The Victims by Sharon Olds

The Victims by Sharon Olds is a short rime about the effects of an shameful founding tyro on a family. Starting in historic tense, a late misfire explains how her mother taught her to accept the abuse. The young girl was full of vexation and hatred. Half way through the poetry the poem switches to read tense and the now char begins to question who the victim in reality was, her family or her father. With the references use of metaphors, symbolism, tone, every last(predicate)iteration, and repetition, the poem tells a story about a daughters repartee from childhood to adulthood regarding an lumpen and abusive father.\nTone is the generators attitude towards the subject, the reader, or herself or himself. It is the emotional subject matter behind the writing. In the s death-off of the poem, the source expresses an immense union of anger and hatred toward her father. The generator says When Mother divorced you, we were lucky (1) and Then you were shoot, and we/ grinned inside (4-5). These lines expresses gall and coldness towards the father. The source was prosperous the mother divorced the father, and the writer was happy when the father was fired from his job. The mother took it and/ took it, in silence, all those years (2-3). These lines refer to more or less type of abuse. It could be tangible or mental abuse. It could be neglect as the writer talks about the father being stripped of his scarper and suits. These lines also give interpretation of why the writer is so angry and full of hatred. The end of the poem ends with the writer enquire who really was the victim, herself or the father. Sharon Olds begins comparing her father to a piece of tail and asks I wonder who took it and/ took it from them… (23-24). The writer began to sympathize for the abusive father who lost all that he had. Establishing the tone of a poem is a process, but by reading carefully what the author is saying, the reader can mark illustrate what the author is seek to tell.\nMetaph… If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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