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MICRO//MACRO is taking submissions for issue #7!

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The theme for the seventh issue is LANGUAGE


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Produce 101

I watched Produce 101 season 2 from the day it started. I never thought I could get attached to 98 boys so easily. But I did. What originally caught my attention for the show was that most of the 6 year boy group Nu'est were competing in the show. I had heard of them but I had never really taken the time to watch any of their music videos. So I decided to. These boys are so talented and I have no idea why people would ignore talent like this. So I got invested into this group. And yesterday morning my heart was completely broken. Not only did Nu'est risk their image to come on to pd101 but they went back to being trainees. They had to publicly embarrass themselves because they thought there was no other way to save their careers.

Kim Samuel. This kid is one of the most hard working people I have ever seen. He has spent most of his life as a trainee. He has been stripped of not one, not two, but THREE chances to debut. He has gone through things that no kid should have to go through. He came on to the show and he was the first to get A rank. He can not only sing, but he can dance and rap, too. He worked so hard through this whole competition and never causing any drama.

I know that wanting ALL of Nu'est to debut in Wanna One was a bit of a stretch but only one is debuting..? What happened? I was so confident in Jonghyun being in the top 11 as the leader of whatever this group was going to be called. He was the only one I was absolutely confident in. But then it got to ranks 1, 2, and 11. And Jihoon not Daniel nor Samuel nor Jonghyun’s names had been called. My heart sank. I’m not angry at the fact that Jonghyun got 14th or that Samuel got 18th. Well I kind of am but that’s not the main point. I’m angry that everyone loved and supported them until it was actually time to love and support them. Jonghyun had reached #1 for two weeks with 2 million+ votes. Samuel had even reached #2. So, what happened? Were they not attractive enough? Because if you ask me, they’re both visuals. Were they not talented enough? Because, again, if you ask me, there was not one point in the show where they were shown as being “untalented.” Did they not work hard enough? Because Jonghyun was the leader for EACH of his groups, bringing them to be considered the best on the show, he was even voted as the #1 rapper, he helped bring out talent in people that they didn’t know they had. And Samuel. He choreographed Super Hot (he’s 16 by the way), he always practiced hard for his performances and always came out, in my opinion, perfect. If you asked me, they deserved to be the top 2.

But I’m not going to sit here and blame other trainees who made it into the top 11 for “taking their spots.” Those were never their “spots.” They weren’t voted into those spots. I had to realize that after a day and a half of crying. I will support Wanna One. Those guys worked hard to earn their rankings. And most of my picks got in. I’m not going to be bitter because all of my picks aren’t going to debut. That’s a bit selfish seeing as many people had no stans that actually made it into the top 11. So I’m not going to sit here and whine and rant about how so and so didn’t deserve to be in the top 11 as much as Jonghyun or Samuel. I am so happy I got to watch 98 boys grow into men after this span of time. I am so proud of each and every one of them. I am happy that I finally realized the talent that I had overlooked with Nu'est. So, please don’t be bitter and support Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Lee Daehwi, Kim Jaehwan, Ong Seongwoo, Park Woojin, Lai Guanlin, Yoon Jisung, Hwang Minhyun(!!!), Bae Jinyoung, and Ha Sungwoon in Wanna One. Kim Samuel, fighting! Nu'est, fighting! Wanna One, fighting!

A Daji scenario

What the the original Su Daji survived the initial attack from the fox spirit (huli jing) and they were forced to share the same body.

I think Su Daji would probably be in complete turmoil, with not only being possessed and her father selling her out to the emperor, but founding out that Nu wa had planned it and despises the goddess for it.

Huli Daji (I’m calling the fox that) would put use to this situation tells the whole pantheon she was ordered to have Zhou Xin overthrown, in hopes of causing some chaos and ruining Nu wa’s image.

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Conan the Barbarian trailer….this stuff isn’t really my thing but the fans are loving the look of this film and Jason Momoa is pretty easy on the eyes!  :)