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The “it doesn’t feel like reality” really hits home. Made me realize that the Nu'est members themselves feel the exact way as pre-pd101 fans. We are shocked and feel like this is all a dream…

With your support for their new Single nexr week, and comeback, we can make sure this is a dream they never wake up from❤

All of NU'EST's music videos because y'all need to support them right now


Face (debut song about facing down a tough opponent, more specifically the bullies versus the bullied in school, bonus if u watch the mv u see predebut baby seventeen!!! seungcheol why are u such a bully)

Action (about not conforming to the crowds, standing up by yourself, acknowledging the pain of bullying victims and encouraging them to be themselves and show everyone how amazing they are, more electro (?) than Face)

Not Over You (missing an ex, still wanting to be with them, surprisingly upbeat if you consider the topic which is usually covered in ballads. very refreshing CUTE MV SO CUTE I LOVE HAPPY NU’EST WHAT A CONCEPT)

Sandy (innocent young love, very sweet and happy, great song to listen to if you want to cheer up, also MORE CUTE NU’EST THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD TIME THEY LOVE THEIR FANS SO MUCH)


Hello (struggling in a one sided relationship, very sweet and soothing melody, their voices are like honey in your ears, RAP MONSTER EVEN SAID THIS WAS ONE OF HIS TOP FAVORITE SONGS STOP SLEEPING ON NU'EST)

Sleep Talking (a really trippy song, very unique but addictive beat, about wanting to confess to their dream girl, the mv always makes me laugh)

Fine Girl (funky pop song about how much they like their girl and how they want to show their feelings, THE MV IS SO CUTE WATCH IT NOW I’M  SO MUCH NU’EST)


Good Bye Bye (leaving a painful love, this song is less electro and more of a smooth and slower tempo pop sound, if you watch the mv you can see a shirtless Minki I’m jUST SAYING)


I’m Bad (regret from breaking up with a lover, reminiscing and wanting them back, saying they’re bad for leaving their love and that they aren’t good enough, slow but catchy, makes me think of walking down the street alone but during a sunny day you know? it just has that kind of vibe considering the beat and flow of their voices idk)


Overcome (overcoming the struggles and troubles that come their way for their love, telling their lover to rely on them and that they’ll protect them)

Love Paint (Every Afternoon) (about their dull and boring life being renewed and brightened by their love, seeing the beauty in their love and life, very sweet song pls be aware that u might get a cavity from it)

Daybreak (by Minhyun & Jonghyun, I’m not even gonna spoil this one u have to go and listen to it for urself)

of course, NU'EST has many more songs than this! these are just their Korean music videos, they also have the other songs off their albums, so please take the time to show them love and support for their hard work!!!


The slight shirt lift in the Sleep Talking choreo? Iconic.
Minhyun’s slightly backless shirt? Iconic.
The choreo move where they all balance on each other in a back bend around Jonghyun (apparently it is the Alarm Clock dance thank you for telling me)? Iconic.
Moral of this post?
Sleep Talking is fantastic. 


Where IT At Trailer

EXO REACT: To you talking in your sleep

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: heylo love^^ could I please have an EXO, Vixx and Infinite reaction to you sleep talking? thx

INFINITE?!?! DID SOMEONE ASK FOR INFINITE?!?! <3333 yes yes yessss I will do it in order just so it’s easier on me, but I am SO EXCITED FOR THE INFINITE ONE.

I kind of had trouble choosing which route to take. The sentimental night conversation route or the confused and slightly irritated route. But with Exo, I felt like the latter would be the most relatable and fun.

(Song suggestion by @marrymeleoxxiu)

Suho: Is always genuinely confused whenever he hears you sleep talking. Rather than annoyance he just wonders what you dream about, if anything at all, because all he can understand between the mumbling is absolutely nothing.


What is this girl saying?

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Xiumin: He’d try to adjust to you sleep talking because he knows you do it unconsciously and it usually doesn’t last for very long so if he can just wait it out he should be able to sleep.

Just a few more minutes Minseok, you can do it, she’s getting quieter…

Y/N: “MINSEOK OPPA…wheresdfhlaksjmyalskjdalskdjalsfoodhmmmn?”

Make that another thirty minutes.

Lay: Honestly I think Lay can sleep through pretty much anything. I mean he slept through the movie and he probably sleeps through convos too. If he does wake up though, he’ll probably just wonder what it was that made you speak up before drifting back to zzzzz…..

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Baekhyun: No doubt, he’d be annoyed. He knows it’s no use waking you up because you’d just have no clue what he was talking about and then the whole process of you going back to sleep would take even longer so he’d wait it out until you were in a deeper sleep -like Xiumin. Except he’d be a lot louder, and reply to anything remotely understandable.

Y/N: “Baekhyunnaihslakjsdkalsingalkjdaksjdforjlkjsdksme…”

“Oh my god y/n, not again…”

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D.O.: Honestly, work tired him out so much and he might be a little irritated that he can’t get any sleep until you’re in a deeper sleep cycle but he’d give up trying to get you to be quiet and just lay there in his tired af state and let you continue your gibberish mumbling, hoping his brain would just overpower everything and force him to sleep through the noise.

I give up.

(tbh, kyungsoo? SAME)

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Chanyeol: He’d always get really pissy when he hears the beginnings of your sleep talk. He can never understand it and he really wants to sleep, but hey, sometimes you’ve gotta give a little for love.

It’s fine. I can make it. She’s not doing it on purpose. Keep it together Park Chanyeol.

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Chen: Wouldn’t even bother going to sleep when you fell asleep because a few moments later you were sleep talking. Instead, he’d be getting himself drunk because smart Chen known that only drunk Chen can sleep with all the noise.

Y/N: “Asdjlaskjdaklnfahfpidjflkehmmamamdakjdmnnnn…zzz…”

“Cheers, y/n.”

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Kai: Is he asleep? Is he awake? Somewhere in between? Even he doesn’t know. But he’d be too tired to do anything but sigh and wait until you were deep asleep and stopped sleep talking.

Sacrifices have to be made…

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Sehun: I think out of all the members, he’d like listening and trying to see if he could decipher what you were talking about. It would be a fun pass time for him, even. He’d like responding to whatever it was you were saying, because half conscious conversations were the funniest.

Y/N: “Sehunnie is really…asdjlaksjdalsds….really….great…”

“I agree!”

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Man, I’m awesome. Can’t stop thinking about me at all.

Y/N: “But he’sasdjlskjdasd always so freakingsdaksjdlksajd full of himself and I don’tasdladjaksd know what forasdad.”

Did she just…diss me in her sleep?

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  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: JR
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Ren
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Minhyun
  • Looks like they could kill you and can actually kill you: Baekho *kill you with his voice haha*
  • Could kill you by feeding with too many cinnamon rolls : Aron