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Language Learning Styles

You can have 1 or more styles combined, that depends on what you like or works for you. I tried to think of every style that i know.

Ant Style

The person who has this style is most probably that organized langblr who actually knows what they are doing. They have certain periods of time when they study and nothing can disturb their routine. 

How to know if you have this style? Easy, do you know when you’re done with studying your language? If you just thought of a period of time and what you are doing in this period, you’re an ant.

How to become an ant learner: take an agenda and make a schedule, a very detailed one. You write down everything, from what you study to for how long and with what (duo, flashcards, notebooks etc.)

p.s. This learns take everything seriously, their notes are probably goals, perfection is written everywhere and they work hard, too hard maybe.

Sloth Style

This is the entire opposite of the ant learners. Masters of procrastination, but somehow they know the language better than some ants? 

How to know if you have this style?  Ask yourself what plans you have tomorrow, if the answer is “sleeping” or “no idea”, congrats, you’re a sloth.

How to become a sloth learner: Hakuna Matata. 

p.s. this kind of learners prefer to immerse themselves, they prefer watching movies, listening to music, looking at others how they explain and they observe everything, they don’t have notebooks, they are spontaneous. (that’s why they are awake at 3am playing on duo most probably.

Panda Style 

This style is a combination of a sloth and an ant. They procrastinate like 20 hours and in the last 4 they can finish a duo tree, talk with Nth natives and finish Grey’s Anatomy in their target language. 

How to know if you have this style? Ask yourself if you know what you’re doing tomorrow. If you said "studying” but you have no idea what or how, you just won the Bamboo Reward of the year.

How to become a panda learner: Procrastinate at a medium level, learn using both, textbooks and games, movies, comics (fun stuff).

p.s. they are hardcore, they will most probably procrastinate their sleep and then sleep for at least 12h straight! The same goes for languages, they do nothing for Nth years, and when they do, they get to be B1/B2 in a weekend.

Cat style

Very similar to a panda, except that when they are studying, they are like an ant, they know what to do and when to do it, so let’s call this “fancy procrastinator style”.

How to know if you have this style? If you know what to do after a long procrastinating session, you just got cat ears.

How to become a cat learner: Keep procrastinating, but when you stop, always have a plan of what you’re gonna do.

p.s. This kind of learners prefer finishing a grammar book, a Duo tree and memorize a lot of vocab before talking/showing their skills to someone. They are B2-C1 when they 1st talk to someone using their target language

Puppy Style

They are the most energetic kind of learners, well, they and the ants. They have plans over plans, (that they don’t follow at all) they overwork themselves and are always up for games or talking.

How to know if you have this style? If i ask you now what you’re doing tomorrow for your target language, you answer me with “grammar” and the next day you watch Mulan in French you are a puppy. You will always do the opposite of what you planned.

How to become a puppy learner: what’s awesome at this kind of learners is that they aren’t afraid of mistakes, they know mistakes are the way to fluency. They will always do something for their target language(s), they are full of passion. Try to be organize and fail, don’t be ashamed of your mistakes and you will be a puppy in no time.

p.s. Their notes may not be goals, but their notebooks are like wikipedias, they are gold, full of details for every single thing related to their target language(s).

Owl Style

These learners are the most calm people you will ever meet. They don’t hurry. They know their stuff 100%, they enjoy the journey. Owls are those humans who know that quality is over quantity.

How to know if you have this style? If you know what language you want to learn, but you move with baby steps (owl steps in this case) towards that fluency, you are a tiny little adorable owl.

How to become an owl learner: all you gotta do is… don’t hurry, you make minimum of effort but you, and others, know how wll you know your languages, the grammar rules, your routine etc.

p.s. This kind of people have the same routine since forever, you can’t break it. Also, they learn from their mistakes, and by learn i mean they even have a sticky notes somewhere with every single mistake ever made.

Kangaroo Style

This kind of people are so… normal? They are balanced, they do what they got to do. They may seem like they have nothing special at all.

