biarin berlalu dan biarlah terkubur dalem2 tapi yakin?? Masa indah kita dulu gak kalian kenang trs dlm hati?
Dear a good people Lakuin apa yg memang km percayai,jgn lakuin suatu hal karna gengsi” sukses yh. And finally tetep bareng2 ya sampe ntr udh punya keluarga.

Hmm are you okay guys?????

Ιδέες διακόσμησης: &Kappa;&Alpha;&Theta;&Rho;&Epsilon;&Phi;&Tau;&Eta;&Sigma; &Sigma;&Tau;&Eta;&Nu; &Kappa;&Rho;&Epsilon;&Beta;&Alpha;&Tau;&Omicron;&Kappa;&Alpha;&Mu;&Alpha;&Rho;&Alpha;


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  • Suatu hari Kroto dan Epi pacaran, dan ada seorang pengamen yang menghampiri
  • Pengamen :jreng~jreng~jreng
  • Kroto :Nu bener atuh kang ngamen na, ngke di pasihan
  • goceng
  • Pengamen :siap, sok rek request lagu apa?
  • Kroto :berhubung sayah lagi pacaran, lagunya yang Spesial
  • yah
  • Pengamen :Iya sok lah, iya yang spesial teh lagu apa?
  • Kroto :itu tu yang spesial
  • Pengamen :IYA APA!!
  • Kroto :Biasa weh atuh kang ngomong nya,tong pake nyolot!
  • Pengamen :Iya apa atuh kasep(beleun) nu spesial teh lagu apa?
  • simkuring teu apal
  • Kroto :Euh masa pengamen g tau yang spesial teh apa
  • Pengamen :Sing sumpah na ge uing teu apal, uing ges ngamen 10
  • tahun can aya nu request lagu spesial bari jeung
  • owoh judulan
  • Kroto :Maenya teu apal?
  • Pengamen :Asli na !
  • Kroto :Eta nu Spesial nu endog na 3
  • Pengamen :Ah sarap ! eta mah martabak syaitoon lain judul
  • lagu
  • Kroto :Bisa teu kang?
  • Pengamen :Ah pusing pala barbie lila lila didieu mah
  • Kroto :Kamana kang?
  • Pengamen :Balik
  • Kroto :Ieu goceng na
  • Pengamen :Kop jang anjeun weh
  • Kroto :enya atuh nuhun.