NU'EST Message to South American Fans + Dance Practice

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The bursting out jackpot - no matter what anyone says - so what
This is the difference between me and you
The bursting out jackpot - till we finish, we can’t stop
You always find out that it hurts after it shatters
That’s what you’re only at that spot

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If you’ve been following #saveafterschool or the tags of any Pledis Artistes recently, you would probably have noticed a couple mentions of the upcoming Pledis Week to be held during 20-26 September. 

Set up by fans of the various fandoms, this is a collaborative effort between Playgirlz(boyz), L.O.V.Es and SM17ES in efforts to promote and show support to Pledis. A series of activities has been planned, so read on to find out more, as well as why you should consider joining the project.


“Pledis Week is about fans not only showing support for After School, Nu'est, and Seventeen, but also investing in them as well, such as buying official merchandise! It’s like a huge festival, and each group will have two days of recognition with the final day being a huge celebration!”


At the moment, a variety of programs has been planned out, and this includes purchase of albums, sending gifts of appreciations to the artiste, streaming of official YouTube Videos as well as Twitter trending. The fangroup is now accepting donations that will go towards a food truck, rice wreaths and flowers. With no minimum required for the donations, they are aiming for a total amount of $1000.

DETAILED TIMETABLE (For Twitter Trends):

  • 20 Sep (Sun) - #LoveAfterSchool
  • 21 Sep (Mon) - #LoveSeventeen
  • 22 Sep (Tue) - #LoveNuest
  • 23 Sep (Wed) - #LoveSeventeen
  • 24 Sep (Thur) - #LoveNuest
  • 25 Sep (Fri) - #LoveAfterschool
  • 26 Sep (Sat) - #LovePledis


Pledis has been in a situation whereby they are not financially capable of putting out new albums or promotion cycles, not because they don’t want to, but they could not afford to. This is a very important point that we, as fans supporting groups under this very management, not only have to realize but do something about. Unlike other big entertainment companies, or huge fandoms, we cannot sit back and rely on ‘someone else to do the job’.

There is no someone else, there is only us.

Pledis hasn’t been earning for a while now, but more then given up, they’ve provided a few possible opportunities for their artistes. Perhaps not the opportunities we were expecting or wanted, but every performance available should not be a given, but a gift. Now, we should start showing Pledis that we are not giving up, either.

There is no obligation to complete everything, but do what you can, and it will make a difference. 

For more information, please follow PLEDISWEEK tumblr and direct all your concerns directly to the group. They are also seeking admins from the AS Fandom, and I believe they would welcome any help, donations and more if you’d like to play a more active role in the project.

On a more lighthearted note - isn’t it great just to join your fandom family and have some fun while at it?


A lot of people are complaining about After School and Nu'est not being promoted like Seventeen but that’s because Pledis is broke. If you really want After School and Nu'est back buy their albums and not off of amazon. Get the digital albums on itunes. You could even just get the views up on their mv’s. Just please stop saying Pledis is favoriting Seventeen, right now Seventeen is their only source of income.