Tuesday morning
  • I received an invitation to exercise vicariously. I’m thrilled. Besides the money I’ll save on gym membership, think of the time I’ll save on washing my workout clothes. Less laundry and a sense of satisfaction that only vigorous physical activity can bring - so much win.
  • You know what I love? When the dog barks like a maniac at the door for no reason. Freaks me the hell out. You open it. Check the perimeter. She’s still barking. What. Is. Out. There?????? She so rarely does it. I’m praying it was a deer in the neighbor’s yard that I couldn’t see and not some burglar casing the joint. 
  • Getting my children ready in the morning it becomes apparent to me that my son may live at home longer. My 7 year old daughter is self-sufficient enough to move into her own apartment. My son, who’s about to turn 5, needs me to chase him around the house to put his boxers on. I worry.
  • It really is thick and wet and dark too this morning. My plans to go directly to the supermarket after the school drop-offs were foiled by my not giving a fuck. I need to work on that. I made a list though so there’s that.