OC Squad - Erin’s Squad

Erin Sams - Short and chubby. Russian and Irish. Bright green eyes, many freckles. Bi. ADHD. Blue and purple stars tattooed on her neck. Hates avocados. Wants to be a zoo vet. Fluent in English and ASL.

Addy Laurent - Above average height and slender build. French and Israeli. Dark brown eyes. Demisexual lesbian. Demigirl (she/her). Dyslexic and autistic. Scar on her chest from a surgery. Plays saxophone. President of the Jazz club. Can recite the first chapter of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from memory.

Sid Strummer - Stocky and average height. Bolivian. Adopted. Grey brown eyes. Panromantic asexual. Gold skull tattoo on his shoulder. Bassist and singer of Renaissance Riot. Mother duck.

Davis Sanchez - Short and wiry. Mexican. Gold eyes. Pan. Trans boy. Guitarist and singer of Renaissance Riot. Fluent in English and Spanish, and proficient in German. Loves Ben Stiller movies.

Deacon Muse - Average height and build. Scottish and Greek. Blue eyes (but often wears pink contacts). Bi. Demiboy (he/him and they/them). Keyboard player for Renaissance Riot. Tutors calculus.

Johanna Davis - Average height and sturdy build. African American (of Mozambican descent). Adopted. Hazel eyes. Polysexual. Agender (ze/hir). Autistic. Drummer for Renaissance Riot. Classically trained in ballet.

Hannah Williams - Average height and weight. German and Scottish. Dark green eyes. Pan. Genderqueer (they/them). GAD. Tattoo sleeve of red roses on her right arm. Trained in jazz tap and ballet. Honor roll. Color Guard.