How to know if you have this style? If i ask you about resources for Haitian Creol, Hawaiian, Quechua and you opened 3 google drive accounts saying that you have resources, you are kangaroo.

How to become a kangaroo learner: have resources for resources, this kind of learners are prepared for everything seriously.

p.s. they also like to try out every single thing out there for their target language(s), they will try everything in order to find something more useful

Monkey Style

We all know/have that friend who likes quantity over quality, this is the monkey. They will try a lot of stuff thinking that they learn but they remember nothing.

How to know if you have this style? If you are asked what you did all day and you start saying Nth games, lessons, movies etc. and you are quiet when you’re asked again what you’ve learned, that’s a monkey trait.

How to become a monkey learner:  Learn lessons without bothering to understand them 100% 

p.s. now, this style is pretty useful for languages like japanese when it was proven that quantity over quality is better, just as a side note, monkey are full of excitment~ they will motivat you only bc they are right next to you.

Bunny Style

This style is so tricky, they may seem to be monkeys because they spend a lot of time playing around with everything but they are actually more organized than you may think.

How to know if you have this style? You go through Nth games daily BUT that’s because you try to master your topics so you do a lot of exercises for each lesson, you are quantity over quality in a quality over quantity style.

How to become a bunny learner: be anxious (joking here) So, to be a bunny is easy, all you gotta do is master everything in different ways, use games, then books, then go to videos, always change your learning style.

p.s. they may seem like they waste their time but they only want to be well prepared and avoid making many mistakes

This post is longer than i expected. Anyway, what kind of learner are you guys?:)

I want to tell the boys that “It’s okay to cry. Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. We are all human. It’s okay.”

  • Someone: What're you reading?
  • Me, is reading Harry Potter fanfiction: Oh, uhm Harry Potter?
  • Someone: Oh nice, what happens now?
  • Me, just reading a part where Draco and Harry kiss passionately: Uhm, *mumbles* Harry and Malfoy are fightingGOTTAGO

anonymous asked:

someone yesterday said in the tag that kaisoo was dead but we've had a few good days of kaisoo recently cause of the comeback and they're dancing together today kaisoo is very much alive actually and still going strong so haters can leave🙃🙃🙃

Antis can stay pressed. The only thing they can do to console themselves is saying smth as immature and unimaginative as “kd is dead”, which is so far from reality and makes me laugh so hard!

Just block them anon, that’s what I did.

A toddler, a newborn, with another baking in the oven along with a very virile wolf man and 5 non-stop meowing cats (2 of em ran away) makes up The Grim Reaper Household. 

  Stress factor to the nth degree I say. 

                   good luck to em 

                                                 cause I ain’t helping.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: When The Time Is Right

9.1k words, G rated

Albus is going to ask Scorpius to marry him on New Year’s Eve. That’s the plan at least, but first he needs to find a ring, and pick the right words to propose with. It’s all a lot easier said than done. 

This is a follow up to this little ficlet I wrote for @ohscorbus as a Christmas present. I didn’t really plan to write the actual proposal, but it seemed like a cute idea for a new year’s fic, so 9000 words later here we are! 

Thanks to @abradystrix for betaing this monster, and coming up with some brilliant critique. 

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You and Jax hate each other and argue all the time but you spend practically all your nights together.

Warnings: angst

This did not end up how I had intended. It was meant to be more lighthearted but it went in another direction and is now quite angsty with a kind of ambiguous ending. I don’t know how it happened, it just did. On the plus side, I’m getting over my writers block! Yay!

The doorbell rang and you looked up from your magazine to see the blonde prince of Charming walk in. Your eyes narrowed into slits at the sight of him.

“What do you want, Jax?” you hissed.

“Relax sweetheart,” he waved you off lazily, strutting into the store. “I’m not here for you. Your old man in?”

