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‘Their Distance’ Opens Official English Twitter Account, Good News Coming Soon

Official photo from the new Twitter, featuring Ren at the script reading session.

It seems like exciting news is pending as the movie starring NU’EST members Ren, Minhyun and JR, 知らない、ふたり, known as ‘Their Distance’ in English, has now opened their official English Twitter account! This Twitter account has since been verified and announced on their Japanese official Twitter.

Not much is known about what exactly the good news is, but speculations suggest it could be an overseas release of some sort. Either way, the action taken to open this Twitter Account has begun to garner some interest as they aimed to spur interest and engage the worldwide audience.

For direct news from the team, do follow @TheirDistance twitter. 

How many of you are already following the account? What do you think the good news is?

Source: TheirDistance Twitter