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I didn't know I needed Twinsuns in my life until I read that. And now I just can't get the thought out of my mind of little frail Ben crawling into Mace's lap and just making himself at home. Right in the middle of the meeting when Qui-Gon presents both him and Anakin to the Council.

Ben is strange.

Ben is different.

Ben is not scared of the Jedi council at all and for a moment Qui-Gon wonders what will happen as Ben steps away from him towards Mace and crawls into his lap with no fear as he peers up at the Korun. “If you don’t send more then Master Jinn to Naboo, he’s going to die.” He offered seriously at the Master of the Order.

Mace, for all his vaunted control, looked stunned at the turn the meeting had taken. “Indeed youngling?”

“The red lightstaff goes there.” Ben pointed at a section of Mace stomach before giving Qui-Gon a worried look as the one eyed Jedi master held Anakin by the shoulder still. The blond was smiling nervously at his twin.

Ben just looked back up at Mace.  “If you don’t send more after the Zabrak, its going to be a pyre, not a returned Jedi Master.”

“Ben sees things. His mother confirmed that Ben knew I was arriving on Tatooine before we even landed.” Qui-Gon offered. “He’s very Force sensitive, he and Anakin both.”

Ben is different and he can twist even the sternest Jedi Master around his finger. Of that Qui-Gon is perfectly sure as he watches Mace wrap gentle arms around the fragile shape on his lap.

‘He needs a Jedi Master that can take care of him…’ Qui-Gon shifted and squeezed Anakin’s shoulder gently.


“Jocasta, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it now Qui-Gon, another book you want me to find?”

“No. Have you considered taking a padawan lately?”


‘Be careful of snakes wearing a peacocks disguise…’ The words echoed in Padme’s mind as she spoke to Palpatine. Just as Ben had told her, someone had suggested a vote of no confidence and it was Palpatine, a man she had long considered as close to Naboo as herself. Yet…

Now she was doubtful.

Ben had known about them coming to Tatooine.

Had known so much.

Had warned her.

A snake in peacock feathers….a apt description. ‘Or…’ A insidious voice inside of her whispered. ‘Dressed like a supreme chancellor…as if he already had the office…’

Padme pinched her lips together and looked to Panaka, the captain giving a slow nod as she had warned him.

Yes it was time to take a look into their Senator’s past and representation of Naboo.


Ben quietly let Anakin care for his stump, as always amazed at his brothers innate Force ability. ‘But then again, it is Anakin.’ He gave the other a soft smile and Anakin beamed back as he continued to spread warmth into the stump of Ben’s stump.

At times like this, it was easy to remember that his name was Ben, actual blood brother to Anakin Skywalker and not Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He didn’t mourn that, not anymore. He adored his mother, adored his life with Anakin despite the harshness of slavery.

He had plucked himself out of the timeline only to be born again later with faded memories of the life had as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Enough remained to change history.

Enough to take care of Anakin and Shmi.

And the raw Force ability that was now his…

He shifted closer to Anakin and let his stump drop to his lap as he leaned into the blonds warm arms, getting a hug.

“Thank you Anakin.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome. Are you cold?” Anakin nuzzled lightly at his brother.

“Not really. Master Windu’s robe is rather warm.” He offered quietly and grinned at the other when he giggled and tugged on the large robe the Korun had wrapped around Ben and Anakin after he had lead them out of the council chamber.

“I can’t believe you crawled into his lap Ben.”

“He’s a stern man, but he likes younglings.” Ben rested his head on Anakin’s shoulder.

The two settled quietly outside the council chamber as they waited for Qui-Gon to return or for the Council to take their decision, whichever cake first.

“…Where is mom going to go Ben?” Anakin whispered.

“With Padme.” Came a just as quiet whisper.

“Oh…what’s she going to do?”

Ben closed his eyes, breathing as he let the chaotic Force in him conjure images. “…A handmaiden for her. Padme’s going to look after her Anakin.” He smiled and opened his eyes as he snuggled closer.

“Is Qui-Gon going to be your master?” The blond continued asking, wanting to know for the safety of his family.

Ben puckered his lips. “No. He’s going to be yours. He’s going to teach you well.”

“But what about you Ben?”

Ben smiled a bit and looked to the elevator that gave a soft ping. “My master is coming now.”

Out of the elevator stepped Qui-Gon and a stern faced woman with her hair pinned back.

“Ben, Anakin, I want you two to meet a fellow Jedi Master of mine.” Qui-Gon offered as introduction. “This is Madam Nu. Head Archvist of the library.”

Ben got to his feet, leaving the warmth of Mace robe and gave the lady a low bow at the waist as if he was greeting a dignitary. “Greetings Master Nu.”

An approving glitter entered her eyes as she nodded. “Hello younglings. Qui-Gon says you’re in need of a Master young Skywalker.”

“I am.” Ben smiled at her, his green eyes glittering back.

She smiled slowly at the sensation she was getting in the Force of the young man and looked to Qui-Gon, who was looking hopefully back at her.

“I see what you meant Qui-Gon…alright. Yes.” She knelt down and offered her hand to the redhead. “Would you like to be my padawan then, Ben Skywalker?”

“I’d like that Master Jocasta.” Ben stepped forward and took her hand in his, holding onto it tightly as he imagined the archives and all the knowledge he could now relearn.

Behind him, Anakin beamed, knowing his brother would still be with him.


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Conan the Barbarian trailer….this stuff isn’t really my thing but the fans are loving the look of this film and Jason Momoa is pretty easy on the eyes!  :)