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What does "nu'est" stand for/mean?

Hey bud, Nu’est is sort of an acronym for New Establish Style Tempo, but New is stylized as Nu (because Pledis is edgy like that). Technically the group name is in all caps like NU’EST, but I tend to get lazy so I use lowercase letters.

As for the meaning, their name conveys their goal/desire to create and explore a new style and “tempo” of music. Part of it was also meant to showcase the fact that their music focused on being innovative. Their debut sound leaned electro and used a lot of dubstep, which was a genre that some Kpop artists used elements of (ex. Hyuna’s Bubble Pop, TVXQ’s Catch me) but no one had based their entire sound/discography around it. 

Nu’est was one of the first to have heavy dubstep breaks in their songs (Face, Action) and throughout their album (NU, Establish, Style, Tempo). Unfortunately, Pledis changed their concepts too quickly for them to fully cement their place in the niche and continue exploring dubstep/electronic elements. 

If you watch their content you’ll also see Aron introducing the group as an “urban electro band” which plays on their early musical styling (and which i find so nostalgic nowadays. I miss Aron).

Nowadays, their sound is back to electronic and has been consistent in their past two releases. I love that they’re taking a lot from contemporary music styles like future bass and trap and incorporating it with pop, R&B and orchestra elements. Their latest album, Canvas, is just so intricately constructed, from the instrumentals (the instrumental for Love Paint is honestly one of my favorites) to the lyrics to the entire concept of each song representing a time of day. It’s so sweeping and well put together and the fact that the members wrote lyrics and participated in production really shines through. 

Anyway, I went overboard, I’m sorry. You asked a simple question and here I wrote you a small essay. :’)

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Hey 👋🏽 I'm a newbie to NU'EST, what are your recommendations? (I'm proper obsessed with Overcome omg)

Ahhhh omg I’m so happy to see this!! It’s been so long since new fans came in, and I’m basically screaming in delight ^O^

I’ll make a list for their certain types of songs~

I recommend listening to CLIMAX, Storybook, Beautiful Ghost, Big Deal, Beautiful Solo, and Hey LOVE!

These are all of their Korean songs, so if you would like to look through them, here they are~!!^^

Hopefully I helped you get into some songs, and I’m soooo happy you’re wanting to know more!


1. Hello Hello

2. Introduce Me To Your Noona

3. Beautiful Solo

4. Sleep Talking

5. Beautiful Ghost

6. Pretty

7. Good Bye Bye (choreo ver.)

8. Storybook

9. Climax


1. I’m Sorry

2. Happy Birthday

3. Just a Little Bit More

4. Love Without Love


1. Hello

2. Love You More

3. I’m Bad


1. Not Over You

2. Sandy

3. Fine Girl

4. Please Don’t

5. Hey, Love (listen to this one! It is a gift to fans, their love to us)


1. Face

2. Action

3. Judgement

4. Big Deal

Category I can’t think of where to place them:

1. NU, ESTABLISH, STYLE, TEMPO (The intro to their debut album)

Punch You in The Face With Tears Because Aron:

1. Lend Me Your Shoulder

Nu Establish Style Tempo

It occurred to me while listening to Love Paint, that the reason we have such difficulty classifying what type of song Overcome is….(is it a ballad? No…theres a hard beat there…is it just r&b? Yes but no…) is because our boys have done it.

They are living up to their name and established their very own, uniquely Nu'est style that defies classification. Whether they win or not, they’ve won because they finally have a hand in what theyre writing and producing. Everyone contributed something somewhere. Baekho and Min with writing, JR with raps, Aron with some styling and writing, and Ren helping with art direction. They’ve reinvented themselves with every comeback, but now is their time to show the world who they are…and its vivid, artistic, and beautiful.

They did it. I’m so proud I have goosebumps.

New Establish Style Tempo.