You gestured to the back room. Your father owned the only liquor store in Charming and he often supplied the SAMCRO parties. He gave them good deals so they never went anywhere else, and in return the Sons made sure no one messed with you, your father or your livelihood.

Still, there was something about the President’s son that had seemed to rub you the wrong way since the day you met. You couldn’t stand him; he was arrogant and cocky (and no matter what you did you couldn’t stop thinking about those pretty eyes of his). He was everything you despised while growing up, yet there was something about him that you couldn’t pull yourself away from.

Your relationship with Jax was…complicated, to say the least. You hated him, in fact the very thought of him made you want to vomit in disgust, yet nearly every night you found yourself in his bed, kissing his lips and touching every inch of his skin. You were drawn to him in a way you couldn’t explain.

Each time the two of you were in a room together you ended up in some sort of screaming match and you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t go to him later that night. The problem was that you always did, you always went back to him.

Jax exited the back room and headed straight for the door with not even a second glance your way.

“I’ll see you later then, blondie.” You called after him, knowing it would get under his skin.

He turned back to look at you with a glare. “What are you talking about?”

You cocked an eyebrow. “I know there’s a Club party tonight; I supply the alcohol, that means I’m invited, you know the drill.”

Jax shot you a smirk. “Don’t oversell yourself princess. Your father supplies the booze; you just hand us the change.”

With that, he left the store while you just gaped behind him.


By the time the party was in full swing you were downing your nth shot. You would say the alcohol was going to you head but the reality was that it’d already gotten there. You watched Jax across the room, playing pool with Opie and flirting with every girl that moved – every girl except you, of course.

Maybe that’s why he got under your skin so much; he was the only guy to not treat you like you were up on this pedestal. In fact, he treated you the exact opposite. You never liked the way guys were around you, the way they would suck up and flirt and try to get in your pants but not bother to actually get to know you.

Jax, as much as you hated to admit it, found his way into your pants quite swiftly. You weren’t easy; you didn’t put out to every cute guy you met, but this cute guy had the whole bad-boy, Southern charm thing working for him. He was nice the first time you met, he wasn’t sleazy, and he didn’t treat you like a piece of ass. You figured now that that was his plan all along since he got you into bed anyway and then promptly acted like nothing happened.

After that encounter, he started paying less and less attention to you. At least, until 2 am when he would call you to come over. Every time you had wanted to say no, but you never did. He had so much power over you and it didn’t matter that every night you spent with him you lost respect for yourself, it didn’t matter that he made you feel like a dirty hooker, because you couldn’t tear yourself away from him.

Like right now.

You wanted to go and flirt with some guy, go home with someone that wasn’t Jax Teller. You wanted, for once, someone to give a damn about your feelings. You didn’t think you ever would, but you missed the attention you used to get.
Once Jax showed an interest it seemed like every other guy in Charming backed off. It still didn’t matter now that you and Jax hated each other (at least, that’s what you told yourselves) because no one one wanted to take a chance with someone Jax had, at one point, staked his claim on.

You slammed your empty shot glass on the table and went outside, eager to get away from Jax, and after a while (and some more drinks) you were starting to have a good time.

You danced with some of the Crow Eaters, flirted with the new Prospect, and had somehow found yourself pressed against a railing, some guy’s warm body pressed against you while his lips devoured yours. He was kinda bony and though it wasn’t something you were usually into, you loved it right now because it was so completely not Jax.

You let out a moan and the guy seemed to be really getting into it – until something he saw over your shoulder made him back away faster than a bullet from a gun.

“Wha-?” you started and looked behind you. You rolled your eyes and huffed; of course.

“Heya darlin,” Jax greeted smugly and brought his cigarette up to his lips. “I see you scared your boy toy away.”

“No,” you crossed your arms and turned to face him, “you did that for me.”

“Hey, don’t blame me sweetheart,” Jax held up his hands in surrender. “It’s not my fault you’re too easy. Some guys like a challenge, ya know?”

