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Why ‘NU’EST MTV Diary’ re-airing after 5 years is actually bittersweet: As it was originally cancelled because no one watched it

When I first heard the news of Nu’est’s diary airing after 5 years, it brought back some bad memories for me. I didn’t have any SNS so back then I didn’t watch it, but even watching it the first time about 4 years ago….the shows ending was very sad.

It was during Hello era, to put it in context because this was Nu’ests third comeback (despite already being 1 year old) A LOT of their young and frankly immature fans left because they hated the image change from Charisma to mature almost-ballad.The public loved it but the young fans weren’t keen. Also the fact that other boy groups had many comebacks while NU’EST were put in the basement with no activity for months, so despite being literally one of the biggest debuts in K-pop EVER, they fell off the map. Of course after that Pledis shipped them to China and Japan making things even worse, but let’s just talk about MTV diary right now.

The worst bit is that the boys were told roughly the show is canceled because no one watched it.

I was mad the staff told them roughly as if it was their fault! Other rookies in 2012 like EXO and B.A.P had surpassed them despite NU’EST selling more than both those groups combined the previous year, because of Pledis’ lack of funds and bad management.

Minhyun and the others joke around and pretend cry, but especially in JR’s eyes, you can really see the pain of no one watching their show.

You need to understand that this was almost 5 years ago, Nu’est have been struggling for so many years. Honestly, what can I say? It was one of the biggest downfalls ever, and none of it was their fault.

 But JR as always probably blamed himself for the show not doing well- although now he is happy, Jonghyun still has these memories of failure as a scar on his heart. 

In the press con. for his 1st variety ‘Night Goblin’ despite being the Maknae he said he’d take responsibility if the show didn’t do well. Making me have serious flashbacks to MTV diary being canceled. I hope he can give himself a break now, not everything is this fault he needs to see this.

It gets even sadder. They still have so much hope, they scream from the top of a hill their wishes to make it in 2013. Knowing how things got even worse for them after 2013 makes this really fucking hard to watch.

I just needed everyone to know that people watching and talking about MTV Diary, the show that was a failure 5 years ago, is a really big deal. I can’t think of another group who had their rise so late into their career.

Honestly, this show being viewed a lot now feels like some sort of symbol for NU’EST’s potential rise.

Dear NU’EST, I’m sorry you’ve been through more pain than most could bear, I’m sorry you didn’t hit the jackpot in 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016.

But I am praying with all my heart you can finally hit the jackpot in 2017!

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i'm honestly disappointed that no trainee came up to jonghyun with a potato in a cup, but then the way mnet fed them, mnet probably was too cheap to buy them potatoes, yet jonghyun and his potato were iconic on the nu'est mvt diary

im wheezing u right

random nuest theory part i

so here are some random nuest theories because everywhere is flooding with them! :D i’ve shared a bit about my old thoughts on overcome (& here) and love paint a long while back, but seeing ren’s latest teaser video got me so bad.

before i start, it’s important to note that during overcome era, while they came up with the queen and knights theory, there was never a fixed ‘lore’ per say of which queen they took inspirations from. it is very likely that they took inspirations from several pop culture references with the queen idea, this includes The Queen’s Knight’ manga in which their styling is based on, but an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme for the actual Overcome MV for example. (see below, the Cheshire inspiration for Q is. teaser)

so here, i think ren’s mv draws a parallel with overcome (and Alice) once again. in overcome, the queen is seen decked in white, looking at ren from behind a glass wall while ren could not see him. it’s possible that it’s still in line with how the queen is taken into another dimension, and the scene was a representation of her viewing ‘through the looking glass’. 

the phrase ‘through the looking glass’ referred to the metaphorical expression that things are in a strange parallel world. it could also mean that it’s a mirrored reflection of the real world, where a clock running forward could be viewed as running backwards in anti-clockwise. 

either way, that’s the benchmark for when they were first broken apart into two different worlds. 

