nu classic

Fuck sub-genres. Fuck rules. Goth is Goth. Through the years the subculture has evolved to include many faces and you have the right to wear one or all as you damn well please. Leave the little boxes free to hold your trinkets and jewellery and leave your identity out of them.


Billy Idol - White Wedding ( 1982 )


Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be


Judas Priest - Metal Gods ( 1980 )

San Francisco’s very own disco dance auteur Viceroy has linked up with British singer songwriter Tom Aspaul on a sweltering summer banger named Improvise, for which I’m going to have to improvise some slick dance moves to as I bounce along to its buoyant chords. This satin chic sunset house meets nu-disco banger is a pool party must with its funky licks, glamorous beats, and smooth cooing. Improvise is out now via Dim Mak. Grab it from iTunes, here.

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