Robin ⇨ New Ties That Bind;

It had been over a month since she had fell through that blasted portal and her life had changed. Emma just couldn’t decide if it were for the best or the worst. It was clear to her that the Sheriff around here hated her and she had automatically made it onto his wanted list because she knew Robin. Who would have thought the young man had such an effect on the sheriff; New friendships were formed and Emma realized that she had people around her that would come and help her if she was ever in trouble–Well Robin would without a doubt anyway. 

All her life she had grown up fending for herself, so this was new for her. It was scary and it scared her even more because she still couldn’t find a way to get back home. It was clear that Robin was helping her all he could and Emma knew that she could trust him. The moment he had opened up to her about his lost love, Marian, Emma knew he wasn’t a bad soul. His friends however–well, she wasn’t sure how they felt about her just quite yet. 

As usual, Emma was helping with the new traps in hopes that while Robin retrieved his currency, Emma would find a way that could help her get back home. Seeing that her plans had failed so far, she was losing hope.  While working on the trap, Emma heard a twig behind her but rather than turning to see the cause of the sound, Emma only smiled. “It’s almost set.” was all she stated before she stood up and faced Robin. “Anything new today?” she asked, which was only her way of hoping he had some news on how to get her back home. It was wishful thinking, but hope is all that seemed the best for her at the moment.