nth year

In first year Scorpius looks small and nervous in his school photo, but there’s a little hint of excitement. He’s at Hogwarts after all. The photo him keeps ducking his head, shy and anxious, avoiding eye contact, and tucking a bit of hair behind his ear. He is smiling though. His eyes are bright. He’s wearing his Slytherin uniform for the first time and he looks right in it. Like he belongs. Astoria gets the photo framed and puts it on her desk.

In second year he already looks a little older and more obviously happy. He sits up straighter. His hands twist in his lap, clutching his wand tightly, but he gives the camera a proper little smile. The second photo joins the first on Astoria’s desk.

His third year picture is awful, never to be spoken of again. He just looks empty and deeply sad. The portrait version of him curls away from the camera, hugging himself, looking off somewhere into the distance. He keeps wiping his nose on his sleeve and it’s like he’s trying to avoid the whole world. That photo is never framed or put anywhere. They try to pretend it doesn’t exist.

In fourth year his photo is non-existent. Either he was away breaking into the ministry at the time they were taken, or it’s lost to another timeline, but he doesn’t mind much that it’s missing. If it was taken in another timeline he probably looks horrifically miserable anyway.

His fifth year photo is of him grinning. His new prefect badge shines on his chest. He holds his head high. His eyes are bright and shining, and for the first time he looks truly, deeply, genuinely happy. It’s one of Draco’s favourites and he keeps one copy on his desk and another copy on the mantelpiece in the library.

In sixth year he isn’t grinning. There’s more a deep sense of contented satisfaction to his smile. He looks a bit intense and thoughtful, definitely older. For some reason his photo self spends an awful lot of time adjusting his tie, or shifting the position of his wand, but not in a way that suggests he’s unhappy or uncomfortable. It just comes from the fact he can never sit still. He’s glowing. Fully okay. It’s the first one Scorpius keeps for himself. He started collecting photos that year, it’s slipped inside the front of the album, along with Albus’s photo from that year.

Seventh year is the best one. His head boy badge has now replaced his prefect one. He’s clearly trying to look serious and befitting the position, back straight, head up, expression focused and fixed, but his photo self keeps being distracted by someone beyond the camera and laughing. Bright, glorious laughter, completely unrestrained, like he can’t even hope to contain it. Draco knows better than to assume it’s anyone other than Albus his son is laughing at. He gets the photo framed properly and hangs it on the wall next to a picture of Astoria who is also laughing. They look so similar, both lit up with mischievous, glowing happiness. Whenever Draco glances at those pictures on the wall it makes him smile.

Musings on Kale-gate (credit to an Anon for the event term)

Well, it is usually at times like this that I try to find humor in a situation, because what else is there to do, and this is funny to me on multiple levels.

1. The kale isle!!!!???? Really????

2. Nowhere NC!!!???? Really????

3. These people just happened to have a tip…smh

4. In Spruce Pine NC, population 2,175…lol


Okay now let’s go back to my favorite event, BAFTAs…because it is directly relevant

I want to end with Sam so will tackle Cait first.

Cait - shows up with bf of 2 years for nth time. This really is her big night, she could win. But, doesn’t take pics with him, walk with him on the red carpet, nothing…standard.

But my fave of Cait is, she wins, her name gets announced and she almost forgets to give her bf a half hug with 3 feet in between and a half assed kiss on the cheek before going on stage, where she forgets to thank him!!!!! LOL

Problems with this: 1. Privacy is not an issue he is sitting right there, all of BAFTA and everyone watching has seen him. 2. She could have and to be fair SHOULD have said: “I thank my partner for all of his support”…hmmm…or did she? 3. She gave Sam a warmer hug at Saks in front of everyone…just saying 4. NOT thanking your partner but thanking the driver looks callous

Sam - where to start…for the gentleman he is he certainly forgets that any time a “real” date is around. Stick around to help her out of the car ffs…LOL. The girl is an actress, not unaccustomed to a red carpet, walk her down the red carpet, take a couple of pics.

They are a couple who rarely see each other and are still fairly early in their relationship. Why are they not all over each other? Instead Sam looked so uncomfortable around her and she looked bored. Snipets in time but had they been happy, one pic would have at least caught it, by mathematical probability.

And now back to Kale-gate, because I will say, that had Sam not made an effort to go see his “gf” during his days off I would have, based on above evidence, totally dismissed the girl as a friend doing him a favor at BAFTAs…LOL.

Can’t even begin to tell you how utterly convenient these sightings happen to be… He went to visit her, yes, but these well timed sightings…lol…smh

I mean, if these are their real relationships, fine…I’ll bite. But, for two people who are touchy feely, they sure don’t show it with the people they are supposed to show it with

Very odd.

Things I don't understand #28(&930

Why do you guys keep blaming Sm for everything?? I see comments like “ugh exo is having nth comeback this year Sm do you think they’re robots?” Or like “Sm stop making Exo do so many concerts” and it’s so funny.

They knew they had to do work for comebacks but CBX still asked for a subunit. Lay knows he has a tight schedule but still works overtime because it’s his own wish to be better.

Jongin has said it multiple times - if the training lasts till 9pm he’ll stay till midnight. It’s how dedicated they are, they are willing to do that, the only thing Sm could possibly be forcing them are those cringy chicken cfs please finish with those.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: When The Time Is Right

9.1k words, G rated

Albus is going to ask Scorpius to marry him on New Year’s Eve. That’s the plan at least, but first he needs to find a ring, and pick the right words to propose with. It’s all a lot easier said than done. 

This is a follow up to this little ficlet I wrote for @ohscorbus as a Christmas present. I didn’t really plan to write the actual proposal, but it seemed like a cute idea for a new year’s fic, so 9000 words later here we are! 

Thanks to @abradystrix for betaing this monster, and coming up with some brilliant critique. 

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