Finally returning to roller derby tonight!!

Fearless Killah lives!!

(Hopefully no one has taken that name still since I never got to properly register it)

I miss skating SO bad. When I had to leave the derby before due to lack if funds, I was still in the beginning groups, group 2 out of three, but I had like just beat the standing league record for number of laps done in 5minutes. It was super badass.

In the words of Ricky Bobby, “I wanna go fast!”…


1st half of my daughter’s roller derby bout from last weekend.

My daughter's first roller derby bout of the season

My daughter and her team did an awesome job last night. Her team is the Muertas Locas and they took on the Main Street Mafia at the North Texas Derby Revolution roller derby league's inaugural bout and the first bout of the season. This league started in March 2011 and have come a long way in such a short time. I am very proud of my daughter and I am glad she found a sport she loves. She has made a lot of good friends and is learning some valuable lessons about team work and developing a good work ethic. The Muertas Locas won the bout with a final score of 126 to 84. 

This is a picture of me after my first bout, a very tired #fightingunicorn. Looking much more #freshmeat than the #athlete I would become. I’ve really loved derby and I’ve really fucking hated derby. I’ve sweat and bled for it. Been beaten and broken. Spent thousands of dollars on it. And I got my start with NTDR. I grew up there, honed my skills there, made life long friends… It was home. #TBT #throwbackthursday #derby #webleedpurple #FU #HOQ