My favourite ‘final track’ from that era. Paradise music. The drums are perfectly living on their own, the reverb is as big as the universe, and the melody dances right on the borders of too much pathos and just enough bliss.

Revisiting a lot of jungle this week because I am preparing a performance for artist Gabriel Lester. The performance will ideally be very spatial and cinematic, like an atmosphere or a piece of architecture you walk into.

Think Zumthor doing Journeyman in his Ntone period.

Руслан, получив необходимые знания и указания от N-Tone'а, уже самостоятельно упражняется у нас в студии. Получается уже практически так как и должно быть! Еще несколько самостоятельных занятий для отточки навыков и все получится! Приходите и Вы к нам на обучение! Также у нас можно воспользоваться студией для тренировки. Все более детально можете узнать на сайте musacademy.ru #musacademy #djing #vynil #scratch #ntone #beginner


Hexstatic - “Ninja Tune”

Rewind. NTone, 2000.

justlightingafuse asked:

“Percussion grenades. I was partially deaf that evening.”


    is that the excuse you’re going to use every time to choose 
      to ignore me? 

and her better judgement. elektra sighed, fingers lifting to rub at her temple,
slowly pushing the pain in her head he was causing away. it would never 
disappear completely – but she could try, her eyebrows furrowing as she 
looked over to barnes with a look that was half pity, half exasperation. ntone
of the food in the dive was making her hungry — turkish coffee and all

there was no way this was worth a penny of the cash she’d been offered. 
or the time it was taking. 

          ‘      just eat your mezze and leave the clean up to me. I’ll be
                 back within the hour. if i’m not, don’t bother coming after me. 
                 —i won’t be dead, just leaving you here in a moment of clarity


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The Beatitudes (TZOTZIL: Chamula Bible 2000)

The Beatitudes (TZOTZIL: Chamula Bible 2000)

TZOTZIL: Chamula Bible 2000

Matthew (San Mateo) 5:3-12

3 —Yan yutsil ti buch’utic ta xa’iic ti ch’abal yutsil slequil yo’ntonique, ta staic ventainel yu’un ti Dios ti oy ta vinajele.

4 “Yan yutsil ti buch’utic oyic ta at o’ntone, ja’ ta xpatbat yo’nton yu’un ti Diose.

5 “Yan yutsil ti buch’utic ta sbic’tajes sbaique, ta x’ac’bat sventainic ti banomil ti yaloj ono’ox ti Dios ta xaq’ue.

6 “Yan…

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