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Going to college seems pretty difficult for you... Is it very expensive ? In France some are free and for the one where you need to pay its less than 200€... How come some people can't have education ?

((OOC: Okay, here we go. 

I go to a community college which is easily close to $4,000 a semester. Community college is supposed to be the cheapest option available. 

If i were to enroll in a in-state university like VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) it is in the $26,872 department with Room&Board. If I wasn’t from Virginia and I wanted to go to VCU it would be about $44,398… and VCU is one of the “affordable colleges” in my area. 

American Education is a business, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.))

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hummm... what's your thoughts on asexual Genyatta?

To me, it’s the ideal way to ship Genyatta. Me, I headcanon Genji as gay and Zenyatta as asexual. There’s so much too them that’s pure and wholesome and whenever I do see people present them as asexual it warms my heart.

I do also enjoy the idea that Zenyatta is asexual, but when it comes to things like sex it’s more for the experience and giving love to Genji rather than just mere pleasure. Anything that those two do together is just out of love, respect, and care for one another. That’s what I really love about the ship.

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Out of curiousity, what are you studying at college? Like have you declared a major yet, or does your college only allow upperclassmen to declare?

((OOC: I actually had an issue with the financial aid that was supposed to be coming in so I am working this semester, but I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Part of me wants to be the Gay Professor and part of me wants the be an Actor… I just can’t decide.))

TV Twosomes That Really Need to Kiss and Make Up
Belle and Rumplestiltskin, Once Upon a Time More a case of “True Love’s Kiss and Make Up,” the marrieds had finally reconciled, once and for all, when Belle subjected herself to a sleeping spell to protect their unborn baby. Since Belle’s plan for her Dad to wake her with TLK petered out, Rumple will brave any realm to bring his bride back.

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Aah gosh how do you feel about one of the OW writers supporting Genji/Mercy? His twitter openly shows support for it (@westofhouse) and I don't know how to feel. Aren't writers supposed to keep ships to themselves or like, if they openly talk about a ship they like, that won't affect the actual canon, right? I really hope it's the latter because I love Genyatta and it's a comfort ship for me... it makes the most sense too currently in the lore so ?? I just want to know what you think :(

I don’t ship Gency personally myself, so I understand your concern. 

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just think about where the lore and story have led us currently in regards to Genji’s tale. Genji was offered to live only because he promised to join Overwatch in return for receiving his cyborg body, which he grew to hate. Overwatch forced him to destroy his own family’s business as well. I’d figure the only time Genji ever interacted with Mercy was when he was getting his new body and when he needed injuries to be tended to.

However, Genji now lives peacefully in Nepal after receiving teachings from Zenyatta. Genji has healed and is at peace of mind. If we are to go off of canon, Genji would not be eager to return to Overwatch let alone seek romance from a former member. I feel as if the only being he trusts and loves completely is Zenyatta. A romance between them would happen before Genji and Mercy. 

It would be out of character for the both of them and honestly bad writing as well to just have a sudden romance bloom without any certain interaction between the two characters. At least with Genyatta we know what they’ve been through, and we know how they feel for one another. 

I trust the team at Blizzard to stick to what they know should happen to the characters.