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Here is the couples from the portrait sketches I did yesterday ! I named them Alexander & Andrea *^*)/ For the powers, I really see them as able to hypnotize people or seeing the future and trying to sell some kind of happy/emotional memories’ drugs to people more or less legally aha They also would be models for some well known brands and would be known by all witches of the great families! Maybe they could have a little tea shop where they could welcome customers ~   

Welcome to Pembrook College, home of the roaring lions, an elite private university just outside of Southport, Connecticut.  Considered a haven for academia outside of the Ivies, the university also boasts thriving Greek Life.  Anyone whose anyone has a key to the one of the picturesque houses that overlook the Long Island Sound, even those who’d rather spend their time cleaning up the beach rather than partying on it.  Will you be one of the lucky few?  Or will you turn up your nose before the Greeks turn up their noses at you?


  • Members should track: “glamorousgreeks”  
  • No repeat face claims unless applying as twins.
  • 18+
  • Try to stay active! Post at least once every two weeks.
  • Post a biography of your desired length about your character’s background for the verse within one week of being accepted.
  • This is an ALL HUMAN verse open to all fandoms and ocs
  • Roommates will be assigned 

House Info and How to Join under the cut

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Gallant is one of those people who I am just expecting to blow up and become international soon as his music just keeps getting better and better and his latest track Weight In Gold is no different. With a sweet blues guitar mixed with funk elements and a voice that gives me an eargasm every time I hear it, this song is a must listen for any music lover. The sooner Gallant releases an album the faster I can be in musical wonderland - Jakk

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thank you @thuguke for tagging me!!!! :)

instructions: list ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people!

1. Japanese Denim by Daniel Caesar

2. Love Paint (every afternoon) by NU’EST


4. Coastal Love by HONNE

4. Cypher PT.3 : KILLER by BTS

5. Love$ick by Mura Masa

6. Big Toe by The Growlers

7. Sweet to Me by Summer Salt

8. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man


10.  Lover Is a Day by Cuco

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