( i also think the mv story is done in a mix of ‘flashback’, especially when jr was seen standing in a room of broken windows before we got brought to the past at the moment the queen was taken away after knighting Aron. i’ve mentioned before, that according to the positions of the knights, the process seemed to indicate minhyun as the first in ranking, followed by Baekho, JR and Ren. so it’s probably worthwhile to investigate the timeline by switching up the scenes )

next, we see ren taken to another world. like jr’s new video, ren has his own room, once again, following the theme of the glass. this time, ren stares ahead as if in confusion, but also note that he’s donning a similar outfit from love paint era, suggesting the connection between Where You At and Love Paint. He wakes up in the room, and then he gets blindfolded with red laced blindfolds, and then he’s transported to this new, empty place. 

the red figure in question, possibly the same ‘creature’ (considering the mask that hid her face) that blindfolded him, is now seen dancing along in front of a glass mirror. but what if, that glass mirror is actually the gateway to another dimension, maybe the original dimension in which ren was taken from? what if the red dancer was actually guarding the portal?

which leads me to the theory of Alice, with the white queen and red queen. i do not think the figure in red is the queen, but more of the red queen’s underlings. as those who read the book would know, the red queen is viewed as the antagonist to the white queen, and it’s possible she had a hand in the white queen’s disappearance in overcome. following that extension, it is possible why ren is actually seen running away, not towards her.

even as the car was cruising along the road, it wasn’t shown if he’s driving it, because it is possible that he was ‘kidnapped’ into this dimension. if i’m not wrong, he’s also coming out from the passenger’s seat, not driver’s seat.

( see below for juxtaposition )

while all the same, another thing to note is that the compass/pocketwatch** is not to be seen. instead we were shown the red bracelet, a jarring color, and one that jr too has on his wrist. as some twitters have mentioned the possibility of those who have the red string may find their other halves, it might be key to searching for each other and the queen.

why is ren kidnapped, if he was? well, i think ren’s role is pretty distinctive (of course, everyone had a role). to me, he was the one that’s actively searched for by the queen, even if he couldn’t hear nor see her. in love paint, you can see ren seated by the side of the pool, and eventually entering a body of water where a key was dropped. this suggests that ren held the key to open the chest of their jeweled box which contained five of precious stones.

if i remember correctly, these precious stones are a symbol of each member, and ren’s role then, meant that he might have a way or is holding onto the key that allowed them to move trough dimensions or gateways.

** it’s not known if it’s a compass, or a watch, or both since it makes sense in terms of time line jumps + searching for directions. furthermore, nu’est original logo since debut is actually the compass.

in that retrospect, i want to briefly mention about time parallel and dimensions, and also why I think JR can cross time and that’s his role. After all, he’s the only person featured in Love Paint in both day scenes aka the one with the flower wall, and night scenes aka the one in the car. This comes at a reach, but he is featured in Daybreak, and now he’s found in the Church and in the middle of the night. 

It sounds a little complicated, so i drew up a ‘graphic’ representation haha so JR can move within one vertical of time, but Ren can open portals.

And actually, I personally think that Where You At, Overcome and Love Paint are not in chronological order. I’m inclining towards Overcome > Where You At > Love Paint at the moment, since the finale of Love Paint showed that after Ren ‘opened’ the box with the key, all five of them were finally gathered in one scene. 

So yes this is my mess of a theory, feel free to discuss with me or let me know. I have a couple more but I shall stop for now I don’t even know what I’m doing 

♡ 170731 | LOVEs-Diary Fanfic Aesthetic Contest

As I miss writing fanfiction publicly, I decided to host a little contest here. All you have to do to enter is create an aesthetic post of a fanfiction you would like me to write, and if you win, you get a oneshot of your aesthetic post! 

Rules and Requirements:

  • Each person must create an aesthetic post with members of NU’EST*
  • Use up to 6 pictures. No more than 12.
  • The theme must be appropriate (nothing that would require smut scenes, nothing with racist tropes, etc etc) 
  • If you so choose to add a short summary of your fanfic aesthetic, please keep it vague and open to interpretation (it will make it easier for me to write if I can be flexible)
  • If you don’t want cursing in your oneshot if you should win, please clarify in your tags or your summary. 
  • Each person can enter as many times as they like. 
  • Be sure to tag your post as #LOVEsDiaryFanFicContest so that I will find it. If you’re worried that I won’t see it, feel free to send me the link in a private message. 

*NOTE: This does include Minhyun and even NU’EST-M’s Jason.

The contest runs from today, July 31st, to August 19th. The winner will be selected at random (though I may decide to choose multiples). 

