crush on u - a future funk playlist.


I Want You ♡ Desired / On My Mind ♡ Escape / Talk About Love ♡ ナイトNaito / Heart Beat ♡ Maid Cafe / Emotional Prism 感情的なプリズム ♡ ミカヅキBIGWAVE / Aurra ♡ Vista Kid Cruiser x supersex420 / KOKORO ♡ VANTAGE // / You Got What It Takes ♡ beerlover / My Love ♡ Escape / I Want Your Love ♡ YUNG BAE / 私は愛に ハイです - YUNG BAE (マクロス 82-99 Edit) ♡ マクロスMACROSS 82-99 / Give It To You ♡ tsundere alley / I’VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU ♡ PARROT JUNGLE 95 / Hypnotic Eyes ♡ kissmenerdygirl / Take My Love ♡ YUNG BAE

Midnight Mystery Club brings some of the intrigue of the secret San Francisco bicycling society they named themselves after to Southern California via wavey chill, groovy intoxicating Orange County, a cut off the synthwave project’s recent album Reason or Rhyme. I thought I was familiar with Los Angeles and its vicinity, having been born down there and returned on visits plenteous times, but this neon lit world we’ve encountered with Midnight Mystery Club brims with fresh suspense and strange romance. Let’s take a night drive and cruise the streets of Orange County with Midnight Mystery Club. We may never want to go back home. You can stream Midnight Mystery Club’s Reason or Rhyme in full on Soundcloud, here. Purchase from iTunes, here.

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This is my tribute to the Monstercat music group. I thought it would be a good idea to make a gif of all the different genres Monstercat has to offer and it turned out looking amazing I think. I don’t know what font they use for most of their videos so I just used century gothic which I think is just as sleek. Monstercat has released countless songs in the genres above and still continues to impress me. So there you have it. Enjoy!

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We have a new set of features prepped and ready to share, and we’re hoping we’ll have time to start on them tonight. But for now, we’re going to have to stop everything for this, because it’s new FLIGHT FACILITIES! That’s right, our favorite Australian disco dance purveyors are back with their first new song in three years. Arty Boy is a decadent and luxuriant return. Its smooth pizzazz and honeyed disco extravagance are everything we’ve been missing about this beloved pair. The song even features Australian singer songwriter Emma Louise on golden luscious guest vocals. Arty Boy is a song that takes me right back to the days of my Crave You and Foreign Language obsessions. The single arrives with a music video, directed by German collective Jünglinge, which tells a strange little tale about a couple who were friends with the Guvernator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hopefully this glamorous new tune is a sign of much more to come soon from Flight Facilities. Arty Boy is out now via Future Classic.

San Francisco’s very own disco dance auteur Viceroy has linked up with British singer songwriter Tom Aspaul on a sweltering summer banger named Improvise, for which I’m going to have to improvise some slick dance moves to as I bounce along to its buoyant chords. This satin chic sunset house meets nu-disco banger is a pool party must with its funky licks, glamorous beats, and smooth cooing. Improvise is out now via Dim Mak. Grab it from iTunes, here.

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Catchy AF.