a new trailer for CHANCE which premieres october 19th!

You Need To Watch Pitch

What is Pitch? Pitch is an upcoming show on Fox Network premiering on September 22nd at 9pm EST. It’s a fictional show about the first woman to join a Major League Baseball team.

But Ellie I don’t like sports? Okay, so I get that I do, but you gotta understand the importance of this. This show is in association with the actual MLB and has a chance to actually help make history. If people prove that they would love to see women play with men in the MLB on TV it could become a reality and make room for actual women in the MLB!!!

Did I mention who the main character’s actress is? It’s Kylie Bunbury, from Freeform’s Twisted, a beautiful amazing black woman! Yes, you heard me. The woman making (fictional) history is a badass black woman. But the diversity doesn’t end there. 4 out of 8 in the main cast is POC. Though we all know that it should be more than that, but lbr it’s better than many of the shows on tv today. We just gotta take this show and help them improve their diversity in a positive manner, but we gotta first show them it’s a good starting point and that we appreciate it!

The Best Part? Fox is actually treating this show pretty well to start (we still will have to see how the actual story goes). They’ve been promoting this show like fucking crazy. There’s a promo for it on both Fox network and FX networks at least once every two hours I’ve noticed! And they’ve been doing special pre-viewings at a bunch of Ballparks all over the country to get the hype up! So I’m hoping this post isn’t the first time you’re seeing something about this show, but if it is you definitely need to give it a shot! 

Again, why? Because I really want this show to do well and that means I want the premiere episode’s ratings to be off the fucking charts good. We all know there’s gonna be a bunch of racist misogynistic assholes boycotting this show and trying to dump on it, and I don’t wanna let them win!

See the trailer here! 

(Stranger) Things That I Really Want

•Steve to serenade Jonathan and Nancy all the time

•Jonathan taking pictures of his mom and of Will but also lots of pictures of Nancy and Steve.

•Steve, Nancy, and Jon to cuddle when their ptsd is acting up. Or when Jonathan is having a bad depression day. Or when Nancy’s anxiety is acting up.

•Jonathan and Nancy helping their ADHD and Dyslexic boyfriend study.

•Jonathan making them all breakfast and occasionally when they’re doing date night he’ll cook dinner for them.

• Them going star gazing in either Jonathan’s or Steve’s car.

• Jonathan making Steve and Nancy mixtapes.

•Steve calling Nancy beautiful all the time and calling Jonathan handsome or pretty all the time too.


•Jonathan LOVES cuddling and is like always in the middle shoved between Steve and Nancy.

• If Jonathan has work while Joyce does they’ve worked out a system where Steve will pick up Will and Nancy from Mikes and drive them to the Byer house and they’ll stay there with him until Jonathan or Joyce gets home.

•Nancy and Steve helping Jonathan with his NYU application cause they know how much he wants to go there

•Nancy and Steve are both really good at baseball/softball?????

•They all eat lunch together at school

•Joyce knows about them and is 100% supportive

• They have pictures of each other in their lockers ok (Jonathan took most of them)

•They pass notes in class

Confession: I had this random thought while I was about to fall asleep.

I never noticed it when I was little but I’m real happy shows like the “Rugrats” and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” had their young black girls with natural hair and in traditional little black girl hair styles. We all had them, our hair parted into 6, 7, or 8 sections with our bubbles and clips at the end. 

There are many animated shows that have little black girls and if their hair isn’t straight; they just make them have a ponytail or puff pigtails, not that anything is wrong with that, but me and all my black friends as kids always had our hair in multiple sections and if we wanted to do something different we would have to beg.