nu'est diary


Let’s take a moment to appreciate Aron’s singing. No, really. I can still remember Aron mentioning that he’s interested in singing back on Music Access, before saying that he’s not good at it. I know he’s sang songs for his solo stages in Japan concerts before but this, this is beautiful on it’s own because he’s actually seriously singing a song. He’s trying his best to actually sing properly. 

Aron might have a lot of his derpron moments, sometimes yelling and purposely cracking his voice when he ‘sing’ high notes back on MA, he’s actually a guy that’s easily embarrassed. Just listen to how he talks about his ideal date, or how he got flustered when he needed to do a punishment game of dancing in public, or flashing his awkward smile when he’s at a lost of what to do on Korean shows.

He may not be the best vocalist even in NU’EST, but so what? Look how much he’s grown - from a rapper to a vocal. I am proud to see how far he’s come along now and he’s seriously underappreciated even within the NU’EST fandom. And I could only wish Aron could gain more confidence about his vocal abilities, because he can do better if given the chance. Please, give him more love!

LOVEs, it’s time to band together

NU’EST’s promo cycle is entering its 2nd week, but where are the LOVEs? Definitely, it was a tough week. We fought so hard on Tudou to fail the 1st place nominee. We voted on MBC Show Champion and Mnet and scored top 5 in both, but failed to get a 1st place nominee. 

Today, NU'EST’s lineup position is 3rd on Mnet MCountdown, despite being 10th on M!Count charts (their best yet), 2nd on Mnet Popularity Vote, and earning over 100k views of their comeback stage. 

We got a rookie-entry lineup position, where the boys didn’t have any time to prepare themselves before the music started.
We don’t have any MPD Fancams.
We aren’t ranking in the searches anymore.

My question is, LOVEs, where are you? Are we really giving in because we failed to get them a first place nominee? Are we giving up when their promo cycle just started?

I’m not, but I cannot do this alone. I cannot vote all by myself, I cannot stream by myself. Where are the LOVEs that have been tweeting previously? The LOVEs who swore that this song is a gem and want to help them in charting? 

Yes, we didn’t get 1st place nominees, but we’re doing better than ever. As a small fandom, we’re doing more than most would expect. WE ARE NOT FLOPS. But we will be the moment we give up. If NU'EST is fighting, the least LOVEs can do is to stay by their side. They cannot be Knights to Queens who aren’t even there, can they?

So I ask of you to please, come out. Let’s try again. Let’s try the fucking hardest so that there would be no regrets for us. We don’t want to tell them we’ve already given up do we? This is just the beginning after all. Yes, it’s tiring. I know LOVEs that haven’t had any decent sleep in days. LOVEs that were hurt about hardwork not translating to results. LOVEs that spent both money and time supporting the boys.

But no one said it’s going to be an easy path. We’re a small fandom, we’re going to walk a more rocky path than some other groups. Perhaps that’s why their new song is OVERCOME.And we can OVERCOME this together. So please, LOVEs, can we all put our best foot forward? The boys are watching, I know they are, or they wouldn’t leave hose messages for us whenever we felt a blow. Let’s show them some love like how they’ve always given us, please?

Bit by bit, we can make a difference.

- From a fellow LOVE.

Can we just appreciate NU’EST’s Thank You for a minute?

Because this song is so, so, so, beautiful. Everything, from the amazing adlibs to the lyrics paint such a picturesque image of two being being wrapped in their own world. What I loved about it is that it’s a thank you, more so than just a ‘I love you’. And sometimes it takes a lot more to say this two simple words that we take for granted to those we treasure the most. The lyrics go beyond the usual ballad of ‘I love you’ and ‘I want to be with you’, to something bigger like ‘I am grateful to you’; It’s about being grateful to the hands that have held on to them no matter what and how they wish to see them at the end of the path; it’s about how everything else disappears in their own world. It’s about being thankful to be given the key to their heart, and being able to hand their heart over - it’s more than just love. There’s trust, there’s fate, there’s gratitude.

And I’ve never been more thankful and felt such warmth from a song alone.