You felt tears spring to your eyes. Jax Teller has called you a lot of things, but he has never called you easy. You bit your lip hard so that the pain would overtake the urge to cry.

“Fuck you.” You said, your whole body shaking in fury. “I hate you, Jax Teller.”

After that you stormed off without a second glance at the party or Jax, who looked like he’d just made the biggest mistake of his life.


You didn’t think you were going to hear from him again that night, not that you wanted to, so you didn’t even bother to clean off your tear-smudged makeup or get changed before you tucked yourself under your covers.

It was just past 1am when the screen of your phone lit up and a notification signalled a new text. The sudden light and the noise attacked your senses and woke you instantly.

You resisted the urge to check the message, knowing who it was from.
Then you got another message, and another and another and another. You managed to convince yourself that it might be an emergency and reached for your mobile.

From: Jax
I’m sorry

From: Jax
I’m a jerk, okay?

From: Jax
Please talk to me.

From: Jax
I didn’t mean what I said.

From: Jax
Can we just forget what happened tonight?

Another surge of anger coursed through you. What right did he have to act so sorry? Didn’t he know that he was just toying with your feelings? Enraged, you texted back.

To: Jax
I’ll do you one better. How about we forget we ever met.

You didn’t expect a reply after that but this was Jax, after all, and he had to have the last word.

From: Jax
I can’t do that. Come over. I miss you.

Something stirred within you. You didn’t want to give in; you didn’t want to forgive him and only prove what he had said about you.

You had said that night that you hated Jax Teller, but you lied.

You loved him.

You hated yourself. You hated yourself for loving him, you hated yourself for forgiving him every time he hurt you, you hated yourself for a lot of things, but not nearly as much as you did when you replied to his message.

To: Jax
I’ll be there in 15.

You loved him but if it meant you got to keep him around, even if it was just for sex, then you could pretend to hate him a little while longer.


So I forgot to mention about ystd’s SMAPxSMAP, during the Odorokitai segment which invited the artist who is very good at making art/carving on bananas, he spent 7 hours making the sculptures of members’ faces on the bananas. Then the MC asked, if they wanna try eating their banana sculpture and Goro said in this girly voice “I wanna eat Kimura’s!” (I don’t want to explain any further here because its gonna be R-rated. But srsly Goro, can you stop running that gay gag) and he was so “happy” that Kimura was also eating his banana… Then, the MC just added oil to the fire by inviting Goro to lick the banana as well…………….  And Kimura was just like,  “Stahp it. STAHP IT. STAHP!!!!!!!!” But Goro still did it anyway. (I feel the need to put a mosaic on the banana srsly…….) and his comment after the lick is, it felt like a “first kiss”. And there you go, the expression of utmost disgust on Kimura’s face after that. And I have nothing else to say. Why do I love this 5 guys in the first place.

Forget about me writing my thoughts about the chapter like I’ve done for the past few months. This time I’m going on long rant because there’s no way I’m not addressing some of the stuff I’ve seen in the tags. I always try to keep this blog free of negative fandom stuff but not this time. My brain can’t compute some arguments and I feel the need to talk about them.

Warning for very long rant under spoilers, gore pictures of characters death, especially Hannes. And if you’re expecting character bashing you’ll find none.

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the fruits of this afternoon’s emotional rollercoaster

Anduin isn’t 100% sure what romance is.

But he does know that whenever he sees Wrathion, he feels like his emotions are laid open for all to see. He knows that the first thing he does each morning is press an ear to Wrathion’s door, and smile as he hears snoring, because it means that Wrathion slept well. He knows that there’s nothing quite like the anticipation he feels when he hears the stairs creak.

He knows that it’s Wrathion he goes to when he’s afraid. When his leg hurts and his father sends letters and Jaina doesn’t. It’s Wrathion that he looks to, instinctively, reaching for a hand that always, always, clasps back.

