Mixing New York and Paris in Old Photographs

In his project entitled Haussmanhattan, photographer and architect Luis Fernandes get the idea of mixing the “Haussmannian” architecture of Paris and this one of New York, often compared, by moving buildings in old photographs of the two cities. Very skilled photomontages tributing to these atypical architectures.

There is deep pleasure in some thing which appears to be insignificant, unmarked, unknown when in fact it is extraordinary. Only knowledge can produce that depth of appreciation. I think this secret satisfaction is powerful. Well, it is for me.
—  Messageboard post, Nils Nihil
Coastal flood warning, blizzard warning, severe beach erosion warning, travel ban tomorrow, flights cancelled, parking bans in effect starting midnight on all emergency routes, predictions anywhere from 12-36 inches (30-92cm), instant glaciation, 1000 foot walls of ice sweeping in from the north, 30% chance of white walkers or ancient ones roaming the countryside, slurping up snowbound survivors from their iced-in hovels, school’s cancelled until may, liquor stores and groceries are being systematically emptied by frothing shoppers, even the die-hardiest of the die-hard homeless are either seeking shelter or choosing voluntary death, it’s end times.
—  messageboard post, greedo

I would like to see society divided into three distinct groups and partitioned accordingly.

The first group: The modern, motivated, success-seeking go-getters who Live to Work to attain wealth and status. The switched-on producers, engagers, commentators and speakers of the contemporary language of the fast and dynamic world of brands and capital. Let them have the cities and the infrastructure. Let them have amazing apartments, amazing job titles, and Aston Martins to transport them back and forth between the two. Let them be the ambitious, always-on society.

The second group: Humble people with modest expectations, a fondness for idle thought and downtime. The inquisitive tinkerers and unformed dreamers who are willing to contribute to communal subsistence and accept temporary contracts building the things the first group requires, based on sufficient payment for skills and services. Let them live in modest, comfortable abodes surrounded by nature and recreation. Let them have the old stuff and hand-me-downs to fix up.

The third group is the reprobates and criminals. The socially maladjusted. Don’t imprison them, give them their own land and let them work out a system of living within it that conforms to their rules.

At the moment, the first group is setting the pace and we’re all expected to keep up whether we like it or not.

It shouldn’t be that way. We are out of balance.

—  messageboard post, Horp