To see a few of the fanfic I have published publicly, please see my AFF account. Note that I do my best with Angst, Coming of Age, Fantasy, and Romance, but this doesn’t mean you can’t go for a different theme with your aesthetic post. Also keep in mind that I will not write smut. Thank you. 

Good luck to everyone! And thank you!

LOVEs, it’s time to band together

NU’EST’s promo cycle is entering its 2nd week, but where are the LOVEs? Definitely, it was a tough week. We fought so hard on Tudou to fail the 1st place nominee. We voted on MBC Show Champion and Mnet and scored top 5 in both, but failed to get a 1st place nominee. 

Today, NU'EST’s lineup position is 3rd on Mnet MCountdown, despite being 10th on M!Count charts (their best yet), 2nd on Mnet Popularity Vote, and earning over 100k views of their comeback stage. 

We got a rookie-entry lineup position, where the boys didn’t have any time to prepare themselves before the music started.
We don’t have any MPD Fancams.
We aren’t ranking in the searches anymore.

My question is, LOVEs, where are you? Are we really giving in because we failed to get them a first place nominee? Are we giving up when their promo cycle just started?

I’m not, but I cannot do this alone. I cannot vote all by myself, I cannot stream by myself. Where are the LOVEs that have been tweeting previously? The LOVEs who swore that this song is a gem and want to help them in charting? 

Yes, we didn’t get 1st place nominees, but we’re doing better than ever. As a small fandom, we’re doing more than most would expect. WE ARE NOT FLOPS. But we will be the moment we give up. If NU'EST is fighting, the least LOVEs can do is to stay by their side. They cannot be Knights to Queens who aren’t even there, can they?

So I ask of you to please, come out. Let’s try again. Let’s try the fucking hardest so that there would be no regrets for us. We don’t want to tell them we’ve already given up do we? This is just the beginning after all. Yes, it’s tiring. I know LOVEs that haven’t had any decent sleep in days. LOVEs that were hurt about hardwork not translating to results. LOVEs that spent both money and time supporting the boys.

But no one said it’s going to be an easy path. We’re a small fandom, we’re going to walk a more rocky path than some other groups. Perhaps that’s why their new song is OVERCOME.And we can OVERCOME this together. So please, LOVEs, can we all put our best foot forward? The boys are watching, I know they are, or they wouldn’t leave hose messages for us whenever we felt a blow. Let’s show them some love like how they’ve always given us, please?

Bit by bit, we can make a difference.

- From a fellow LOVE.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate Aron’s singing. No, really. I can still remember Aron mentioning that he’s interested in singing back on Music Access, before saying that he’s not good at it. I know he’s sang songs for his solo stages in Japan concerts before but this, this is beautiful on it’s own because he’s actually seriously singing a song. He’s trying his best to actually sing properly. 

Aron might have a lot of his derpron moments, sometimes yelling and purposely cracking his voice when he ‘sing’ high notes back on MA, he’s actually a guy that’s easily embarrassed. Just listen to how he talks about his ideal date, or how he got flustered when he needed to do a punishment game of dancing in public, or flashing his awkward smile when he’s at a lost of what to do on Korean shows.

He may not be the best vocalist even in NU’EST, but so what? Look how much he’s grown - from a rapper to a vocal. I am proud to see how far he’s come along now and he’s seriously underappreciated even within the NU’EST fandom. And I could only wish Aron could gain more confidence about his vocal abilities, because he can do better if given the chance. Please, give him more love!

Can we just appreciate NU’EST’s Thank You for a minute?

Because this song is so, so, so, beautiful. Everything, from the amazing adlibs to the lyrics paint such a picturesque image of two being being wrapped in their own world. What I loved about it is that it’s a thank you, more so than just a ‘I love you’. And sometimes it takes a lot more to say this two simple words that we take for granted to those we treasure the most. The lyrics go beyond the usual ballad of ‘I love you’ and ‘I want to be with you’, to something bigger like ‘I am grateful to you’; It’s about being grateful to the hands that have held on to them no matter what and how they wish to see them at the end of the path; it’s about how everything else disappears in their own world. It’s about being thankful to be given the key to their heart, and being able to hand their heart over - it’s more than just love. There’s trust, there’s fate, there’s gratitude.

And I’ve never been more thankful and felt such warmth from a song alone.