He knows that he smiles more around Wrathion, laughs more, cries more. That there’s something about him that just makes Anduin emotional, responsive, impulsive to the nth degree. He can’t say what, but he knows that it makes him throw himself into every conversation as if it’s their last, as if one day he’ll wake up and it will all be taken away from him, because that’s what happens to things Anduin cares about.

He also knows that it’s Wrathion who makes him fear, sometimes. That he’ll go where Anduin can’t follow, or he’ll be hurt in ways Anduin can’t heal, or he’ll say something Anduin can’t take back; there’s a fear there of things Anduin can’t control, either by words or magic, since, after all, while they are equals, Wrathion still keeps secrets – he lies and he smiles and he cheats with the tiles laid out in front of them both, as if Anduin is too stupid or too blind or too wrapped up in Wrathion’s smile to notice. 

He knows that he wants to be the one Wrathion confides in.

He knows, even if he sometimes forgets, that Wrathion’s eyes crinkle when he smiles. That his eyes are warm when they look at him, that even when Wrathion snaps it’s never at Anduin. He knows that Wrathion respects him, more than he respects Tong, more than he respects Dezco, more than he respects Left and Right. It infuriates and flatters him in equal measure, but he can’t bring himself to want it to change.

He knows that Wrathion smiles when Anduin takes his hand. He knows that he smiles when Wrathion brushes his thumb across his knuckles.

He doesn’t know what romance is. But he does know that there’s no other feeling in the world like the one Wrathion stirs within him, and love is a four-letter word.

a fool to believe

Happy April Fools Day, everyone. Everyone lives AU.

Derek scuffs his feet nervously on the welcome mat and brightens when Stiles opens the door. “Hey, Derek, what’s going on?” Stiles furrows his brow a little, like he’s expecting a supernatural emergency.

“Hi,” Derek says, his heart pounding. Stiles looks at him expectantly, eyeing the arm Derek has hidden behind his back suspiciously. Derek just decides to go for it, he’s already here. Maybe the flowers was a little bit too much, but whatever. He brings the daffodils out and offers them shyly to Stiles. “So, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re great, and I like you– I have, for awhile– and do you –would you like to go on a date with me?”

When Derek imagined all the possible ways for Stiles to reject him, he really isn’t expecting Stiles’ mouth to drop open, his face to turn an alarming shade of red, and to angrily shout, “What the actual fuck, Derek,” and slam the door in his face.

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female idols zodiac l virgo (august 23rd  - september 22nd)

Virgos are always paying attention to smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance. Virgos are often tender but also very careful. Virgo is an Earth sign, which prefers conservative and organized things, and those dependent on them. People born under the Virgo sign have very organized life, and even if they are very messy, their goals and dreams are put on strictly defined points in their mind.
Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, this sign has a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication. Virgos enjoy indulging their practical and logical side and poring over their projects to the nth degree. To say these folks are good at fact-finding almost understates the case, since Virgos revel in their exacting (some would argue pedantic) behavior and are a whiz with minutiae. Virgins are an asset in the workplace as they can be counted on to get things right the first time, every time – and no detail will be overlooked. They are also balanced and fair in their assessments in keeping with the Mutable Quality assigned to this sign.

Arguing with Antis be like:
  • What I said: There's no canon proof of incest yet, or at all, there's hardly an age gap (plus rey/poe has a BIGGER age gap and you approve of that?). Also I happen to like the idea of two adults of past abuse reaching out to one another and helping each other reach a sort of harmony whether it be sexual, romantic, or friendship.
  • What Antis™ say I said: You literally hope they are siblings so that it's 100% incest?? AND you want kylo ren to assault rey (because you think it's hot!!!!)?? You're telling me you want Kylo Ren to abuse and beat Rey to shit because you want him to teach her her place???? You like it when adults abuse 5 year old children (that's how old Rey is!!!!) and you want to see a movie about how an adult man abuses and beats a child because men are always right?? Also he's white and you think white is right?? Wow. Blocked.