so I am back from the dead again and I do hope that you all like this more than you liked my last smut. Let me know!

Pairing: Luke/Y/N
Theme: Stripper!5sos
Words: 1983
Warnings: Explicit

You were sitting in front of Luke in one of the love seats in the room that you two usually met in, and stared at each other. Despite having lost count of how many times you two have met already, you were still feeling as nervous as at your first meeting. Luke’s words were still hanging in the air around you and making you shake from nervousness.

“I suggested that idea because I felt like you would like it,” spoke Luke slowly, “Not because I want to make you uncomfortable and not enjoy this.”

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anonymous asked:

Love your themes! Just have 1 question, do they only supply 2 optional links?

Thank youu :3 And, the last one, yeah… Just two links but, you can add more.

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